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Butterfly Palace Love Across the Sea #1 Butterfly Palace is my first novel from author Colleen Coble From what I understand Coble writes secular fiction as well as historical Christian fiction which is very evident in this novel as it strays away from a religious tone The Butterfly Palace has a interesting mystery plot but struggled to hold my interest all the way through The plot of the Butterfly Palace is worthy of details and character development With those aspects included this could have been a 5 star read At roughly half way through the book I was ready to get to the climax and to the revealing of the servant girl killer true identity The revealing also did not provide the reader with the shock of surprise as I guessed the murderer’s true identity I’m not usually right Also several of the deaths included in the story are uite descriptive ad could have toned down a bit for my tasteThe relationship of our two main characters Lilly Drew seemed to be purely physical as most references of their fondness to one another concerned their outward appearances I didn’t have the urgency to root for their romance in the least bitI’ll be picking up another novel by Cobel in the future as I have a few in my TBR pile Okay so It took me a couple tries to get into this book As I told one of my Goodreads friends the first time I tried reading it Since Colleen Coble is one of my favorite authors I've gotten to where I don't even read the book blurbs for her books any So I had absolutely no idea what this book was about when I started reading it And I didn't realize it was historical fiction I think I'll enjoy it but I've put it on hold for now because I'm just not in the mood to read historical books right nowBut then I was looking through the audiobooks that my library has to offer trying to find books to listen to at work and I found this one So I decided to give it another try And I'm glad that I did because I really enjoyed itThis review isn't what it could have been since the book isn't fresh in my mind because I read it over a month ago and just haven't had the time to write a review until just now but I'll do my bestHonestly I give this book 35 stars because I really enjoyed the mystery and suspense of the story I couldn't rate it higher than that because it just wasn't uite that good and I kinda felt like there was too much focus on the former relationship between the hero heroine I mean I did think that was pretty well written but perhaps shouldn't have been dwelt on uite so much?I remember reading one review I can't recall which it was I don't have time to go re read them all to find out that complained that not enough attention was payed to the town where the story takes place and that was causing some confusion for some readers Perhaps that's true but I really couldn't say for sure because I'm relatively familiar with Austin Texas having lived in Oklahoma my whole life having visited TX on innumerable occasions so I didn't end up with any odd ideas about that area such as the size of Austin or anything like that So I guess if you know anything about that area and you're like me you might not notice anything odd But perhaps the author should have included information for those readers who aren't familiar with that area?As I said before I did enjoy the mystery and suspense Even though upon first meeting the serial killer I did almost instantly figure out who it was the suspense was still there and there were other mystery elements to the story to be figured out ;I liked seeing Lilly and Drew grow and develop throughout the story And there were other characters who I also really liked a lot I especially liked the character of Belle At the beginning she annoyed me and was kinda driving me crazy but by the end of the book I liked her uite a bit She had potential to have a story of her own I'll admit I was pretty disappointed mostly sad for the way things turned out for one particular character though 'Well that's all I've got time for I regret that I also don't have time to share links to my friends' reviews or any favorite uotes on the blog post that's scheduled to publish on July 19th I really wish I could When Lilly Donnelly arrives at the Cutlers' famed Butterfly Mansion in 1899 the massive house and unfamiliar duties threaten to overwhelm her Victorian Austin is lavish highly political and intimidating but with the help of the other servants Lilly resolves to prove herself to her new employersThen while serving at an elegant dinner party Lilly recognizes one distinguished guest as Andrew the love of her life who abandoned her without a word back home He seems to have assumed a new identity and refuses to acknowledge her leaving her confused and reelingBefore Lilly can absorb this unwelcome news she's attacked Could it be the sinister Servant Girl Killer who has been terrorizing Austin Or is it someone after something personal someone from her pastDoes she dare trust Andrew to help or is he part of the danger threatening to draw Lilly into its vortex I keep telling myself that life is too short to read bad writing But since I write a lot of bad writing myself it's all a moot point yoI downloaded Butterfly Palace via Overdrive from my public library system So my local tax dollars have already paid for this Okay not dollars More like bits and pieces of pocket change lint included American public libraries are criminally underfundedBut anyway I am severely unimpressed by this example of Colleen Coble's writing The woman has written dozens of books I think they're mostly romances about Texas And they're kind of religious romancesTake our heroine in this book for example She has a fiancé named Dudley or whatever and they are very much in love she has already given herself to him—gasp And in a bed The book never shows this What readers DO see is the result of their dalliance—a house burns down and their fathers both die Dudley mutters Don't look at me I can't even stand myself and he disappears for four years Oops his name isn't Dudley but who the hell cares I say it's his name nowOur heroine is named Lily and since her family is dead and her fiancé is missing she has to fend for herself in a life of servitude She spends some time in the book wondering about God and whether certain things were forgiven or whatever Good news Even though God never shows up and states his opinion or demonination apparently he loves everyone except psychopathsI got so sick of all the lazy writing in this book We get dozens of instances of characters curling their fingers into their palms and colliding gazes with each other This is flat out bad writingBut here's the fun part Sometimes the writing was so bad I laughed outloud Author seemed to struggle with verbs Like to keep things interesting she wanted to show how the hero Dudley was doing secret spy work Oh Not a spoiler he comes back and helps Lily with solving a mystery or whatever He has been involved in secret spy work The book describes him as turning on his heels and melting into a crowd God is this man a CARTOON? How is turning on one's heels and MELTING supposed to indicate subtle behavior? Same goes for Lily One time she wheels and stalks toward the door Those two goobers are just going all over the placeNext Example of Laughter Two manly characters are discussing conspiracies shhh secret spy stuff Dudley observes about a clue It feels like it's the tip of something larger THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID I literally typed this note in my ebook Another time I typed OH SHUT UP after someone else curled their fingers or melted for the millionth timeAlso ANACHRONISMS Dudley talks about needing to be under the radar 50 years before Radar is invented Is he a time traveler now? And someone else zips shut a bag Zippers aren't invented yet fools I actually looked this up because I was angry about how this mess got publishedAnd oh my god We have one of our villains asking How do I know you won't mess up the assassination? Gee Wally I sure do hope you're not sore about the whole assassination business Thanks for the fun chumps but I'm out of here I can't handle it any Having read Coble's historical novels before I have had my eye on this recent release for a while now I was not disappointed in this novel which is very tense even from the opening pages A fire a murderer people living under assumed identities and a slightly creepy house all combine to give a gothic feel to this novel As with many historicals this novel served to de romanticize some of my notions about the time period Although the glamor of the wealthy is pleasant it is shown to be a thin veneer Underneath the shine women have very little say in their own futures and those who are in service have even less One of the interesting aspects of the history has to do with law enforcement and several different branches get at least some treatment in these pages I found the details about police Pinkerton and Secret Service agents helped set the story and its resolution up nicely The Christian perspective of this novel is delivered by flawed characters who have made sinful choices in the past but who are living life in a Godly manner now They still struggle with their flesh but choose a better path with strength gained along the journey Respecting women through boundaries is shown to be a positive thing and helping others in need when it does not benefit the giver is demonstrated often through the main characters Because some of the circumstances in this book are a bit mature and several of the scenes disturbing I recommend this novel for adults Those who enjoy suspense will likely have no problem with the violence level but those sensitive to acts against women may especially find several portions disturbing I borrowed this book from the library and have no motivation behind this review other than to share my thoughts with other readers DNFed around 20% I am not much of a mystery fan and this one is just not for me Lilly is a typical small town Mary Sue It's not my fault everybody likes me promotes me Not even a day since her arrival and everybody in that household commented on her adorable looks her blond long hair and of course she is instantly promoted from kitchen servant to maid servant hairdresser and dress councelor Eye roll Since I haven't come close to finishing it I can't say if the mystery is good or not I know who the killer is though hahaha won't tell But the rest of the book reads like a very bad Nora Roberts and even her books are average at best Wow This book totally took me by surprise I started this book without much hope for itbut it totally surprised me I enjoyed the mystery and suspense I think Belle was my favorite 35 stars The setting for this book is the very interesting Butterfly Palace an old palace brought over from Europe and reconstructed in Austin Texas It's full if secret passage ways mystery and dead butterflies The wealthy master of the house Mr Everett Marshall collects rate butterfly specimens Thus the name of the bookThat being said unfortunately the book is not worthy of it's rather exotic setting The writing is stilted and the story down right unbelievable If you're in the secret service you sure don't go around telling people If you were a brand new lady's maid you best keep your opinions to yourself and not go running off in the middle of the day or you would be fired for sure There is just too much in this story that doesn't add up I really didn't like the fact that Drew and Lily had such an intimate past but it never seems like a very big deal That was almost excused by the fact that they had been engaged It was all very cheesy and so disappointing from an author I had come to respectThis book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson My opinion is my own Butterfly Palace Colleen CobleReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviewsI enjoy historical romances and the title of this intrigued me Sadly though it just didn't live up to my expectations I found the characters very confusing acting in ways that people of that time and station would not have been allowed The plots were all linked but seemed very simplistic There was so much going on in such a small village it was hard to believe in a serial murderer currency counterfeiting political assassination secret tunnels – although its uite a decent length novel there was so much happening that I felt it was “busy” but without any depth I need to feel that the story could be real and here it didn't There were plot contradictions too – first Drew doesn't know Lily's mother is dead then a couple of chapters later he says his cousin Grace – may have been his sister? wrote to him often and he knew about the death shortly after it happened edit 26 june 16 another reader has pointed out I may have got this wrong that he may have got a letter soon after Lily got there Its too long since I read it and I just can't remember now but if I'm wrong then apologies When I've time I will go back and check this Then the reason for his actions and would someone get into place just like that without years of training etc? seemed to get pushed aside for a different motive It was all change from plots and actions to people's motives and inclinations and it just didn't gel with me The butterfly connection which I’d assumed was of great importance from the title was really almost superfluousI can see that Colleen is a much loved author and there are many favourable reviews for this book – that just shows what I’m always trying to point out that not all books work for all readers and reviews are very personal according to a readers own taste in novels It's priced at £587 for 332 pagesStars two – just didn't work for me ARC supplied by Netgalley Rating 35Colleen Coble is known for her Christian fiction writing This one is considered inspirational but I didn't feel that it contained her usual strong Christian thread I would definitely classify it as secular but still found it an enjoyable read but not as well written as her contemporary suspense novels I liked the mystery thread yet it seemed to be rather drawn out It also bothered me that Lily and Drew were one day at the I can't forgive you stage and the next they were sharing passionate kisses I also felt like some of the women in the plot took a lot of chances considering they knew there was a killer loose just looking for blonde servants girls The butterfly clues at each killing was definitely an interesting touch Hoping that the second book in the series will be a little cohesive than the first with a stronger spiritual thread