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Royal Ransom The Crown Affair #2 HER AMERICAN HERO Hunter Leigh frightened her a littleand intrigued her—tempted her—even With artful precision he'd gone undercover on a dangerous mission to protect her Princess Tashya Zared knew anything intimate she shared with the disarming American would be fleeting—before he vanished for his next mission like a thief in the night But couldn't she allow herself today when she might not have tomorrowSomeone had already made attempts on her life and now had kidnapped her two little brothers and demanded her and the crown prince as their ransom Hunter could keep her safe from the enemy but who would stop him from crossing the line and falling for his royal charge

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    Book 2 with Princess TashyaThe dangers to the royal family continue in this second book of the trilogy focusing on Princess Tashya After several assassination attempts on both Tashya and her brother Prince Alex a CIA agent is sent in to impersonate Alex and guard the Princess This second book is exciting and the romance intense than the first book Looking forward to reading the third in this series which I assume will deal with Prince Alex and reveal who killed their father and been trying to eliminate the royal family

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