Luminary Anomaly #2 PDF ä Luminary Anomaly PDF/EPUB

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Luminary Anomaly #2
  • Krista McGee
  • English
  • 28 September 2014
  • 9781401688745

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Luminary Anomaly #2Hands down this trilogy is one of the best I've read Krista's writing is phenomenal and I can't wait to read Revolutionary Here is the contentLanguage na LOVE the fact that there is no bad languageRomance hand holding nearness affectionate gestures attraction etc No kissingViolence This is where I'd caution you While the first book had no violence this one had a LOT 4 people are brutally killed and there are uite a lot of details on their deaths Lots of injuries and mentions of blood BloodGore there are details surrounding the brutal deaths of certain characters while this wasn't so graphic I couldn't read it I would caution you if you're sensitivePHEW What a ride I really love this trilogy so much I did have a few issues however which caused me to take away a star I'll list those belowthe love triangleokay so that pretty much drove me mad the entire book XD Berk and Thalli are MADE for each other but then Prince Alex comes in and well you know what happens P I did feel for Alex throughout the book especially the ending because he was so vulnerable and hurting So I like Alex but he doesn't need to be with Thalli Berk does all of the violence and deathdon't get me wrong I think a good book needs to have someviolence Just maybe not as much as this one did? I think that putting FOUR ENTIRE DEATHS in one book is a bit much While there were a lot of sad parts in the book Thalli clung to her faith in the Designer and I loved that And John was so sweet and caring especially when he was reminding her of passages in the Bible 3 I do understand why Thalli is struggling to choose between Berk and Alex but HEY THALLI Berk loved you first So this book was good but not better than book one I was a bit disappointed with all of the deaths and the love triangle But I'll move on to book 3 and hope this trilogy ends well I reccomend for ages 13 due to violencedeath and romanceThalli please come to your senses and get back with Berk again Thank youSoli Deo Gloria She was an anomaly with a death sentence Now she's freeThalli was scheduled for annihilation She was considered an anomaly able to experience emotions that should have been eradicated by genetic modification The Scientists running the State couldn't allow her to bring undue chaos to their peaceful ordered world But seconds before her death she is rescuedNow Thalli is above ground in a world she thought was destroyed A world where not even the air is safe to breathe She and her three friends must journey across this unknown land their destination a hidden civilization It's their only chance of survivalBroken and exhausted after an arduous journey they arrive in New Hope a town that survived the nuclear holocaust When Thalli meets the people there people actually born to families her small world is blown wide openSoon after their arrival to New Hope the town comes under attack She has escaped imminent death but now Thalli is thrust into a new fight a fight to save her new home Does she know enough about this world of emotions this world of chaos to save not only herself but the people she has come to love Yes ma'am That was bad That was a very evil cliffhangerThank you Mrs Krista XD I already ordered Revolutionary from the library So this book was really good I liked it so much It's up there leaning towards 5 stars If I finish and love the trilogy I will be bringing up each of the books to 5 stars It is rather disturbing on the violence side if you are sueamish I recommend ages 14 and up But a very good sci fi Luminary by Krista Mcgee I really liked Anomaly but I have to say Luminary was the most fabulous I loved it The characters the plot line even though the setting was a dry desolate USA it was totally amazing The CharactersSo the characters were lovely Though I do think Thalli was super annoying at the start Though it was explained later why she was so irritable She was totally awesome at the end The StoryMy goodness the story got gasps snickers widen eyes anger and “You go girl” moments from me It had me grasping for and and the I read the desperately I need Revolutionary looks worriedly at my sister reading Revolutionary Okay though this book was fabulous I do have two things I didn’t like about it ONE THE LOVE TRIANGLE Who even likes love triangles? I have yet to meet a person who has anything good to say about a love triangle You usually know who the person will pick anyway Sorry but I have never ever liked love triangles Especially when you like both guys in the love triangle It’s just annoying TWO Everything seemed to fall into place to easily in some parts and it just seemed I don’t know unrealistic Though only one part stands out to me where it was really like “okay that wouldn’t happen” 2017 ReviewHoly cow I cringe every time I re read this review what I've learned since 2015? Write reviews AFTER the fangirl craziness has worn off Never rate a book based on how much you loved the ending Can't wait to update my thoughts on this book when I have time2015 ReviewASDKNENRJFBRHFJFBHDNSBDHDJFHFHRJRJDBSHSJSKDBBDJSNAGSJDKSNEBHFJDBDHSJSMS SBSHKSNDBDHDHJDH FEELINGS FEELINGS FEELINGSOKAYOkayokayokphewThis trilogy is just getting better go read Anomaly NOW LIKE OH THE FEELS AND JUST SO MUCH GOODNESS AND ITS JUST SO AGSURJSBDHJDBDHDJRNFNNFNFGRHEJDHDHDHINEEDTOCHILLit's kinda funny thought cuz I read the last four or five chapters in public and I was sobbing and everyone around me was sorta just like ooooookay then weird crying girl Lolbut I'm serious you need to order this trilogy right now and read it on the spot because it is the best everrrrating clean While I thoroughly enjoyed Anomaly book 1 Luminary was packed with even excitement I really liked this one We move from white walls and stiff evil scientists to peaceful and perilous colonies I think this one has been my favorite in the trilogy so far but Even though Luminary was action packed and exciting than Anomaly; I liked the Thalli in Anomaly better than the Thalli of Luminary Thalli was kind of a Brat in Luminary Grrrrr Poor Berk Also I thought Luminary was a little confusing and in this series things are often left unexplained We never did find out why music would solve the oxygen problem page 8 confirms this One confusing aspect about this book is the fact Athens is supposed to be advanced in technology but they use horses for transportation page 127 Athens felt almost midievil to me which in a way was kinda awesome But still Confusing The very end scene although connected very much to Anomaly felt completely disconnected to the main plot of Luminary I feel it could have waited till the next book instead of happening right after the main plot in Luminary had concluded Literally 5 minutes why? 5 days would have been much better in my opinion but they needed a distraction I guess after cough will remain uiet cough I liked this book so I will stop picking It was action packed and awesome Luminary was easier to read but I think Anomaly was done better My imagination was not disappointed I still can't stop thinking about the colonies of New Hope and Athens Eek Gonna read Revolutionary now Recommended to all teenagers and above Except boys who don't enjoy romance D lol I love these books It really shows Christianity to be a religion in which the believers aren't perfect but try their best daily It really touches me that there is room in YA Literature for a bit of faith So often in books the teenage characters are said to have never believed in a God never religious been to church a few times but never really got into it etc but then being praying to God when they get into a perilous situation and I find it disturbing I'm glad this novel shows what believing means This went in a direction I never would have guessed Fascinating 35 stars rounded up I enjoyed Luminary It was an easy and interesting read At times I felt disconnected from the characters perhaps because of the writing style?; but I did still like the story Looking forward the Book 3

About the Author: Krista McGee

Krista writes for teens teaches teens and often than not acts like a teen She and her family have lived and ministered in Texas Costa Rica and Spain Her current hometown is Tampa FL