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The Complete Uncle As a small boy I think I had one or other of the Uncle books out on loan from my local library or less constantly The stories have a slightly improvised feel to them as befits tales originally told at bedtime I always loved the wonderful flights of fancy and the endless schemes of the Badfort crowd What Marcus Gipps discovered as he set about getting these books reprinted was that Uncle has a sizable following all eager to rediscover those childhood wonders The resulting omnibus edition is a pure delight beautifully produced and finished to a very high standard Preserved for the next generations of Uncle fans these timeless tales are pure joy from start to finish This book is absolutely AWESOME Probably my favorite book of all time As my family was coming together for Christmas we were discussing our favourite childhood books over some wine I talked about my love of Uncle and the battered copy of the first book I bought from my local library after borrowing to read and re read for many years in their 'too old to lend any' book sale Although we were supposed to be discussing childhood reads I'm not ashamed to admit I have reread it many times as an adult but I had never been able to get my hands on the other episodes of Uncle's adventures Our conversation inspired me to look online again to see if they were anywhere to be found for a reasonable price And lo and behold I find Marcus Gipp's story on the guardian website and the kick starter site and then see the finished product available to buyI bought a copy of the book as a New Year gift to myself and have spent several happy days ignoring household chores and preparation to return to work by sinking into the comforting splendour of Uncle and all his friends Thank you Marcus and all those who supported the kickstarter project to return Uncle to our shelves Buy this for yourself Buy it for your friends Buy it for your children You won't regret it and neither will they I grew up loving these books but could never find my own copies at least affordably So I had to back this as a Kickstarter Now my copy has arrived and it's a most beautiful book well designed and full of extra material around all six booksIf you've not read Uncle then the surreal fantasy of the world's richest elephant and his many friends will enthral and amuse and if you have well it's a welcome journey Homeward I don't think I read Uncle as a child shocking that I can't remember I know but I enjoyed reading the series as an adult I'm afraid that Uncle's pomposity stood out for me would I have noticed this as a child? and the irrepressible Beaver Hateman Of the goodies The Little Lion and Goodman are my favourites This is an impressive volume and the wonderful illustrations have been reproduced outstandlingly well Expensive but well worth it As a child in the early 1970s I discovered the anarchic madness that is JPMartin's 'Uncle' in our local library If Spike Milligan had teamed up with Roald Dahl to re write 'Babar' then I presume it might have turned out something similar to this Although perhaps not as funnyUncle is a well educated fabulously wealthy and hilariously pompous and vain elephant who lives in a massive Gormenghastian castle called Homeward full of hidden towers haunted houses swimming pools dwarfs waterfalls and secret passagesUncle has a number of helpers and friends including amongst others the Old Monkey Butterskin Mute a gardener with shovels on his shoes who can grow anything except watercress Alonso S Whitebeard a miserCowgill an engineer who drives Uncle around in a traction engine the one armed badger the Muncle the old monkey's footwear fixated uncle and Noddy Ninety an extremely old man who still goes to school and is a train driver in his spare timeUnfortunately not everything is rosy for Uncle Directly opposite Homeward's main gate is Badfort a sprawling dilapidated castle which is home to the abominable sack suited Beaver Hateman and his associates who include various relatives Jellytussle a huge thing covered in blue jelly the wooden legged donkey and Hitmouse a scurrilous dwarf 'journalist' who stabs people with skewers lives in a nissen hut and hates washing dishesHateman and his gang lay traps for Uncle extract money under false pretences write hilariously skewed newspaper articles about Uncle and generally get up to all manner of nefarious mischief which usually ends in a massive fight and Uncle kicking them up in the air into a swamp or a pond full of vicious fishThere are laugh out loud moments per page than even Terry Pratchett and I can give no higher praise than thatAnd if the stories themselves weren't reason enough to love these books the scratchy illustrations by the sublime Sir uentin Blake are a perfect fit for the slyly subversive textApart from 'Uncle' and the seuel 'Uncle Cleans Up' none of the other books have ever been reprinted Second hand volumes sell for astronomical amounts due to it seems a wealthy collector who has been buying up any copies which come on to the market Last year a kickstarter campaign to publish all the Uncle books in one volume was started by Marcus Gipps and was massively oversubscribed resulting in this beautiful volume The book itself includes all six stories plus a short biography of JPMartin who astoundingly was a Methodist minister and a selection of unpublished illustrations for the books by uentin BlakeA lost classic of British children's literature which deserves to be mentioned alongside the likes of Alice In Wonderland Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Hobbit I'm trying to express how gleeful the mere existence of this makes me but it just keeps coming out as 'EEEEEEEEEEEEE' Tremendously excellent Stupendously imaginative As a young person there were many places I wanted to go; Villa Villekulla The Magic Faraway Tree Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory The Hundred Acre Wood But I'd have given up visits to all of those for just a day exploring Homeward Still would The complete set of Uncle books by JP Martin and illustrated by Sir uentin Blake has being re published in a deluxe high uality hardback with a wealth of extra material – including articles by Neil Gaiman Will Self and Kate SummerscaleUncle is an kind hearted elephant who lives in an endlessly massive castle accompanied by his motley crew of companions and employees including the Old Monkey Goodman the Cat the One Armed Badger and many Near his castle sits Badfort home of Uncle’s enemies a disreputable group including Hateman Jellytussle Hitmouse and other unpleasant characters Over the course of the books Uncle and his followers find themselves mixed up with camels dwarfs treacle bears ghosts a walrus a singing flower wizards Respectable Horses and much much Although the books were intended for children they are loved by an adult audience for their wordplay subversive and surreal humour and wonderful drawings They are one of the great forgotten treasures of children’s literature and this is the first opportunity to buy the complete set since the early seventiesThis deluxe 800 page hardback edition contains the full text of all six books and all of the illustrations from Sir uentin Blake There are also articles by famous fans contemporary reviews an eight page colour section showcasing the original cover art and much The anthology includes Uncle Uncle Cleans Up Uncle and His Detective Uncle and the Treacle Trouble Uncle and Claudius the Camel and Uncle and the Battle for Badgertown I loved these books when I was younger but for many years most of the series has been available only through second hand shops though there have been various reprints of the first two books 'Uncle' and 'Uncle Cleans Up' This hardback volume contains all six volumes together with the original illustrations by uentin Blake brilliant to have all these back in print and not £400 from Abe books for anarchic children of all ages

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