The Sea is Only Knee Deep Volume 2 ePUB ✓ is Only

The Sea is Only Knee Deep Volume 2 This is an authentic first hand story of a young female Soviet defector who made a choice to risk her life rather than to become a KGB informant and honey trap in Havana during the publicly unknown second Cuban missile crisis beginning in 1969 The authors draw back the CubanSoviet curtain on an undisclosed Soviet navy nuclear confrontation with the United States and on the cover up by the American Government of an aggressive undercover spy war with Fidel Castro the world's most idiosyncratic brilliant but obsessively vindictive megalomaniacal leader Even today long after Castro himself admitted that he had hoped to provoke a war with the US by personally shooting down the American U 2 reconnaissance plane on October 26 1962 this dramatic fact remains unrecognized because the Western world traditionally underestimated the degree of audacity and cunning treachery of the Cuban dictator The American Government continues to deny the complicity and conspiratorial role of the Cuban Government in the assassination of President Kennedy despite published evidence from former CIA operatives and former American Secretary of State General Alexander HaigStanding at the crossroads of autobiography and history The Sea is Only Knee Deep presents an intimate and bittersweet portrait of the coming of age of a fiercely independent Jewish girl raised by her father a former sea captain in the Black Sea city of Odessa during and after Stalin’s last decade of Soviet power Interwoven with her childhood narrative of a streetwise kid deftly dodging the suffocating strictures of Communist tyranny is a Cold War thriller arising from Paulina’s personal involvement with a top secret Soviet submarine base in Cuba The base was home to a fleet of Soviet nuclear subs armed with ballistic and cruise missiles with nuclear warheads aimed at America Concealed from the Western public and hidden beneath the ocean this Soviet submarine base served as a major nuclear arms missile platform in the backyard of the United States where it operated secretly and in defiance of international treaties for over 20 years Domestic political considerations during the Vietnam War kept the US Government silent

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