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My Days in Prison The book is about a Kashmiri journalist Bureau chief of Kashmir Times who was charged under the official secrets acts His crime — possessing out of date information on Indian troop deployments in Indian held Kashmir He was framed by the police and had to spend seven month in jail and there he wrote the book

6 thoughts on “My Days in Prison

  1. Jimmu Jimmu says:

    Great narration of high humiliation from the Jail and from the police officials the auther is the reporter of kashmir times and the son in law of activist in Kashmir becuase of latter reason police authoiries charged the case by saying that he worked as spy against India simply by noting one published article I refer to everyone must read for understanding how kindoms will be behaved in callously certain circumstances to it citizens simply without any legitimate reason

  2. Ankita Srivastava Ankita Srivastava says:

    It's a must read for students of law and journalism Gives an insight into the jail conditions unlawful treatment to under trials and misuse of Official Secret Act

  3. Debarati Debarati says:

    I read the book when i was doing my PG in journalism This book was an eye opener and a reality bite that journalism is not that easy in the country

  4. Cheena Kapoor Cheena Kapoor says:

    Iftikhar Sir has really given an insight into how the judicial system works in India A must read

  5. Nishant Sharma Nishant Sharma says:

    A book written by a victim of application of one of a range of India's arbitrary acts The tale is told in a very detailed manner and exposes the sham behind the state's rhetoric I gives you essential insides into the life behind Tihar jail and also enlightens about Islamphobia in general The book is a vital piece of work written by a journalist who was rounded up by people who misused the power The book will change the way you think about the government any government of any country The book makes an argument for scrappingrevisingreforming the existing draconian laws for the strengthening of democracy and neutrality of media of the country

  6. Ripudaman Ripudaman says:

    This book has left an indelible mark on the procedures of law and justice that India is so proud of It is a uestion that clearly merit to be discussed and unriddled

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