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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Ascendancy I just wasn't excited by this one There wasn't much action and the ease in which Bourne can blend in with the enemy is a bit much The story didn't work for me either I finished it and didn't hate it but it wasn't a favorite 2 12 stars I was about to leave the series after the bizarre Retribution Dominion Imperativeand others in which the plot was completely unfeasible with Bourne dealing with strange people some weird Mexican drug dealers their wives daughters Chinese politicians in alliance with rogue Mossad officers with even bizarre friendsI was wondering where was the spirit of the series and decided to read Ascendancy just to say good bye and it was not bad Moreover it was good; some old characters like Soraya are welcomed in the previous books she was completely misused in the story and Jason Bourne is again similar to what he was Yet the book has many too many sub plots in which we end knowing details on the personal life of completely marginal characters and there are very long digressions like Soraya's stories to her daughter which make the reading slow and perhaps unnecessarily polluted with non important issues Also some characters are carried to some completely unlikely extremes the last reactions of Magnus both with Cam and Asshir are out of placeI would say that there is hope in the series if the author tries to keep the stories like this one instead of introducing bizarre enemies like Maceo Encarnacion or Severus Dominamy god Van Lustbader injects Bourne into new and highly challenging mission; to impersonate a government minister at a summit in atar When armed gunmen storm the room the bodies pile up leaving Bourne as the only survivor It is only when the terrorist El Ghadan has Bourne taken into custody that the larger plot can be seen where Bourne was the target all along El Ghadan has a woman and her young child in his custody and intends on using the elusive Bourne to do his bidding or people die While the President of the US is brokering a key peace deal El Ghadan is set to use Bourne to derail the process and kill POTUS at the same time Bourne is torn between a long time friend and the leader of the Free World Whom will he save and what happens to the person left in El Ghadan's crosshairs? Van Lustbader has spun uite the web in this thriller but still has not clued in to the issues with continuity after being handed the reins of the Bourne project by the Ludlum EstateFor the second book in a row van Lustbader has a grip on what makes a good thriller and keeps the reader attentive from beginning to end with a plot that does not let up This differs greatly from some of the earlier instalments of the series where Bourne began to sag like heated lettuce Having tackled the entire series in the past few years I saw some of the bruises in the character arc that are lost on those who simply tune in annually for the newest book in the series Piecing together these arc blips I find myself critical that the average reader perhaps I will not rehash the issue I chipped away at in some of the previous novels and that received much inkweb time in the review of the Bourne Retribution but they cannot be swept under the table for convenience's sakeGood novel Mr van Lustbader so for that a 'kudos' is owed to you However I continue to struggle with the larger series flaws since you have taken over Summary Bourne's money has run out so he has to take a job and what job is that? To be a blacksmith that is he is hired by prominent persons to impersonate themselves so they can remain safe In the course of one such assignment he is kidnapped by Al Ghadan who takes him to meet a friend and her daughter who have also been kidnapped Bourne is threatened and let loose to kill the president of the United States or his friend and daughter will be killedOk so I am not sure how this book got such good reviews The reviewers were very generous I did not like this book very much The overall plot was not bad but the writing was just a turn off A lot of cliches and a very weak female head of Secret Service I listened to the audiobook so I was not able to go back and include uotesThe GoodSome elements of the plot are good I like the reveal at the end regarding the true aim of Al GhadanThe BadCliche after cliche Head of Secret Service is a female Cam who is totally clueless and very attractive with red hair and green eyes because being the head of secret service is exactly where hot women end up Not that it is impossible just Really? Ditto that the female horse trainer who is gay would end up getting some girl on girl action with Cam Of course why not?I wanted to scream with furyRecommended forI've read the original Bourne trilogy and this is nothing like that This book is recommended for anyone who has not read the originals by Robert Ludlum but frankly if you are looking for a Bourne ish thriller you'd be better off spending your time reading Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon series Another riveting page turner from Eric Van Lustbader featuring Ludlum's Jason Bourne Van Lustbader is a superb writer better than Ludlum himself I say this having read and enjoyed all of Ludlum's novels This is one of the rare instances where a franchised character continues to appear in novels written by another author and the suspense euals or exceeds the original appearances This is a tribute to Eric Van Lustbader's excellent skills which were already evident in his own fictionThis novel like many today is set in the Middle East Jason Bourne now on a US blacklist has become a blacksmith He impersonates prominent figures and attends important meetings disguised as them In this instance he is attending a meeting of an oil cabal in uatar as a high level government minister A bunch of terrorists crash the meeting kill all the other dignitaries but capture Jason Bourne Bourne meets El Ghadan leader of a major jihadist group He demands that Bourne assassinate the US President during an upcoming Middle East peace conference being held in Singapore Bourne is blackmailed into promising to do this in order to save his ex girl friend Soraya Moore and her daughter who are in captivity awaiting death unless Bourne performs this missionBourne teams up with some Israeli operatives to penetrate the terrorist networkA great yarn Very entertaining Bourne is now a hugely complicated character though it seems he might have been able to do certain things in an easier way But then where's the fun in that The randy US president named Bill gives this some comic relief from all the bloody mayhem Lots of good strong female focal characters and in depth explorations of Afghan mountain sub cultures and the Doha wealthypoor Arabian juxtaposition make this a nice addition to the seriesVery good writing though the author does manage to drop in political and social proselytizing that could be distracting Anyway I still enjoyed it Eric Van Lustbader has done it He has taken Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne and made Jason his ownFINALLY I love the new direction that Bourne has gone The Bourne Retribution and Bourne Ascendancy are not the Bourne Trilogy BUT that is OK After the uncomfortable transition of the Bourne character during the middle Bourne books Deception Objective Dominion Imperative Mr Van Lustbader has realized that the Bourne books will go where he takes them and I am glad he is taking them where he isI still get the Ludlum character development and plot twistsangles but Retribution and Ascendency have been written in a way that no longer seems as if the author is writing in someone else's shadowI cannot wait for the next installment Jason Bourne is now known as a blacksmith This is someonewho is hired by high level ministers fearful of assassinations He is paid to impersonate them at meetings or places of uncertain security He is at one such meeting when armed gunmen storm it but the target is not the man he is impers onating but Bourne himself He is kidnapped and taken to anunderground bunker where he finds himself face to face with awell known terrorist known as El Ghadan He demands that Bourne carry out a mission for him One that if completed will havedire conseuences for the entire world Probably another movie for Eric Lustbader but if anyone can make this book clickit's him He tells a pretty good story and manages to keep itmoving right along this is 1000% FREE for the month via Barnes and Noble's Readout serial reading program I only wish I had read all of the books before this one Jason Bourne is one of the most popular and compelling characters in contemporary fiction Originally created by bestselling author Robert Ludlum the Jason Bourne series was later adapted into films that have become modern classics Now New York Times bestselling writer Eric Van Lustbader carries on Jason Bourne's story with a new novel about the rogue secret agent who has lost his memory The Bourne Ascendancy In this thrilling and absorbing new novel Jason Bourne is faced with an impossible mission He has been hired to impersonate a high level government minister at a political summit meeting in atar shielding the minister from any assassination attempts Suddenly armed gunmen storm the room killing everyone but Bourne Their target however isn't the minister Bourne impersonatesit is Bourne himselfKidnapped and transported to an underground bunker Bourne finds himself face to face with an infamous terrorist named El Ghadan Tomorrow El Ghadan holds as his captive Soraya Moore former co director of Treadstone and a close friend to Bourne along with her two year old daughterMeanwhile the President of the United States is in the midst of brokering a historic peace treaty between the Israelis and the Palestinians an event that El Ghadan is desperate to prevent He demands that Bourne carry out a special mission kill the President If Bourne refuses Soraya and her daughter will dieBourne must make a monstrous choice save Soraya and her daughter or save the President

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