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Resistance In 2020 eleven years after the passengers of flight BA142 from London to Delhi developed extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires the world is overrun with supers Some use their powers for good others for evil and some just want to pulverize iconic monuments and star in their own reality show But now from New York to Tokyo someone is hunting down supers killing heroes and villains both and it’s up to the Unit to stop them

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  1. Nick Nick says:

    Disclaimer or whatever it's called I begged a copy of Resistance from the publisher I honestly can't remember whether I got a freebie of Turbulence or whether I bought it but let's assume I was sent that too so you can consider me entirely bribed except that seriously I get sent a LOT of books and I don't write up many of them Plus also if you want to bribe me you really need to think in terms of expensive Italian wine glorious hotels and very very large amounts of money I'm sure there are books I could be bribed with books that contain say the locations of very very large amounts of unclaimed platinum or the secret to immortality or the formula for anti gravity but I don't seem to get sent those So I don't make a claim to exceptional virtue here I'm just saying that my integrity is a high ticket item and in this review I'm doing my best to give it to you straight Okay? GoodI really enjoyed Samit Basu's Turbulence because it was just a terrifically enjoyable new angle on the superhero actioner It's centred on Asia rather than North America and the difference permeates everything in the story and straightforwardly makes the books infinitely interesting Basu has a great sense of pop culture cool mediated by a nicely ironic awareness of ubiuitous human frailty and our lack of self knowledge which informs his superheroes and their powers Those powers are themselves derived from personality and desire which of course makes the whole thing the revealing This book picks up the story a little down the road from the end of Turbulence and it's every bit as zinging Giant lobsters fight mecha warriors in the sea off Japan the team from the first book are as torn and dangerous as they were before and the whole world may be about to end In other words the scene is set for exactly the kind of heroics and unravellings you'd hope forFresh exciting heroics with a serious spine What's not to like?

  2. Danie Ware Danie Ware says:

    Sadly this defeated meI really enjoyed the first one and this certainly had the same wonderful sense of humour and slightly sly look at how superpowers would fit or not into the politics and media of a modern societyIt had some glorious comic bright battles larger than life where I could see the 'Zap Kapow' that decorated the panels and some moments that made me chuckle aloud the exploding bear being a personal favourite That and a character called 'Reload' who runs out of ammo during a fightHowever I found myself both overwhelmed and somewhat bewildered kaiju and mecha and giant Anime warriors and jetfighters and and and I had no idea who was who who their allies or enemies were what they wanted or how they all fitted together Freuently I had trouble actually telling which character was which not helped by a poor narrator regrettably I think this one may have been better attempted in print rather than on audioOn principle I won't give a star rating to a book I didn't finish But I may have another attempt at this one and remind myself by reading the other one again first

  3. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    I raved about the first of these Turbulence and this is just as much fun I don't understand why they aren't massive They are laugh out loud brimming with gleeful inventiveness with terrific characters and a great utterly ridiculous explosive plot I don't read superhero comics and am sick to death of superheromovies but I would watch the hell out of these as movies except they'd never be as good because books have an unlimited special effects budget Really bonkers enjoyable genre fiction giving the reader a thoroughly good time with huge body count and some fun twists I recommend the pair highly you don't have to read #1 but why would you not?

  4. Tony Tony says:

    An OK superhero tale with loads of battles and destruction Became somewhat boring after a while

  5. Martin Willoughby Martin Willoughby says:

    Meh Would make a good comic book but not a novel

  6. Chloe Chloe says:

    More of a 35 stars than just 3 stars A solid book if you're interested in heroes and action scenes I got lost a few times and had to go back to reread the action parts but the action seuences are actually some of the better ones that I've come across There was a big part that I got uite bored at but most of the other parts flowed uite smoothly The bits of humorous conversation here and there was a bonus There's no one main character by the way Also I picked up this book without realising that this is the second book in the series and while it can be read as a standalone book I encourage you to read the first one as there are some references made here and there to the first book and this second would have likely been a lot better if I had read the first book The characters themselves are interesting and I would love to find out about them This would definitely make a good comic book with many spin offs

  7. Robin Robin says:

    Thanks to the publicity department at Titan Books I had the opportunity to read this book in advance of its publication in July 2014 In fact they were even kind enough to send me a free copy of Turbulence to which this is the seuel In that book India born author Samit Basu introduced a new wrinkle on the superhero cape and spandex with ordinary people on a present day flight from London to Delhi becoming extraordinary in what would come to be called the First Wave Each person on that flight and on several other flights around the world suddenly developed super powers based on what they wanted most in life Some became villains others heroes and uite a few of them perished in the struggle for world domination that followed Now the story moves into the near future somewhere around the year 2020 The world has been profoundly changed There has been a Second Wave of powers as people figure out what flight paths will make them super The balance is tipping so that normal humans no longer have any achievements to look forward to except to serve the super powered ruling class Some of the heroes from Turbulence are still trying to use their powers to make the world better for everyone but they have their hands full with constant monster attacks doomsday prophecies hero villain slug fests and super powered rampages of destruction The Unit answerable to the United Nations does its best but it needs to be twelve places at one time and mistakes are made that cost the world dearly An evil corporation has arisen seeking to control all the world's super powered leagues and suads And a young Japanese billionaire with a grudge against supers wants to level the playing field no matter how many lives it costs The upshot is an action packed book in which heroes and villains swap loyalties in surprising ways giant creatures wreak huge amounts of property damage and flying people invincible people shape changing people people who can teleport and many other strange characters pile onto each other in an escalating series of battles around the world Brace yourself for a plague of insectoid zombies Duck and cover as tanks aircraft and rocket launchers suare off against mad scientist inventions and ninja robots Hang on tight while the Justice League and the Power Rangers or their nearest euivalents employ their abilities with rare tactical brilliance in the super power smackdown of the century And try not to suirm as the action pushes closer to the date on which the end of the world has been reliably predictedPrecisely what goes on in this story is too complicated to summarize briefly Let it be enough to say that it's exciting often suspenseful and at the same time full of thought provoking ambiguities Sometimes even the good guys and the bad guys aren't certain which they are—whether what they are doing is right or wrong helpful of destructive Often their actions and their motives are mixed and the lulls in the action leave plenty of room for emotion fraught soul searching It makes the texture of the adventure that much interesting As for who does the good and bad stuff I suppose there is room in this review for a taster Among the leading heroes and villains in this story you will find— Aman the ultimate hacker a bloke from India whose mind can control the internet Uzma the siren a British Pakistani beauty who can get people to do whatever she tells them to do Tia the one woman army a woman from India who can split off copies of herself and merge them back in again Vir the lone ranger a solitary Superman who goes around righting wrongs and wants nothing to do with global politics Jai the ultimate soldier a once and future supervillain who cannot be killed Sher the tiger man enough said Anima the anime girl a warrior princess with cartoon eyes and an endless arsenal of glowing bladed weapons Jason the telegenic telekinetic a teen heartthrob who moves junk with his mind while starring in a TV series about himself That Guy the photobomber a nobody whose superpower is to always be wherever something important or interesting is going down Kalki the boy god an insane blue skinned four armed horse headed child whose wish granting ability can actually alter reality —not to mention somebody who can conjure up a different Godzilla to stomp on Tokyo every month and a girl whose blood can cure diseases the guy who can pass through solid objects the detective who doesn't need to rely on deduction to find her man and many many many It's a superpocalypse and you're invited along with the whole rest of the world If you have the guts to poke your head out of the comfortable and familiar and try a new somewhat foreign flavor international would be a better description you will be richly rewarded Only look out for falling buildings animated statues monsters with poisonous flatulence and the possibility of at least a third book to comeSamit Basu's other titles include the Devi novels also featuring Indian superheroes; the GameWorld Trilogy which appears to be a mash upspoof of world folklore and sci fi fantasy classics; and Terror on the Titanic the first in what looks like a series of historical fiction fantasy mysteries featuring the Morningstar Agency He is also the author or co author of several India themed graphic novels

  8. BMR, LCSW BMR, LCSW says:

    I picked this book up at Dollar Tree not realizing it was book 2 of a series Some series have books that you can read as a standalone but this series is not one of those series You have to read book 1 for book 2 to make sense Resistance picks up some years after the end of Turbulence I'm still not uite sure what happened at this point but it was not a happy endingRecommended for those who enjoyed Turbulence Otherwise it's not essential reading

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    I really loved the twists and turns of this book I did get a little bored of it at certain points but I just plowed through and throughly enjoyed it I am hoping there is a third book

  10. Claus Wøbbe Claus Wøbbe says:

    Ready the first 50 pages or so can't finsh it It's too much magic for my taste Writing style with the special type of humor in every second sentense annouys me as well but hey that's just me

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