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Behind the Green Curtain When Caton’s sleazy boss offers her a position as his wife’s personal assistant she accepts the job with reservations certain Jack Halston has ulterior motivesAfter meeting Jack’s wife Amelia though it’s Caton’s motivations that begin to unravel As vicious as she is beautiful Amelia threatens Caton’s position and her sense of decorumAs the attraction between the two women spirals into a torrid affair Caton is drawn deeper into Jack and Amelia’s world of privilege and prestige where everything is at stake and nothing is what it seems Why oh why did I not read this sooner? I started this book really not liking Amelia Caton but by the end I was crying my eyes out for them It really has been a roller coaster ride of emotions full of sizzling sex scenes Normally when it comes to erotica after a few sex scenes I get bored and just skim through to the next scene but not with this book This will definitely be a book I will be re reading again Wow Just wow This book has everything Angst chemistry lovely characters sex romance drama top notch writing Often I'll highlight impressive lines in stories on my Kindle and this one probably has the most Seriously a couple chapters in and I already wanted to recommend it to my friendsIf the infidelity angle turns you off would it help to know that view spoilerthe husband Jack is a complete tool? Really Don't feel bad for himEdit As for Laura you may have to suspend your morals a bit and indulge in the wrongness of Caton doing her dirty She was too pure for their mess hide spoiler Am I the only person who thought this was a Wizard of Oz retelling or something? The font and the green and the curtain? No? OK maybe just meWell the only similarity it had with the Wizard of OZ was Caton probably wishing she could click her heels three times to get out of the mess she found herself inHow do you even explain this book? Caton is employed at a company where her male boss is completely detestable He is effing his assistant and making the moves on Caton in the copy room He gets into an argument with his cold as ice wife Amelia She thinks her job of event planning and fundraising for him is hard work She feels exhausted and underappreciated He thinks she is absurd and disrespectful so he hires Caton to assist Amelia so that Caton can get on her nerves as much as she gets on his You know for always turning down his ahem charmThis book was intense First off All the affairs are happening Jack is having affairs on his wife Amelia who wants to have an affair with Caton who wants to cheat on her gf Lauren to sleep with Amelia And this all comes to fruition because what kind of book would it be if it didn't? Second of all All the sex is happening In a basement on the desk in that room at her apartment in that cabin behind top front that toy etc Look I'm a self proclaimed prude when it comes to this But this book IS about cheating and affairs So it goes with the territory And it was pretty hot There is just something about forbidden desire and when you add in the mixed unwelcome feelings? Guh This went deeper than I thought it would There was some family drama as it related to Jack and Amelia's daughter Serene Some background info about Amelia also gave some meaning behind the way she is And then there had to be a reveal toward the end that I was not even expecting a little bit That makes a pretty good book in my mindSO I liked this A lot It was not perfect though There was a bit of repetitiveness in the MC's inner monologues I mean there is no way that you will ever misunderstand that Caton and Amelia should NOT be doing what they are doing Caton should be saying NO but she can't help but say yes There is an expiration date And so on and so forth It didn't bother me much though So like I said a really good bookI recommend this to those who like romance mind games physical games sex all the time rich people awesome maidscooks and kitchen bars with morning coffeePS This book needed an epilogue On a beach somewhere fantastic With Sole sipping margaritas Thanks to all who told me I needed to read this and move it to the top of my list I pass that same advice to those of you who haven't read this yet too From the same author who wrote the 21 Weeks series one of the best thriller I have ever read in Lesfic Finished it a few days ago but I'm unable to write my thoughts as I had mixed feelings about it It was like having your card declined while paying for groceries and bumping into an ex smirking evilly behind you in the mile long ueue you're at the cashless lane and the cashier's giving you the you don't want to mess with me look Been there done that? PerfectEven though this book featured infidelity I couldn't rate it low as just like the 21 Weeks Series this was uniue and engaging I loved the concept of the story how controversial the cheating theme was and interested to see how the author would turn the ugly ducklings into swans Among the three leads I liked Jack the most He was a cool villain and owned a wandering dick but my love affair with him didn't last long because the author decided to upgrade his status from a villain to a sinister bas3rd He and Amelia had an unspoken agreement on their married status in public they must show an united front but behind the scene have fun go mad Amelia never redeemed the voucher until Caton walked into her house then life The uniueness of the story came through the relationship between Caton and Amelia These women hardly conversed as they usually let their bodies do most of the talking and it worked as the sex a good chunk of this book was filled with sex scenes but they were so tastefully done in here were not meant to get you hot and flustered; they meant to drive the emotional impacts home Despite some minor things I thought were faulty I’m not going to mention them Don’t let the genre of this book hinder you from checking it out It’s much than its genre and has a lot to offer in terms of a uniue storyline and loveable main characters especially Amelia and her housekeeper Sole Caton is still in the penalty box for what she did to Laura Sole is mine mine and mine That woman says the sweetest thing I've read in such a long time Do you want a cookie?You're my kind of woman Sole ❤And if you are a thriller fan and haven't read 21 Weeks yet please read it

  • Kindle Edition
  • 365 pages
  • Behind the Green Curtain
  • Riley Lashea
  • English
  • 28 May 2014

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