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Since You've Been Gone How do you learn to love againIn one tragic moment Holly Jefferson s life as she knows it changes for ever Now to the external world at least she s finally getting back on her feet running her business Cake Then she meets Ciaran ArgyllHis rich and charmed life feels a million miles from her own However there s to Ciaran than the superficial world that surrounds him and he too is wrestling with his own ghosts Will Holly find the missing ingredient that allows her to live again and embrace an unknown and unexpected tomorrow

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  1. ♥Rachel♥ ♥Rachel♥ says:

    25 StarsSince You’ve Been Gone seemed like it would be a sweet romance unfortunately I wasn’t blown away Holly’s life is basically on autopilot the last two years since her husband was killed She still has dreams of her husband’s presence vivid in longing Holly owns a bakery and does a steady business and she’s close to her sister who is about to give birth but as far as moving on that’s uite another matter A cake delivery to a posh estatecastle is about to change all of that This is where she meets Ciaran Argyll the rich son of property mogul Fergal Argyll Soon last minute high priced cake orders start coming into her shop Ciaran also starts popping up everywhere and Holly doesn’t know how to handle the unexpected and unwanted attraction she feels for him He’s the last person she wants to fall for a seemingly spoiled according to her prejudices playboy with details of short lived romances splashed all over the gossip pages However Ciaran just won’t go awayI had high hopes for Since You’ve Been Gone On paper this is exactly my type of story I love a multilayered romance with a uirky secondary cast but this failed to meet my expectations I did enjoy parts of the story but my overall feeling at finishing was disappointment Holly’s constant pushing and judgmental attitude towards Ciaran rubbed me the wrong way It seemed like he was genuinely trying to help her out and Holly was suspicious and insulted at his efforts Plus it seems like she was ready and willing to believe the worst about him at every turn I also had issues with what went down at the very end with Ciaran’s father and his ex fiance I had a hard time believing that his father just got through extolling his son’s value and saying how thankful he was that Ciaran kept it together for the years he was falling apart and then that happened It felt like it came out of left field and then was just swept under the rug It seems Ciaran had no issues with his father’s behavior and everyone was a happy united family by the end I felt that was hard to believe given how much his ex fiancé had hurt Ciaran I’ve been in the midst of a reading slump so maybe this has some bearing on my reactions and I even have a friend who enjoyed this book immensely; so take a look at the other reviews before dismissing this story altogether A copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday says:

    25 STARS”Some poor beggars go their whole lives not knowing what love feels like We might never find it again but at least we know what to look for” I really thought I’ve reached the zenith of my contemporary fiction book slump with this one That point where there’s no other option but read with that forced jaunt of optimism Because the alternative is learning a new way to say how disappointed you have been or how it was good until it went bad or my personal favourite how I liked certain aspects in the story but not enough to stave off the persistent wrinkle between my brows as I read along Save for the Kelly Clarkson ear worm I’ve had since starting this my feelings towards this book roughly follows the same downward spiral it’s been taking so fondly these past few weeks with the majority of my reading choices I was actually prepared to be embarrassed for liking such a cliched predictable story early on only to end up with the embarrassed and none of the liking by the endHolly Jefferson is a 27 year old widow who has been letting life pass her by since she lost her husband two years ago So far she has done a good job concealing her grief She runs her cake shop efficiently indulges her doting elderly neighbor Mrs Hedley and helps her sister Martha and her husband Rob prepare for their coming baby But the ghost of her husband Charlie still haunts her in her dreams in the empty echoes of their house When she gets commissioned to make a divorce cake for real estate magnate Fergal Argyll she never expected her deceptive idyll would get disrupted by his son Ciaran the well publicized playboy who just seems to love spending his father’s money After all she lives in a world far removed from his and is uite content living her days in love with a dead man Except Ciaran and his secret heartbreaking story and unexpected depth had other plans for herFor a book with such a fluffy and light hearted cover this started pretty heavy on the feels department as it portrays Holly’s life in the aftermath of Charlie’s death The narrative followed her during the bright and cheerful moments in the cake shop which contrasted well with the loneliness at home she’s fallen into a habit of embracing In the rooms the letters addressed to Charlie the furniture he’d laid his mark on seeing Holly lose her husband repeatedly and everyday in the most intimate ways easily earned her my sympathy How she grips that pain close to her because she has nothing else left of him to remind her with just made me yearn to witness her HEACiaran initially had all these tried and tested moves that are all too familiar in this genre I’m going to carefully label their first encounter as insta attraction which is something I can get onboard with I suppose And despite Ciaran’s stalkery tendencies I found myself looking forward to their next scenes together wishing so hard to be swept away by something lovely and heartfelt between them ”I bet you’re just waiting for Prince Charming to come rescue you from your broken oven every night huh? Before taking you away to your happy ending?”“Happy ending? I’m not waiting for my happy ending Ciaran”“Sure you are You’re a woman I bet you’ve got it all mapped out” There was rhyme and reason to Ciaran’s woman hating tendencies and it never did get too out of hand for me to rage uit this early on I thought there was a good balance in the kind of heartaches both were carryingBut as the story took its predictable turns this just threw one too many tropes that I’m not too big a fan of Holly had insecurities that manifested as being judgmental towards rich people and while this was addressed and was even a point of evolution for her character I can’t help but feel put off by how these insecurities reflected on the vilification of certain characters for being attractive It raised the opportunity to reveal Holly as an explicit slut shamer and I had a very difficult time liking her as she got repeatedly rewarded and her hesitation soothed with platitudes and reassurances from family friends and Ciaran alike This also employed attempted rape as a plot point to clarify the uestionable morals of Ciaran which is something I’ve grown tired of than a point of argument to be honest I appreciated how this paced Ciaran and Holly’s relationship in a near believable manner despite the cliched circumstances surrounding them I think the incorporation of the secondary characters in the storyline could have been better but I did like the insight offered by Mrs Hedley I did find certain aspects about Ciaran and his family rather disturbing because I felt it was an odd disturbing fit for the kind of book I believed this was The experience was a lot like finding a shoe inside your freezer or cake sitting on top of a vinegar filled plateI’m still uncertain how I feel about view spoilerCiaran sporting a tattoo of his mother’s face on his back hide spoiler

  3. DeB MaRtEnS DeB MaRtEnS says:

    Lately I have been choosing light escapist fiction because life has been frantically busy and I'm too tired to concentrate on much else Since You've Been Gone was part of a 31000 deal at our local Coles Indigo bookstore and was one of two novels that I chose featuring food fiction I am a sucker for chefcooking success stories there is always magic in culinary finesse to me and these stories tend to include a romance a two I'm getting a little long in the tooth for gamine love stories but hey escapist they are obviously happily ever after is the highest form of fantasy fiction ever created A smoochy cute book light for my need for fluff

  4. KatLynne KatLynne says:

    I enjoy well written Women's Fiction especially one that’s heavy on romance Anouska Knight delivers a winner as readers journey with Holly Jefferson through the pain and despair of grief to the extraordinary hope of a second chance to love again Holly lost her husband in a tragic accident It’s been two years and she’s survived the heartache by putting all her time and energy into her business Cakes She’s managed to fool everyone into believing she’s finally going to be OK and has become somewhat content herself with her lonely existence But everything changes through a chance encounter with rich gorgeous playboy Ciaran Argyll He’s the total opposite of her late husband a player in a world Holly will never belongand yet the intense attraction along with Ciaran’s gentle persistence keeps knocking down the walls Holly’s erected One of the things I enjoyed most is Ciaran Argyll and his determination to bring fun and laughter back into Holly’s life; he’s perfect for her The author also captures the essence of grief without keeping the reader in a constant state of melancholy throughout this tale The secondary characters especially Ciaran’s father with his Scottish accent and kilt added many colorful as well as endearing moments Perfectly balanced I found this to be a sweet fun heartwarming romance and I look forward to reading by this new to me author A big Thank you to my friend Heather for leading me to this oneARC courtesy of Harleuin via NetGalley

  5. Lady Heather Lady Heather says:

    Just finished this wonderful amazing story LOVED the characters writing and this author's voiceWhat an awesome jem this story turned out to beIn my opinion this is probably one of my favorite books this year Full review to come;

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I have been gravitating towards books that focus on bakeries or any type of sweet shop I find these stories charming and sometimes there are bonuses with yummy recipes in the back of the books Well this book started out ok I went along reading the book and got about half way when I was like what am I reading There was no redeeming ualities about any of the characters the storyline was nothing special and I was not feeling any chemistry between Holly and Ciaran what so ever They were both off putting Holly for being condescending to Ciaran and others that were of higher status then her Ciaran for having the attitude of wealth and just thinking that he can make any comments he wants and get away with it No thanks I felt no need to continue with this book

  7. Karen Karen says:

    I enjoyed this book a lot Was totally in the mood for a book that I didn't want to put down Was sweet sexy romantic Great weekend read to escape into Great chick lit romantic book when you are in the mood Holly is a widow meets Ciaran who helps her to re enter her life

  8. Beth Beth says:

    Originally on my book blogNetgalley provided me with this book for an honest reviewThis book was very cute It was light and fun There wasn't much that I didn't like about this book It had the perfect blend of sadness happiness humor romance characters plot and everything else that makes me like or dislike a book I live for tragic stories The boyfriend has gotten so used to me saying I loved this book and his response is how many people died? It's weird It's probably not normal But that's just how it is with me In this book Holly's husband died two years earlier and she's still trying to move on from it She hasn't gone on dates or tried to find another boyfriend since then She's been too focused on her work and trying to keep her late husband alive Then in comes Ciaran Argyll At first I wasn't sure if I'd like him He's the typical super rich guy that gets everything that he wants He's also so much than thatI've come to realize that chick lit books that I've found rarely have insta love and this is no different I didn't feel like the relationship was forced In fact the one problem I had with the book was that it was at times a little slow getting to the romance I was just like KISS ALREADY at least twice But that's what made this book realistic Holly was still heartbroken over the loss of her husband so she didn't want to rush into anything Ciaran didn't make her When the romance did come in it was adorable It was fresh I didn't feel like I was reading about the same couple but set in a different country I felt like this was a couple I had never read about before They were strong together They are good together I loved them together I liked Holly and I liked Ciaran and I loved Holly and CiaranI think the strongest part of this book was that Holly still kept her business a main focus even after she was with Ciaran How often do women get into relationships in books and then you never hear about their career again? Holly was a strong character for so many reasons but this is one that really stuck out to me

  9. Patty Patty says:

    Since You've Been GoneByAnouska KnightSowhat it's all aboutHolly is a very young widow who owns a cool cake shop calledCake She is still living in her past with dead husband Charlie She has a very pregnant sister a good pal at work a great dog and pretty much nothing else She is closed off to people friends and change Then she meets wealthy playboy Ciaran who tries his best to change her life And why? Because he loves her even though they have enough rocky patches to make love not happen Sowhat made this book funThe writing was great the storyline interesting and the characters were fun There were just enough sexy juicy bits to make this story tantalizing There was just enough of the mean jealous girlPennyto make the reader yearn for her comeuppance Readers who yearn for a touch of romance and fun in their reading materialshould truly enjoy this one It was serious fun without being too predictable

  10. Vickie Vickie says:

    This was a good book to read between Christmas Day and New Year's Day when the craziness attempted to control my life Holly Jefferson is a young widow whose life was on hold for two years after the death of her husband Ciarian Argyll is an up and coming businessman who has depth There were some confusing parts for me at the beginning I kept thinking that Charlie was alive; for the life of me I know the setting in Great Britain but where exactly?I don't think I would seek out this author again but all in all it was a good way to start the new year

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