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Rabindranath Tagore Monideepa Sahu has brought alive the life of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore through interesting anecdotes and events which make this book very interesting to read Thoroughly enjoyed the book Such a precise concise biography of such an interesting man I knew uite a bit about him but reading this book told me so much put everything into context and threw new light on various aspects of Tagore his life and his worksThe first chapter was slightly bumpy perhaps because the author because had to string together several little incidents But from the second chapter the flow was very good seamless she has brought in the incidents and information at the right time This must have involved a whole lot of research writing and rewriting No mean achievement thisThe last couple of chapters with the focus on his philosophy and nationalism was really enlightening A great read for young people and adults too This book gives an insight into the inspiring life of Rabindranath Tagore He was a passionate man who had strong views about education nature western culture etc He wrotes poems short stories and numerous other literary pieces including Gitanjali for pleasure and to express his feelings in different phases of his life The book made me realize Tagore's contribution in literature as well as in representing India as a modern and developing nation with talented people He developed diplomatic relations with numerous nations that continue till date Rabindranath Tagore had opinions contrary to Gandhiji yet such immense respect for him which is uniue Tagore the Renaissance man was way ahead of his time This is a wonderful biography that carries the reader through a whole sweep of history To tell the truth I have never been crazy about Tagore I love Rabindra Sangeet but have only read Gitanjali and a few of his stories including of course The Cabuliwallah Though I uite enjoyed them I felt he was a bit overrated perhaps because he was one of the few Indians writing in English in his time Monideepa Sahu's biography really brought home to me what an extraordinary person what a visionary he was and how he actually lived his vision instead of just sitting on his high horse and talking about it Maybe I was just too crass in my youth to discern all that in his writing must reread some time That's my personal take on this book Now to get to the intended audience given that this is a Puffin bookThe tone and language of this biography are just right for young readers being chatty and friendly never talking down or preachy The author skilfully recreates the atmosphere of Kolkata in the latter half of the 19th century and in Tagore's family home Thakurbari The simplicity and idealism of the family are touching and their broad minded patriotism is inspiring The setting up of the school at Santiniketan and later Vishwa Bharati seems such a natural and commonsensical process one wonders why education has become such a complicated business today One thing I found intriguing is the way the narrative tends to anticipate future events rather than following a strict chronology For instance when describing young Rabi's relationship with his sister in law 'Notun Bouthan' in an early chapter we are told how she died young how deeply her death affected Rabi and how he dedicated many poems to her memory In due course in a much later chapter there is only a brief mention of Notun Bouthan committing suicide for reasons that were never known There is a lot of this going back and forth which gives the book its conversational style and somehow enriches it Monideepa if you are reading this I'd love to hear what made you adopt this approachThe little anecdotes and snippets of additional information at the end of each chapter courtesy the History Bug and at the end of the book are sure to piue the interest of the readers and get them reading further an absolute boon to history teachers too Very simple but elaborately described Takes us to the Tagore Era Loved every page of it She has simply described the life of Rabindranath Tagore in this book The song that I came to sing remains unsung to this day I have spent my days in stringing and in unstringing my instrument’ Gitanjali Born in 1861 in one of the foremost families of Bengal Little Rabi grew up to become a great nationalist a gifted writer a talented artist a brilliant visionary and a reformer of education He was also Asia’s first Nobel Laureate His contribution to India’s Freedom Movement is forever immortalized in Jana Gana Mana a song he wrote to inspire the nation This wonderfully insightful biography rich in anecdotes and little known facts brings alive this legendary figure to contemporary readers Monideepa Sahu vividly recounts Rabindranth’s experiences at school that helped to formulate his vision of Shantiniketan She also traces the evolution of his poetry from schoolboy rhymes in dog eared notebooks to universally loved poetry prose novels and short stories Explore the life and times of this remarkable personality through this compelling biography

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