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  • ebook
  • 54 pages
  • Her Alpha Protector
  • Gwen Knight
  • English
  • 24 August 2015
  • 9781460319284

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Her Alpha ProtectorWhat an absolutely fantastic debut for KnightFrom start to finish the reader is drawn irrevocably into the world of Angel and Hunter when all is said and done you are dying for It's clear that Knight is passionate about her writing and it really shines through in this piece Her descriptions are exuisitely crafted and all of the emotions that her characters go through are palpable This was far than simply a romance story it was a work of art poured out as words on parchment Fantastic plot great characters a believable and masterfully concocted conflict delicious intimacy what can you ask for?Highly recommended and I can't wait to see what else Knight has in store for us Angel has spent years on the run from one possessive alpha and she has no intention of ever submitting to another not even Hunter the man who stars in her most erotic fantasies But when her former master tracks her down she has no choice but to turn to the one wolf who can protect herHunter thought ten years apart would diminish the craving he has for Angel But when he discovers the rogue wolf in his territory he must face the fact that time has only fanned the flames of his passion for her To claim her as his mate he's going to have to fight for her and give her a reason to stop running 45 Stars This novella is an awesome debut from new author Gwen Knight Her Alpha Protector has everything you would want for a uick read no filler all action romance intrigue and sexy love scenesI love wolf shapeshifters and when I read the blurb for Her Alpha Protector I pre ordered right away Her Alpha Protector although short was a very fulfilling read and I must say that's something hard to do I love reading novellas but sometimes some just leave you without a sense of satisfaction However that was not the case with Her Alpha Protector I thoroughly enjoyed it from the first page to the very last There was nothing missing and everything was well put together making this short story feel like a whole book The pacing flowed effortlessly and I can certainly see myself becoming addicted to this author's writing and storytellingThe characters Angel and Hunter were engaging right from the beginning Since Angel escaped the clutches of her maker and former alpha Seth she has constantly been on the run and has been a lone wolf for years She was skittish and vulnerable but she wasn't broken despite what she has been through There was an underlying strength to her and I adored her as a heroine I loved Hunter for his very gentle patient and sweet way with Angel considering the hellish things Angel went through at the hands of Seth You don't see what you are he murmured as his long finger hooked beneath her chin and lifted until she dared meet his gaze And what am I? she whispered both intrigued and terrified by his impending answer He smiled and stroked her lower lip with the pad of his thumb Beautiful Copyright © 2013 by Gwen KnightHe was selfless putting Angel's happiness and freedom above his own desires and with that I loved him even as a hero The nice chemistry between Angel and Hunter made this read all the enjoyable along with the wonderful and rich imagery the author provided in the story With the wonderfully written imagery Her Alpha Protector was hard to put down and I easily devoured this in one sittingA very satisfying tale Her Alpha Werewolf is a story I'd highly recommend to readers With an outstanding debut like this I cannot wait to see what else Gwen Knight has in store for readers I read the last words of Her Alpha Protector with my heart beating hard in my chest The passion the danger and excitement of Knight's story kept me both on the edge of my seat and swooning from the electricity between Angel and her AlphaFrom the moment Angel sensed Hunter smells him even across the room of the dingy diner where she eked out her living I was hooked Knight never lets us rest for a minute as she sweeps us away through adventure both emotional and physical She carries us into the night into danger and to the very brink of deathOne of the things I enjoyed most was the sensory and sensual exploration of what it meant to have the beast inside you That perfect howl they shared the stuff of werewolf legends gave their pairing a whole different dimension This wasn't just love this was fate I really enjoyed the insights of blending the human and the beast into something altogether different Seth was a werewolf I loved to hate selfish and cruel the antithesis of Hunter who was concerned with Angel's happiness and freedom than his own desires There's a hero for youA satisfying tale on every level I highly recommend this debut offering from Gwen Knight I can't wait for from this new author I hope she entertains and enthralls us with many stories to come Action Packed Werewolves NovellaEven after ten long years Angel still dreams of Hunter's black eyes When she sees him again she runs He is the star of her fantasies But he's also the alpha of the West Canadian Basin packWhen Hunter locks eyes with Angel he knows he's within his rights to kill her or punish her With the realization she's a lone wolf to evade her former psychotic alpha Hunter wants to comfort her and protect her As his wolf rises within his human form he wants much than just to help her Hunter wants to give Angel the freedom to make her own choices but time is running out for both of themHer Alpha Protector by Gwen Knight is a short yet exciting work The beautifully written story with action and sizzling romance reminds me of Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega seriesa compliment to both Ms Briggs and Ms Knight I can't wait to read from this wonderful author Fantastic Love StoryIt's been a long time since I read a love story void of sex from the beginning and it was such a pleasure to really enjoy it this much with so little passion in itIt is a love and a passion that has lain dormant for many yearsAngel is a girl that was turned to a wolf against her will and has lived 10 years full of fear and when she meets up with the man who stole her heart 10 years ago on a chance meeting she can't trust himWill Hunter be able to win the trust of his one true mate the girl who stole his heart on first glance 10 years ago? They have loved each other for many years without ever having lovedAn evil man has kept that love apart for too long time to take itThis is a true Were love story and I've never read one like this I truly hope Gwen Continues to write stories like this for I will surely read them all Gwen Knight's debut writing was a fantastic read Her passion for writing is obvious I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy werewolves and Harleuin Romances in general She captures the reader right away and doesn't waste time getting to the action or the sizzle I really loved how she balanced between human and wolf forms It was great And her descriptive writing made it so easy for the reader to visualize without over doing it Fantastic all around I look forward to many writings from this talented lady There's nothing better than a story that immediately sucks you in and then leaves you breathless in the end The author wastes no time getting the action going and the adrenaline flowing The two main characters have a chemistry that can not be denied and each page unfolds behind their connection It's exciting it's sexy it's worth reading The strength of this novel is in the pacing of plot development and character development There is a sexy connection between the main characters who are ensconced in some solidly built mythology The connection between the lovers is strong and sweepingly romantic Descriptors are vivid and create wonderful imagery to help ease the reader into an unfamiliar world This was a great read The plot was excellent pulled me in right away and I really liked the artistic use of the language But beyond that this sizzles The passion between the characters is reason enough to keep this as a favorite but the story itself is awesome too Really enjoyed it