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Texas Baby Clayton Creek ranch was the scene of a Texas sizedengagement party—until a gate crasher stunned everyonewith the news she was pregnant with Chase Clayton IV'schild The father to be was the most astonished of allsince he'd never laid eyes on lovely Josie Whitfordmuch less taken her to bedBut he didn't have the heart to blame Josie for ruining theparty or embarrassing his fiancée—not after he realizedshe'd been tricked by a callous impostor Now workingwith Josie to track down the man using his name Chasetries to ignore a new and even shocking suspicionWas he about to marry the wrong woman

About the Author: Kathleen O'Brien

Since the day Harleuin bought her first novel Kathleen has published than 30 titles with them everything from hot sexy contemporaries to dark brooding suspense Read in than 30 countries and 29 languages she's a five time finalist for the prestigious RWA RITA Award a winner of the Maggie Award and a three time finalist for Romantic Times' Reviewer's ChoiceKathleen comes from a f

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  1. Melody Cox Melody Cox says:

    45 StarsUPDATE I read this again yesterday evening 10 20 18 and loved it even I think it's a great read and intend to read book two Texas Wedding this weekJosie Whitford is a 25 year old young woman who is working as a waitress to pay for her college education While on shift at the restaurant an interesting man begins a daily visit and Josie agrees to go out with him and they end up spending a month living together before he uietly disappeared His name is Chase Clayton IV and his parting gift to her will be unwrapped in 9 months She is on the hunt for him as she needs his emotional and financial support for their baby Chase Clayton IV a handsome sexy ranch owner and horse breeder was at his own engagement party when an uninvited guest crashes into his home She loses consciousness but manages to say she is pregnant with Chase's child He has never seen her before and has no idea what kind of scam she is running When Josie comes to she realizes this is not the Chase Clayton IV she had been involved with and apologizes Chase Clayton is engaged to marry Sue the girl next doorliterally It is a business arrangement to fulfil her grandfather's will and will be a loveless sexless marriage of convenience They will divorce after one year This is the only way Sue can gain control over her dead grandfather's ranch She and Chase have been best friends all of their lives but there is no love or intimacy involved in their relationship It does not mention any other women except the evil ex wife he got rid of many years ago and it's only a uick mention or two I don't know about his celibacy before meeting the heroine but I know he had been celibate throughout his fake engagement nor was he or ever had been with his fake fiance They are strictly lifelong friends She is actually in love with another man and has been since she was twelve Their story is in the next bookChase realizes that Josie has been tricked and his identity claimed by another He insists Josie remain at his home to recuperate and partner with him to find the imposter What he doesn't expect is to have such strong feelings for her when his wedding is only a month awayI highly recommend this book I enjoyed it thoroughly Along with romance there is also a mystery involved

  2. Ana Ana says:

    Josie and Chase are likeable enough but I had hard time connecting to themJosie is in a bad place She's jobless pregnant and has just found out that the father of her baby lied to her during the entire time they'd spent together If I understood correctly she has issues with her stepfather and that's the reason she's trying to be so independent Chase is an honourable man willing to marry his friend so that she could keep her ranch Everything was OK until Josie showed up and he started to fall in love with her Now I'm aware that ChaseSusannah have an agreement that the engagement isn't real but I still felt that he is cheating on Susannah That bugged me a lotFor the secondary characters we have Susannah Trent I really don't like her I don't know why but something about her just rubbed me the wrong way Maybe because of all the drama between her Trent the way she mishandles her relationship with her sister Nikki The next book in the series is Texas Wedding is SusannahTrent's story and I won't be reading it at least not knowRating2 stars

  3. Tia Tia says:

    It was cute and the characters are likable enough but it was once again like a light read There wasn't really any huge conflict or anything that grabbed your attention immensely It was like a slow burn even when there was a bit of passion I honestly expected from this author

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book was everything I've come to expect from a Harleuin Romance It was a uick well written read The characters were sweet great I loved all the southern hospitality As I've come to expect the HEA was perfect

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    This was a really awesome story

  6. The_Book_Queen The_Book_Queen says:

    35 Stars

  7. Kim Hampton Kim Hampton says:

    This book was definitely not your typical romance I was hooked from the very beginning and while parts of it were predictable it was still a great story with some unexpected twists

  8. Rachael Rachael says:

    Cute and sweet romance that I read in just a couple of hours I hope to read the 2nd in the series soon

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