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Winning Over the Wrangler Another amazing story by Linda Ford She does it time after time In this story she has created a character who is running from his family and his name Brand Duggan is the son of an outlaw who tends to find him wherever he goes Brand can usually stay ahead of his father and half brother but this makes life very lonely for him Sybil Bannerman has come to Canada with several of her friends from England She has convinced an editor to publish some of her stories under a mans name since women writers aren't really acceptable She meets Brand and suddenly her mind takes off on a story about a cowboy without a last name This is an excellent story with a nice mix of romance adventure and just plain life You'll enjoy this story if you like those things Good story of someone overcoming an undeserved reputation violence mild violence against women deception This book had an extremely slow start then an interesting middle and a very long slow ending The beginning of the book is also punctuated with the heroine 'writing' a story about the hero These were distraction than plot building in my opinion The main action revolves around the hero getting pressured by his outlaw dad and brother Once that is done we get chapter after chapter of courting Then there is one blip of a completely unrealistic event that happens before the book finally ends In it view spoiler the hero gets angry that the heroine is writing about him which seemed forced he rides off but then is confronted in the middle of nowhere by someone who claims to recognize him and wants to shoot him What are the odds of someone randomly riding across Canada and happening to run into someone heshe is looking for even if they are sticking to trails? hide spoiler I liked this book though I don't think it was as strong as some of the others in the series As I contemplate that I think it might have been because I didn't get a good 'feel' for Sybil It seems like most of her thoughts were centred around Brand rather than who she was and what she wanted in life though we did see a little of her desire to writeBrand on the other hand was a well fleshed out character to me and my heart went out to him for what he'd experienced because of his family and how that affected not only his past but very much his present and futureThe romance was definitely sweet and I liked that the theme of God being mindful of us and preparing the way before us was explored35 stars Seriously can't get over how much I love this series Each one just has elements I fall for in the lovely setting in Canada at Eden Valley Ranch I loved the outlaw theme to this one I enjoyed watching the love story unfold and the changes both hero and heroine had to make and the realistic growth It was great My Review Winning over the Wrangler4 STARSI have enjoyed reading the Cowboys of Eden Valley Sad to say it has been hit and miss on some to the books but would like to read the whole series It is a glance at taming Canada's wild westThe plot is simple with lots of layers to it Sybil Bannerman came over from England with a few friends to stay at a ranch She is watching a horse being broke when accident happens and she stays right in the way of horses Brand is on a horse and he saves her Everybody is grateful she was not hurtSybil starts taking dinner to Brand where he is camped alone with his dog He plans to tame the horses than leave He is always on the run Sybil writes articles and she thinks Brand would make a great article No one knows his last name and where he is from Sybil also makes friends with his dog No one has done that They start talking about God and belief in himTheir is plenty of drama danger forgiveness and accept that God will be their for anyone Some scriptures and prayer is a natural part of the storyThe setting is the make believe Eden Valley CANADA 1882's On a big ranchThe characters are believable I like them Brand wants to stay but he knows the longer he stays the danger he is putting everyone He tames horses than moves on before he is foundSybil wants to be safe but she risked a lot to come to Canada west from England Her parents are dead She wants to be a writer under her own nameThis is a clean read I would love to visit Eden Valley again especially in a bookI was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harleuinpublication March 4th 2014 by Harleuin Love Inspired 288 pages ISBN 9780373282548 A Cowboy without a Name The only thing Brand Duggan's outlaw kin ever gave him was an undeserved reputation Once he's through breaking horses he'll leave Eden Valley Staying means risk—and heartache And he has no business falling for a refined English miss like Sybil Bannerman The rugged cowboy who rescues her from a stampede is just the kind of man Sybil Bannerman's editor wants her to write about Yet she has no idea how big a secret Brand Duggan carries until her life is threatened Despite the evidence against him Sybil can't walk away—for the man who lassoed her heart is the one she'll love forever Cowboys of Eden Valley Forging a future in Canada's west country This fifth book in the Cowboys of Eden Valley series has a hero suffering for the sins of his father With many familiar faces this is a great Western romance and a story of redemption RT Book Reviews rated 4 starsMiniseries Cowboys of Eden Valley Miniseries Cowboys of Eden Valley

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Winning Over the Wrangler
  • Linda Ford
  • English
  • 06 August 2015
  • 9780373282548

About the Author: Linda Ford

Linda Ford grew up devouring books and making up stories in her head—often late at night when she couldn't sleep But she hadn't planned to write Instead she dreamed of running an orphanage In a way that dream came true She married had four homemade children adopted ten and lived at times endured the dream Writing first took her to non fiction human interest articles for newspapers and