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NINE Curse of the Kalingan For thousands of years the wisdom of the NINE has protected mankind from destroying itself But a vengeful ancient spirit has returned to shatter the peace With the help of magical powers he has possessed a young man and mobilised black yogis to destroy the NINE Plucked from their ordinary lives empowered with special abilities Tara Akash and Zubin are swept into an occult world of kala yogis and siddhis to fight an ancient warrior spiritNINE will take you on a riveting journey from Europe to India to America and a deadly climax in Cambodiahttpamznto2xZhvKn

  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • NINE Curse of the Kalingan
  • Shobha Nihalani
  • English
  • 10 January 2016

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  1. Vishnu Chevli Vishnu Chevli says:

    During our author interaction week I got a chance to interview Shobha Nihlani Though during that time she didn't have any recent book release she participated in the event looking at our enthusiasm She also rewarded us with a complete set of Nine trilogy A series which was part of our wishlist for than two years I would like to apologize to Shobha for delaying review of this wonderful book seriesThe trilogy is based on mytho historical fiction about Nine treasured knowledgeable scientists After the great war of Kalinga Ashoka left violence and started following Buddhism Though he left violence scars of the great war were serious A loyal Kalingan took auth to destroy Mauryan dynasty and its knowledge This loyal Kalingan spirit is our main antagonist The first part of the trilogy Curse of Kalingan is beginning of dark forces stronghold over the worldThis Kalingan spirit entered into the body of dying Vayu Apart from the antagonist our protagonists are obviously Nine scientists in current time keeper of ancient powerful knowledge Each keeper holds specific area of science and special power of the area Vayu was able to track and kill three of these scientists and now he is after new recruits To know you have to read the bookI hope I haven't given any secrets The book is written in a proper flow and with good conceptualization A comparable work with famous books in this genre The flow of the story is medium paced which has bound me to the last page Use of historical and mythological facts was proper Book would be a great read for Mytho Historical Fantasy lover Superpower Heroes Genre Readers Fan of thriller and action bookThe only reason for 40 days to finish this book is other paid projects and new location job Otherwise one can devour this 380 pages book in 3 4 sittings Surely recommendable work Detailed Review Link Interview Link

  2. Priyanka Vaswani Priyanka Vaswani says:

    I wonder why I kept delaying reading this book for uite some time now making it seem like one of the books that I bought just for the cover Turns out my erroneous judgement by the cover went boom boom doom doom Nine Curse of the Kalingan is a gripping spiritual cum mythological fantasy ride that will never lose the grip on the reader Researched in depth solid characterization and wide plot that works better for books in series My favourite character out of all was Vayu even though he plays the negative part Hope the writer shows us some varied shades of him in the next series He is too perfect to be true right now but nevertheless I liked the character and the book Amazing story Five stars of course

  3. Hafiza Mudassar Hafiza Mudassar says:

    When I glanced at the publisher of this book I was taken aback Penguin under their Metro reads imprint have always gone for the usual love stories fast paced youth based kind of titles but NINE Curse of the Kalingan written by the pretty Shobha Nihalini was indeed a welcome change considering the kind of books they have been coming out with since the past few years I had stopped reading any Penguin Metro Reads books and this one came along in my hand I took this up with some scepticism but whatever doubts I had soon disappeared as I immersed myself in the breath taking journey of three people Akash Tara and Zubin members of a secret club called NINE that was formed eons ago for the safety of mankind I didn't kind of take a fancy to Vayu the evil guy who wants to dominate the worldThe three protagonists are novices and their journey doesn't just talk about their powers but also their self and spiritual growth The deep rooted wisdom of Buddhism is spread across the pages The book is pretty catchy and fast paced I would love to read the next part and hope it releases soon A must read for fantasy and spiritual fiction lovers

  4. Fran Fran says:

    Curse of the Kalingan Shobha NihalaniThe desire to live and not die will cost one young man than what he would ever expect One battle between the Kalings and the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka would forever change things Some would regal in the end result Many dead bodies strewn and many corpses to bury But Ashoka was devastated and pledged to never seek start or wage a war again But there are those that would disagree and to make sure that no one else could break what he promised or vowed his Navatnas or The Nine guarded their powers knowledge and spent thousands of years to create and ensure this peace But no one realized that one of the Kalingan warriors rose from within the corpses and would promise to seek revenge and avenge the Kalinga Empire at all costs First on his agenda was to destroy and kill the Nine whose knowledge to rule the world changed than just his fate or destiny When the past becomes intertwined in the present and the Nine are at risk in present time on young man whose life was hanging in the balance would sell his soul to a voice that would haunt him forever and turn him into a merciless killer With his life on the line he vows that he will keep his word to this faceless voice if his life is spared As he was lying in a hospital bed hooked up to life support machines someone comes in his parents too and a shaman performs something so graphically depicted that the feint of heart might turn their heads but the rest will know that one young man uite learned in martial arts would now have the power to take down the Nine and kill them one by one Enter the cave of The Nine and meet Dr Kuruvella and Professor Gupta and hear the voice of the monk who arrived hoping that he would solve their problem The time is near their fate decided and the final steps begin Handed a pyramid taking it in both hands the professor sees a shining white beam emanating from it before handing it back to the monk stating the he has brought shame to The Nine But why? Next the Dr and finally they handed over the pendants around their necks giving over the reign to three young people who will hopefully be able to overcome the evil and bring back the good What happens next will surprise you as these two are no longer neededEnter Vayu King our young man who promised to avenge the Kalings when facing death His power we learn is limitless as he has already created racial strife poisoned water and created a powerful army called the Kala Yogis who obeyed him without uestion Vayu was than just possessed by the power and was determined to destroy the millennia and old secret society created by Ashoka and which existed as the Nine He wants it all the power the knowledge of all things existing and the wisdom The Kalinga warrior knew this was his plan and he wanted the control and had the power Could anyone be stronger that every man on earth? Would he succeed?One woman decided to take on a position that would cost her than must her former life Within the confines of a mental institution nurse Tara would meet a man or maybe an illusion that would summon her to bring an object to the Lomas Rishi cave and then her mission will be explained and understood Why her? She was the first one to replace a member of The Nine The illusion or Mr Bose would remain within her mind as a voice as we find out about Vayu his training his dealings with the Golden Group or those out to destroy the Nine who Vayu has been commanded to kill As Vayu walks the campus of Calcutta University his goal is to rid the world of Dr Kuruvella and Professor Grupta The outcome you won’t believe as this man walks in takes the lives of these two men and no one is the wiser But three people are about to learn a deep dark secret will be forced to give up their lives as they know if and become part of The Nine Tara the nurse now longer has control of her thoughts as Dr Bose has entered her mind relates his wishes and expects her to follow them What she learns from this faceless voice allows Tara and the reader to know that The Nine was appointed as “the guardian of all knowledge” This knowledge is powerful defiant so that scientists can understand it Imagine this knowledge kept within the confines of the minds of nine people Nine Masters who live among the people but go unseen As the voice continues it explains to Tara why she has been chosen what she will add to the Nine and what will happen if the wrong people are in control Their identities kept secret yet they were found The Chintamani crystal carries all of the knowledge and now Tara has the responsibility to guard it and keep it safe Forensic expert Zubin is next to be recruited and what he learns about his father’s past leaves him no choice but to agree to join The Nine A dead body or the ghost of one explains it all as he learns just what is an illusion and what is real Next Lise whose job was to take care of an elderly doctor and the end result in his death so gruesome results in some startling revelations for this young girl Dr Halver was a professor Asian Studies and now he is gone Lise would learn about the magic of the nine the powerful stone and the Chintamani fragments She was now the knowledge keeper the soul of the Nine Finally Akash or DJ Akash is the next to replace one of the dead members With his bodyguard the monk he would take a journey he would never forget Called the Trinity Tara Akash and Zubin were enlisted to stop one man As the three new recruits enter the cave and learn about The Nine we find out that their secret is in the Chintamini crystal that acts like a transmitter Imagine all of the knowledge of this world and its sciences in the wrong hands The council updates it understands on a regular basis and you might think that belonging to the Nine is like belonging to a cult Each of the new recruits were recruited for different reasons beyond their control As Zubin would take the place of his father and honor him Tara would take the place of Dr Halver and finally Akash would replace Dr Kuruvella As you read chapter 30 the author shares the history behind the battle that caused the Kalingan to seek revenge why Ashoka decided to create a society that would be at peace and why they needed to protect what they knew But one young girl would not heed the warning of the Monk defied what she was told and became a pawn in the hands of Vayu What happens to Lise you will have to learn for yourself as you might consider what she did a betrayal of her powers or just a young girl being naïve Able to read minds and although sensing he was evil she discounted her fears and the end result could take her life or the knowledge that is stored within her mind As Tara Zubin and Akash race to save this young girl before it’s too late we learn that Zubin now has the power to heal Akash the spirit and Tara the mind But can their combined powers save Lise and will it be enough to overpower the evil that has already spread?But there is much as Tara and Akash are often insulting to each other and facing one monk named Na khi we hear the voices of all three argue doubt and inflict pain With Akash doubting the power of the monk the power of the Nine and the fact that they control his destiny we hear the voice of Zubin and his explanation about why they now have powers finally make sense to the other two and created harmony among the three to complete their task Tara is connected to the voice of the one man who wants to control it all Communicating with her but will they be able to stop him? Illusions ghosts deceit betrayals and harsh realities and three young people and one Knowledge Keeper racing time in order to save the world from evil Vayu’s voice is next as he relates his mission his work for the Golden Group and you might say his delusions of grandeur But things heat up in ways than one Akash faces evil head on and the end result will change it all Hear the voice of the spirit as it speaks to Vayu and challenges him Will the Kallingan warrior stop his “ancient ramblings of revenge?” Has Vayu gone over the edge and lost his sanity? All three are headstrong and impulsive and find themselves in situations that hinder the mission The Nine and the need to become humble organized and anonymous still has be ingrained as one member’s life still hangs in the balance and one evil man will do anything to destroy the very definition and soul of the world sinless virtuous or good Just what the Golden Group created to block someone’s mind impulses to thought you won’t believe as all three face the evil and an ending that will leave readers breathless and on the edge as author Shobha Nihalani takes readers inside the minds of two separate groups or cults each striving for power neither really concerned with mankind What is the final fate? What will happen next to Tara Zubin and Akash? We will hold our breaths hope that no one steals the crystal and wait for the seuel The first in the trilogy of fantasy but some might think there is some fact to this science or fantasy fiction You decideFran Lewis reviewer

  5. Shrikanth Venne Shrikanth Venne says:

    This book is about nine people who are the secret keepers of the great emperor Ashoka This book starts with the attack on the 3 people from the nine by the kalingan spirit in the face of vayu As the nine loose 3 of them they recruit 3 people in place of them These 3 are akash zubin and tara The kalingan spirit in human face Vayu also kills the secret keeper dr harvar which is again passed on to lise a drug addict and recovering in a rehabilitation centre Lise is given the location of the chintamani stone which is divided in 3 parts and hidden in 3 different location Vayu tries to find these location by enacting to be in love with lise and he backstabs her and with the help of kala yogi he finds the locations of chintamani stones Akash tara and zubin try to stop vayu from getting the first two stones who are also helped by the monks who are the medium for the existence for the nine Overall i would say this book is a good Goodreads 🙂

  6. Suhasini Mohanrao Suhasini Mohanrao says:

    The book starts with a curse that a dying warrior of the Kalingan clan lays on Ashoka and his followers The warrior comes back in the form of an evil spirit possessing a young man Vayu whose power is limitless The sole purpose of this man and his kala yogis team is to destroy the NINE a secret society formed by Ashoka to spread knowledge and peaceThat was the plot but what impressed me were the way the writer has mingled interesting philosophy with myth and fantasy The trinity Akash Zubin and Tara who are the newer recruits in the team of NINE keep you at the edge of your seat through their uest to grow The only small glitch that I could find was since it is a trilogy the writer could have taken some time to develop the powers of the trio The powers come a little too suddenly but ultimately it all fits in at the end so no complains

  7. Somya Sharma Somya Sharma says:

    Well I am not too sure if I would recommend this book to anyonebut then I was looking for a book similar to Chanakya's chantKrishna key Shiva trilogy and thats what I exactly got While the entire idea was interesting but it just didn't come together and the climax was a disappointment

  8. Roma Roma says:

    Title Nine Curse of the KalinganAuthor Shobha NihalaniLength 377 pagesPublisher Penguin IndiaGenre Fiction Historical fiction ThrillerMy rating 45SummaryThe story is about Tara Zubin and Aakash who are inducted into the team of Nine – A secret society that was initiated by King Ashoka in India who have abundant knowledge The story is also about Vayu who is possessed by the spirit of Kalingan Warrior Kalinga the place destroyed by King Ashoka and which changed him and he adopted BuddhismMy TakeI had this book since a pretty long time but didn’t get time to pick it up This is the first book in the trilogy and I decided to read the trilogy back to back which would ensure I maintain the continuation The next review will pertain to the next book in the trilogyThe book starts with introduction of the 3 protagonists and how they are induced in the secret society of Nine unexpectedly The spirit of Kalingan Warrior wants revenge on King Ashoka and wishes to destroy the secret society The book is about the chase and fight between the protagonist and antagonistThe story is good and described in a gripping manner The characterisation is distinct The historical part is present but not as one would like just fragments of it I would have liked if the focus was on protagonists rather than the antagonist Nevertheless the story demanded the focus on antagonistA weird part of the story is that it doesn’t just pertain to the secret society of nine but also of lots of monks who are guarding the secret If I simply consider this book to be a regular thriller I wouldn’t have been disappointed Being a historical fiction I tended to compare it with others in the genreIf someone is looking out for a fast paced thriller you can definitely pick this up There are lots of adrenaline rush moments keeping you glued to the story Overall it’s not a bad read I would say Time to pick up the second instalment in the trilogy

  9. Karthik Kailash Karthik Kailash says:

    The fabled 9 of Ashoka is under threat an the spirit of a Kalingan stronger than ever and seeking revenge aims to acuire the knowledge and take over the world They slay a few and aim to takeover when the realize that the 9 have a few tricks up their sleeve and wor ld domination ain't a tame affairPart one is good looking forward to the next

  10. Tara Sharma Tara Sharma says:

    I don't remember the last time I read a book that to ally blew me off Hats off to the writer's imagination and creativity to have dug up a co existing world right underneath our noses and to have served it in just the perfect manner to us the readers'Nine' is a mysterious tale of a hidden society found by an ancient Indian king that since then has been thriving in the middle of civilization helping humanity to survive and prosper The society is run by nine protectors knowledge folks and is guided by monksspiritual guides to build the Buddhist connect with Asoka I have surmisedOur story starts with three newbies Akash Zubin and Tara from different cultures and careers in the 'nine' taking up the positions of three who have 'passed away' And of course then there is the 'knowledge holder' Lise who is actually my fav character The threat is from an ancient evil spirit who has gathered an army of 'kala yogis' to dismember the nine and discover three ratnas hidden by them gain knowledge hidden in there and thus rule the world Typical fantasy plot but the way it is written and the philosophical bits and pieces made me enjoy the book

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