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The Adventurers Bride In want of a respectable wife Widow Jane Caldwell is practically destitute when famed explorer Nicholas Hurst seeks shelter with his baby daughter hidden beneath his coat Wounded and on the run from his enemies Nicholas is as darkly attractive as she remembers and she can't deny him aidAdventurer Nicholas seeks to settle down and Jane would make a highly respectable wife But cowed by duty for too long Jane yearns for a love and passion Nicholas cannot give her until he learns to open his heart

3 thoughts on “The Adventurers Bride

  1. Le Blog d& Le Blog d& says:

    Une romance historiue bien sympathiue avec du suspense et une légère originalité car Nicholas veut épouser Jane pour subvenir aux besoins de ses enfants donc priorité à eux avant l'amour à la base Cela change des autres romances historiuesEn tout cas c'est un bon Harleuin

  2. Sarah {The Bookish Knitter} Sarah {The Bookish Knitter} says:

    25 StarsChallengesNone

  3. Lesley Lesley says:

    Not a fan of this one found it disjointed

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