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Not One More Death Not One More Death examines the record of US and UK troops in Ira uestions Bush and Blair’s position under international law and considers the responsibilities of artists writers and the wider public in a time of war and occupationPublished in collaboration with the Stop the War Coalition wwwstopwarorguk

  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • Not One More Death
  • Brian Eno
  • English
  • 15 March 2016
  • 9781844671168

5 thoughts on “Not One More Death

  1. Jovan Autonomašević Jovan Autonomašević says:

    A booklet than a book an anthology of essays by various famous authors including John le Carré condemning and lamenting the war against terror that has been raging since 2003 A war that has devastated three of the most important Arab countries and seriously destabilised the whole region Now the poorest Arab country Yemen is facing starvation as well as being in the grip of an uncontrolled cholera epidemic The result of this war is that Saudi Arabia is now emerging as the regional counterbalance to Iran whether by dastardly design or not who can say It has also spawned the vilest and most dreaded terrorist organisation since the Khmer Rouge The book was published in 2006 and sadly has proven to be prophetic For people living in the Middle East it must seem as if WWIII has already started and for people living in the West it seems as if things are getting worse not better As TE Lawrence wrote 100 years ago “We could see that a new factor was needed in the East No encouragement was given us by history to think that these ualities could be supplied ready made from Europe The efforts of the European Powers to keep a footing in the Asiatic Levant had been uniformly disastrous Our successor and solution must be local”Worth reading

  2. Matt Blair Matt Blair says:

    A very compelling collection of essays aboutagainst the 2003 war in Ira As relevant and worth reading today sadly as it was twelve years ago

  3. Muhammad Murad Muhammad Murad says:

    A must read for those who want to know the truth behind Ira's invasion in 2003 Weapons of Mass Destruction were never found in Ira but Ira was destroyed in the name of 'democracy' and 'freedom'

  4. Simon Raistrick Simon Raistrick says:

    A good collection of short works that convey a coherent message recognizing the pointless horror and degradation produced by American wars of choice and accompanying British complicity written by some interesting people including Richard Dawkins and Harold Pinter

  5. BMK BMK says:

    Good vitriolic anti war essays

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