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Your Photos Stink When it comes to photography getting from awful to awesome can be as simple as shifting the camera a few inches tweaking the exposure just a bit or making a simple lighting change The trick is to develop your eye and your photography skills by learning from experts experimenting with your techniue and shooting lots of photos In Your Photos Stink David Busch's Lessons in Elevating Your Photography from Awful to Awesome veteran photographer and author David Busch shows you how to create awesome images over a wide range of subjects showing flawed photos alongside their improved versions with clear explanations of how the fixes were made Covering techniues of composition exposure post processing and and featuring dozens of side by side examples of awfulawesome photographs from subjects like nature travel and city life Busch teaches you to see the most common problems that trouble photographers and how to correct them Get ready to step up your game with Your Photos Stink David Busch's Lessons in Elevating Your Photography from Awful to Awesome

5 thoughts on “Your Photos Stink

  1. Katelyn Jenkins Katelyn Jenkins says:

    Had some pretty cool concepts about composition and other photography topics of the such The underwater picture of the cover was actually my favorite part and was exactly in the beginning All in all many of the photographs themselves felt dated and almost each photograph session after the forementioned had a double or complete black and white version attached with the values unpleasant and screwed up anyhow Not reccommended25

  2. Hapzydeco Hapzydeco says:

    Don’t be affronted by the title For it's the authors' commentary on a collection of photos submitted an amateur photo group the Cleveland Photographic Society that really messes the bed Their lack of detailed suggestions does not render a service to anyone with meager post processing skills

  3. Joanne Kelly Joanne Kelly says:

    This book is misnamed I don't doubt that my photos stink It is the subtitle I object to It should be Lessons in Elevating Your Photography from Excellent to Awesome Many of the examples presented in the book are already excellent photos and the tweaks suggested by the author just add the final flourish to bring them to awesomeness I was disappointed in how many of the suggested tweaks were accomplished in image editing software But the principles explored are worth reviewing periodically

  4. James James says:

    An interesting concept a wide selection of photographers have submitted photos that have been fixed up showing the original and one or fixed versions There are short critiues for each photo This book is a bit odd it's not really a techniue or instruction book and it's not an art book either A nice read once but not a keeper

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    It was ok I liked the format of the book and some of the tips were helpful However after viewing the before and after images I did not see that the majority of the images improved that much I was hoping for things to avoid and better illustrations for what an expert feels an image should have to be successful

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