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The Wolfs Pet Northern Shifters #3 Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM werewolves shape shifters HEARedden Marcelle’s life as alpha would have remained uncomplicated if the little fox shifter hadn't showed up in his forest He wants to own Ben to mark him as his mate But to avoid conflict in his pack the alpha wolf can only claim him as his pet Ben's lost in a world dominated by wolves and bears He doesn't have a fighting chance of survival never mind finding a mate who'd actually choose a red fox Redden’s everything he’s ever wanted—but knows he’ll never haveTheir forbidden love is impossible to ignore growing stronger each day The two men bring out the best in each other but the divide between shifter races keeps them from completing the mating bond When the time comes to choose sides Ben might have to pay with his life for being the wolf's pet

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  1. Hc Hc says:

    If not for the fact that this comes out so far behind book 2 it made less impact for me The characters weren't fresh and I forgot to read blurbs and comments on the other two books for refresher sense This was kind of a jumbled mess to me Redden has known his mate for a while but kept his distance Then finally has enough but then tells himself that he can't complete the bonding Then turns around and does it anyways Next we see him 'push' his mate away and deny him After fox's bad decision and wolf's rescue he openly claims Ben Just too jumbled for me to enjoy

  2. terranova.books terranova.books says:

    I love this book

  3. Ericka Walden Ericka Walden says:


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