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Pitch It Pitch It is an innovative and delightful book consisting of enthralling anecdotes linking top cricketing giants and corporate moguls that will act as a catalyst for professionals to soar to top echelons in their respective fields Peppered with fascinating case studies from an eclectic spectrum of industries ranging from IT Consumer Goods Automotive Aerospace Banking Petrochemicals and Food Beverages Pitch It provides the essential blueprint for creating and sustaining winning organizationsPitch It has a Foreword by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw CMD Bioconand Epilogue by former Indian cricketer coach Venkatesh Prasad

10 thoughts on “Pitch It

  1. Satish Kumar Satish Kumar says:

    Pitch It makes awesome reading It has a fantastic mix of cricket stories couple with corporate case studies The Author Dev Prasad has done an excellent job of mixing the two and creating a book that is simply unputdownable You can read episodes of Indian and overseas cricketers Similarly the case studies are of Indian and foreign Companies All the 60 stories are independent of each other so you need not read in a seuence Very interesting and inspiring Worth a Buy

  2. Devdas Devdas says:

    In this book author Dev prasad has connected cricket pitch to board room The effort is laudableIt is very easy and simple 60 case studies which not only talks about only success stories but has given importance to values leadership learning from mistakes humility and so onA must read for aspiring leaders

  3. Devdas Devdas says:

    Pitch It is a fascinating book This is the first time I read such an innovative management book that has so any corporate case studies with live practical examples and the great thing is that all are linked to cricket incidentsI personally enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to all Since it is very light reading it is suitable for people from all age groups right from College Students to junior management middle management and even senior management corporate guysExamples from Apple Facebook Google Microsoft Dell HP IBM McDonalds Boeing Toyota Nissan Renault and our favourite cricketers like Dhoni Sachin Tendulkar Dravid Clive LLoyd Wasim Akram Steve Waugh Donald Bradman etc are what makes it so interesting to read

  4. Srikanth Srikanth says:

    Very nicely done drawing a parallel between cricket and corporate The book has many interesting Anecdotes facts and gives insight into Cricket Dressing Rooms and Corporate Board Rooms The books captures nice n simple the similarities between Cricketing legends and Corporate Honchos who are so different in what they have to achieve and yet so similar in achieving it The timing of this books cannot be perfect while many our favorite cricketers retiring it is nice to relive those moments once again through this bookA Must Read

  5. Vishal Chandrani Vishal Chandrani says:

    Pitch It is an Management Book but you don’t get bored with many management jargons as it is having analogies with most lovable game Cricket People can never forget the incidents of cricket So recalling them and relating to Management case studies is just eye opening Nicely captured many memorable incidents of cricket and Management wining stories within a book with an apt cover page great piece of work

  6. Vivek Vivek says:

    Written by a college senior the concept of mashing business learnings with cricketing analogies was an interesting combination To pick 60 analogies is a tough and back breaking expedition in the world of research and to succintly represent them in an easy to read manner is well done but I feel a number of analogies and stories were forced into the book and were too generic to provide any flavour Also an armchair critic approach to all the stories makes it of a stretched factoid piece The brevity of the original article made it a blockbuster

  7. Roberta Chai (Lady with so many stories) Roberta Chai (Lady with so many stories) says:

    I could not find what I was looking for but I am glad I found this

  8. Shivaprasad Shivaprasad says:

    Superb consists stories from cricket and draws analogies with eually inspirational corporate anecdotes It has corporate case studies from an eclectic spectrum of industries ranging from IT Consumer Goods Automotive Aerospace to Banking Petrochemicals Food Beverages here in this book Dev tried his best to co position the winning strategies followed by the cricket stalwarts with corporate management

  9. Kiransm Kiransm says:

    I enjoyed reading Pitch It by Dev Prasad I liked the fact that his personal insight is combined with cricketing and corporate incidents to bring out useful lessons which can be used by committed professionals The book has lots of useful nuggets of information For example I didn't know that Sunil Gavaskar's average against West Indies was a whopping 65 runs

  10. Tejesh V Tejesh V says:

    Its a good read for people interested in cricket and businessgood comparisons from both fieldsEasy to read throughnice compilation of factsLiked the first chapter especially as it compares both my favoritessachin tendulkar and JRD Tata Nicely captured many memorable incidents of cricket and Management wining stories within a bookSuper liked the Cover;

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