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  1. Paul Ray Paul Ray says:

    I found The Gate by Nancy Carabio Belanger to exhibit an authentic portrayal of what Jesus Christ intended His Church to be a hospital for sinners a sure refuge of reconciliation a beacon of hope life and love It will touch the heart of anyone who is seeking to find meaning in life at any age amidst all of the noise we all contend with everyday It challenges the reader to examine themselves in light of the virtues which we were all created to embrace which give us happiness fulfillment and satisfaction Read as how the loving hand of God moves and works uietly in our hearts and lives through others to gain our attention in hopes that we acknowledge His tender mercy and perfect plan for our lives Certainly a book which all Christians Catholic and non Catholic alike should read

  2. Laura Pearl Laura Pearl says:

    It is with distinct pleasure that I highly recommend The Gate the latest triumphant YA novel by acclaimed Catholic writer Nancy Carabio Belanger author of Olivia and the Little Way and Olivia's Gift I only wish it had been around when my own five sons were in junior highThe reader is introduced to Joshua Lasko a troubled 8th grader and only child who has been a bit lost since the death of his father two years ago Once a happy church going clean living kid who did well in school a former altar boy for goodness sake Josh no longer really cares about anything—that is besides the latest violent video game that he wants to buy Finding a way to get the money for this game of which his mom would never approve is his obsession; and meanwhile his grades are slipping he’s losing his faith and he’s heading for some serious trouble His mother is now a single parent who has to work long hours and she and Josh are struggling to stay connectedWhen Josh’s class takes a field trip to the senior center to meet the elderly pen pals they are being assigned as part of a school project Josh is thrown together with a grumpy old guy named Pietro “Pie” Leone who is recovering from surgery and itching to get healed up so he can go back to his normal life—whatever that might be Little does Josh suspect at first but this will prove to be one of the most meaningful and significant relationships of his life As time goes on Josh and Pie develop a uniue friendship Pie teaches his young protégé about baseball pizza making and most importantly the Catholic Faith—about which he seems to know than the average Joe Pie is a mentor who enters Josh’s life at a crucial time when the boy has begun to lose sight of the difference between right and wrong and is sorely missing a father’s influence Once Pie enters the picture Josh starts down a new path and he is forever changed If you’re a Red Sox fan like yours truly Pie might get on your nerves He’s a dyed in the wool Yankees fan—but that’s my only complaint about him Besides that one glaring flaw in his make up he is one of the most lovable memorable characters I have ever come across in fiction—YA or otherwise He does for young Josh what St John Bosco did for so many troubled street boys in 19th century Turin Italy And bonus Just as the Olivia books subtly teach readers about St Therese and her “Little Way” through this book the reader will learn about wonderful Don Bosco to whom Pie Leone is very devotedThe Gate is awesome and as overused as that term is these days it applies here And although it's perfect for young male readers it's certainly not just for kids It'll knock your socks off trust me The characters are fully developed and unforgettable and the plot draws the reader in from page one This novel is a celebration of the virtues of faith hope charity and love; it is a celebration of the Christian family; it is a celebration of the priestly vocation; and ultimately it is a celebration of all that is good and true about the Holy Catholic Church

  3. Jaime K Jaime K says:

    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway and I am so glad that I didJosh is an eighth grader who lost his dad almost two years prior to the story When his father died he and his mother stopped going to church she go a new job which kept her working longer and their money supply decreased Josh becomes surly and acts out his grades slip he lies and steals he begins to turn people against himAt the start of the school year Josh gets sick and comes back to school to learn he has a new project pen pals with a senior citizen And he has the last pick with a man named Pie He lies in his first letter to Pie and the man eats it up at first He's a die hard Yankees fan who has met Joe DiMaggio twice has been battling an illness since he was 11 and who learned from his father how to make pizza and make peace with God Sometimes simultaneouslyPie opens Josh's heart and mind to the possibility of letting God back in Even after one day Josh finds himself second guessing his thoughts and actions and his words He finds himself drawn to Pie's overall calm demeanor and as he helps the older man through what seemed to be a near depresion Josh rediscovers his true self the boy God wants him to beBut these things take time Josh still makes fun of others is still willing to play his harsh video games and get near a Ouija board multiple times and will still steal to a point What once was no sweat though becomes difficult for him to faceWhat really drew me to entering the giveaway was that this was about Catholicism and about St John Bosco whose people I've workedinteracted with before I was very glad to have won and when I started reading I realized it has the same flow yet different overall structure and story as the Joshua series by Joseph Girzone Like I said their stories are COMPLETELY different but the style is one I truly enjoyWhat made me feel weird inside was when Pie was praying the Angelus It has been 10 years since I have heard it I found myself trying to jump ahead and stumbling over my memory All through high school we prayed it at noon and I still couldn't remember it Being away from Catholicism makes me yearn for it than everHere are some important things to take away from this book whether you've already known them or not God loves and forgives but it's up to us to accept the fact that we're stupid humans and God understands that God has given us RULES not suggestions Whether you believe it or not and I've always believed it as a priest was a family friend for the longest time and helped raise me in a way priests sin and have feelingsemotions too God is present in all things including baseball and food Hatred festers at the soul like mold to bread

  4. Leslea Wahl Leslea Wahl says:

    life changing time in his past The way the story is written I assumed several key aspects of the story but I just couldn’t wait to see how it played out I was so moved by the story of Josh and the elderly gentleman he reluctantly befriends Pie The relationship between these two unlikely friends was incredibly touching My heart went out to both of these characters the snarky teen and the curmudgeony old man The voice of the lead character Josh is fantastic the smart aleck language absolutely brilliant I could just feel this young boy’s angst and anger as he continued his struggle over the death of his father This is such a powerful book about healing and how God’s love works within us and through those we meet What an inspiring thought provoking novel

  5. Ellen Gable Ellen Gable says:

    Josh is an eighth grader with an attitude When his teacher assigns a pen pal project involving an elderly man in a rest home Josh wants nothing better than to finish it and move on Since his father died Josh has become accustomed to doing the minimum at school at home and at church He is angry frustrated and self centered When Josh finally meets his pen pal Pie the feisty and devoutly Catholic elderly man challenges him in ways than one As Josh’s friendship with the man deepens Josh realizes that he has much to be thankful for most especially his friendship with Pie This is a beautiful well written story and I highly recommend it for all ages

  6. Linda K. Linda K. says:

    October 5 1947 Back goes Gionfriddoback back backheee makes a one handed catch against the bullpen Oh doctor excerpt from The Gate by Nancy Carabio Belanger If you aren't hooked yet you soon will be Nancy Carabio Belanger gets deep into the mind and heart of 8th grader Josh Lasko as he struggles with adolescence and acceptance I purchased this book as a gift for a 12 year old and decided to read a few pages before wrapping it up I was hooked Highly highly recommended reading Bravo Nancy Carabio Belanger this book is a home run

  7. Ann Marie Ann Marie says:

    Clearly anything by Nancy Belanger is to be read It's about this kid who lost his Dad two years ago and turned into a complete jerk and doesn't practice Catholicism any For school he meets a nice old man who helps him get closer to the church He contemplates stealing and reads bad stuff although they don't say what it is Depending on how mature you are junior high to early high school is when you should read this I have this book as well

  8. Celina Pohl Celina Pohl says:

    The Gate by Nancy Carabio Belanger This is one of my favorite books because the story is so beautiful In the story a kid named Josh is assigned a pen pal named Pie Well he is assigned to Pie Pie teaches Josh how to became a good Catholic I love this book and would recommend this book to all young Catholics

  9. Taylor Smith Taylor Smith says:

    This book is very good I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys spiritual books It is about a boy who gets assigned a pen pal that who has a deep love for his Catholic faith This book is so good you cannot stop reading it The ending is so great and interesting

  10. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    Just a beautiful book and definitely high on the favorites list Made me uite emotional A must read for elementary middle and high school boys Good for a family read aloud too Much to think about family vocations the elderly technology etc

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The Gate First Place Best Catholic Novel— 2014 Catholic Press Association book awardsFor smart aleck Josh being a Christian in the eighth grade is completely irrelevant especially with the temptations that middle school can bring For him life is all about playing video games getting money and causing trouble He doesn’t need anybody and he makes his own rules When his teacher assigns a pen pal project Josh meets Pie a spunky senior citizen with a love of his Catholic faith Saint John Bosco and the New York Yankees But much to Josh’s surprise Pie creates his own project for Josh and Josh realizes that God has a plan—even for himIn this inspiring novel that radiates the dignity of the priesthood and the discovery of God’s calling for each of us Josh is shocked to find himself fighting hard on a spiritual battlefield but often for the wrong side As the friendship with his new mentor deepens Josh learns that God has in store for him than he could have ever imagined A wonderful novel about faith the pain of growing up and trying to choose the Good The Gate reminds us of God's plan for every person for our happiness and spiritual growth and how He reveals it in very different ways Nancy Carabio Belanger takes us on an exciting journey that shows how He sends special people at various times in our lives to help us find our true God predetermined vocation —Fr Brett Brannenpriest of the Diocese of Savannah and author To Save a Thousand Souls A Guide for Discerning a Vocation to Diocesan PriesthoodThe book itself is a great promoter of vocations because it doesn't fall into what I might call sentimentalism Rather it takes a real life situation and places Christ right into it It shows how priests are human and called to conversion and how God leads them —Fr Chris Pietraszko priest of the Diocese of London Ontario