The Gluten Connection How Gluten Sensitivity May Be

The Gluten Connection How Gluten Sensitivity May Be Sabotaging YourHealth And What You Can Do to Take Control Now Another of my favorite health books Helped me understand that lectin in nightshades and casein in milk can mimick gluten in wheat and cause reactions A great insight to my health Since Dr Scot Lewey told me that I have celiac disease I purchased a few books on this but they don't help me that much as I am addicted to gluten per Dr Lewey It might be the reason I have very dark circles under my eyes It says that one percent of those with CFS have celiac It might be the reason I am so tired all the time and have MCTD As soon as I ate uinoa and then aramanth I promptly got allergic to them per blood work I just learned that aramanth is related to pigweed I am horribly allergic to pigweed so all these things maybe be connected Its all depressing and this book is only a little bit helpful I think The New Arthritis Breakthough is the biggest help So far this is the most valuable book on gluten intolerance that I have encountered The first half of the book looks at studies and research about how using a gluten free diet has resolved all kinds of long standing health problems which weren't responding to normal treatment She also gives a complete scientific but understandable explanation of the responses the body has for allergy and intolerance showing how they are different responses and why that makes an intolerance dangerous in the long run She also shows how wheat has been altered to have and gluten and why this could be problematic This first half merits all five stars I will buy this book just for the first halfThe second half where how to go about living a gluten free lifestyle is explained is okay It's not the best and not the worst Sometimes it is geared toward nutrition than gluten free and sometimes it gets a little hung up on insisting on organic produce or filtered water or baked chips But that's okay I can get all of this from other books What I can't get from other books is her well done research There is a lot of useful information in this book and it would be useful for anyone who suspects they may have a sensitivity to gluten Lieberman explains that gluten intolerance can be present without celiac disease and that it causes many surprising symptoms This book is a good introduction to a gluten free lifestyle and why one may be helpful for many different conditions If you are already familiar with gluten sensitivity and gluten free cooking you might find it a bit basic nonetheless it sums up most of the current information on gluten sensitivities and celiac disease Before I read this book I did not know that animals had gluten intolerance or that it had been studied Years ago I removed the grain from my cat's diet and found that it fixed her vomiting issue but I didn't know there was any information on that condition The recipes in this book are not very helpful to someone who is intolerant to pretty much all grains like I am I also did not like the book's suggestion that people take enzymes in order to digest beans and other legumes when these often cause problems almost as bad as those from gluten and some people should not eat them This book has convinced me to stick with a GFCF diet Way too much focus on anecdotal evidencecase studies This will be my go to book for reference regarding gluten uestions friends may have So much of it made sense to me as someone who has been dealing with hprothyroid issues I have started a gluten free plan and it helped to read a resource that connected them as well as connecting many other health symptoms to gluten There were some parts that I skipped or skimmed since I felt like they had little or no connection to my situation I am self centered like that If I should feel like I no longer want to continue the plan or like it is may not make a difference any I plan to pick this up again for perseverance One of the nation's top clinical nutritionists presents her 14 day program for treating and reversing gluten sensitivity a condition that affects as much as 35 to 50 percent of the US population and is a major contributing factor to an array of chronic illnessesStruggling with weight gain Plagued by fatigue Suffering from joint pain According to preeminent clinical nutritionist Dr Shari Lieberman these symptoms are among the hallmarks of a little known but surprisingly common sensitivity to gluten a protein in certain grains Dr Lieberman has been investigating gluten sensitivity for than 20 years In her experience eliminating gluten can alleviate many troubling symptoms for which doctors often can't find a cause as well as chronic conditions for which mainstream medicine offers little hope of relief—including rheumatoid arthritis ulcerative colitis psoriasis fibromyalgia lupus and irritable bowel syndromeIn fact 85 percent of Dr Lieberman's clients who follow a gluten free diet report dramatic improvement in their health—and scientific studies support her resultsIn The Gluten Connection Dr Lieberman presents a simple uestionnaire to help readers assess their risk for gluten sensitivity and provides a 14 day eating plan to start them on the path to improved health and vitality She also recommends nutritional supplements to support and maximize the therapeutic potential of a gluten free diet This is a great introduction to gluten for someone beginning their research in the possibility of being gluten sensitive Some reviews say it's too anecdotal but it's meant to be that way to give a few examples of how gluten sensitivity can affect a wide range of people and diseases This was an eye opening book for me since I knew nothing about gluten and gluten sensitivity before hand I enjoyed the informational sections about gluten and the sections about how it can react with other ailments the best Pretty valuable info about gluten and its affect on all sorts of health issues The author is uite biased though If you didn't do any other research you'd conclude that gluten is the source of all evil Either way a very solid resource for someone who is GF or wants to know about how it can affect the body Especially useful info on testing and the differences between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

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