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Becoming Noah Baxter Marked #2 Totally worth the wait Great second book I hope the series continues ;I am not a patient person How am I supposed to wait for this? Awesome first book Please hurry with this next book It will be an awesome Christmas read ;Saw it was coming out on Feb 7th AWESOME AWESOME FOLLOW UPThis was a great follow up from book 1 and wonderful closing to this 2 book series I truly loved EVERY aspect of this story I was not left wanting for anything here The journey here the reveals the EMOTION My goodness Superb Though book 1 was not my fave read3 stars it is crucial you read it first in order to understand connect fully to what occurs hereI HIGHLY recommend this readseriesHappy Reading What I liked1 Cody Seth brothers to the heroine Lily Funny Protective Awesome2 Jay how he turns out in the end and how he acts3 The epilogue LOVED it4 The scene with the villain surprised me how it turned out5 I really enjoyed how this book moved along and kept my attention span from start to finish It always kept me on edge and moved at a good uick pace6 The unbreakable connection and relationship Jay and Lily have7 Vault aka Benedict ColeI didn't care for all of the sexual parts of the book which made up most of the story I did love the actual story part but mostly when Jay becomes Noah and how he reacts to life I wish the epilogue wasn't so far in the future I would have loved a story about Harriet and Vault as well as Arianna with Charlie I feel like there's something there with these characters Incredible This book was a thrilling suspenseful sexy deep and heart racing adventure I cannot lie I was a little sad to see the end of this story Was it technically perfect? Nope But it hooked me well enough that I think it deserved 45 5 stars if only for its gutsJay Lincoln really did become Noah Baxter And although I think he always was underneath it all it took finding Lily to really bring him out I thought Jay was beautiful in book 1 But in this one finally getting his POV? Dayum I loved Jay I loved everything there was to know about him He was badass Alpha cold fierce loyal intelligent sexy loving etc He was THE shining star of this story His character gave me so many swoon worthy moments even amidst the chaos and dangerAnd when this man finally embraced life when he realized he was free when he shed his Killer armour when he could finally imagine a future with Lily damn it was a thing of freaking beautyAgain the plot was phenomenal NO DULL MOMENTS HERE This author has made a spot on my list of favesXO The conclusionI first book 'Marked Part 1' surprised me firstly that I'd had it on my kindle since last year and only just got round to reading it and secondly because it was amazing now this book is shorter and less intense which makes it a easier read in fact I seemed to get through it in no time at allThis book picks up exactly where the last book left off Jay has just dropped Lily off at the airport she's gone home while he's staying at Vault's bank trying to lure out Kolme Dragoni and although the separation is unbelievably hard on both of them they know this is the only chance they have to live an actual life together Jay still feels Lily could do so much better than him and it's a bad time for them to be separated as self doubts rise to the surfaceI liked Jay 'part 1' even though he blew a bit hot and cold this Jay took a bit of getting used to I know he has to change if he wants any chance at a normal life with Lily but it's strange especially when he smiles by choice I might add at Hattie and JessicaOne thing I didn't particularly like about this book was 'Asswipe' relative or not considering the situation they're in and who they're up against there is no room for anyone that shows animosity towards another member of 'the team'Which brings me onto my rating now while I enjoyed this book it wasn't for me uite as good as the last one but that said it's still a really good book especially the epilogue I loved the epilogue and the dual POV's I gave the last book 5 stars I'd have given if I could but obviously I couldn't so 5 it was and I've admitted that this book wasn't uite as good so following that logic I have to give less than 5 but then it's still better than some other books I've rated as 5 now you're probably thinking it's only a rating who cares while that's the thing I do I always try to be fair and honest so while compared solely to the previous book this is a 45 but in the interests of fairness I'm giving it 5 stars makes sense? You most probably couldn't care less but I know what I mean and think that's fair so 5 it isSince this is the last book in the series can you count two books as a series? Anyway I can't finish this review without saying how much I liked some of the characters Seth and Cody in particular and Charlie actually now I think about this it's going to be a very long list so I'll just say I liked most of the characters and would definitely read any spin offs hint hint This book picks up right where book one endI loved it that this book has Jay's POV I was able to connect much with him and I really enjoy the way Jay becomes Noah and how he reacts to life And of course Lily was the same badass girl from the first book And as much as I loved the epilogue I wish it wasn't so far in the future I would loved to have much story about the characters that we abandon them in the bank Arianna VaultBen Harriet and Charlie I feel like there's with these characters and their untold story Solid 5 Stars This was much emotional than The Missing Link Jay and Lily's separation was heartbreaking at times Jay feelings about his feelings of unworthiness for Lily just made me so sad for him Thank God Lily is feisty digs in deep and fights for them and fights anyone including Jay to keep him This was just as exciting as The Missing Link The showdown between the Marker and Jay was sort of anticlimacticI expected a much bigger showdown but the amazing epilogue made up for itI will be looking forward to reads by JM SevillaJayNoah Lily view spoilerI loved the epilogue They're HEA is awesome hide spoiler So I loved the first book and I thought well why not buy the second I will be just as good Ah so to be honest I'm a bit stuck on this one I'd have to say it deserves 3 Stars and that is pushing itview spoilerIn the first 10% Arianna was saved Up until 60 % nothing really happened and I mean nothing apart from them doing the nasty and how they were spending the time apart and how thy missed one another Bla bla bla Finally after the 60 % mark it picked up I think that it would have been better if there would have been one book split into two parts I feel as if the author was milking it a bit hide spoiler Five 'Badass' Stars This book was so much than five stars for me It was everything I love in a book The thrill the action the romance between Lily and Jay It was everything Lily was the same badass girl from the first book nothing could stop her from protecting Jay even though he was the one protecting her This made me love her even 'Becoming Noah Baxter' begins right where 'The Missing Link' left off and the first part of the book Lily and Jay were separated she went back home where she would be safe While Jay was waiting for 'the marker' to make his hit There isn't a lot I could summarise because anything said could be a spoiler I guess the reader just has to jump into it to find out how Lily and Jay's story would turn out As this book was written from bothJay's and Lily's point of view I was able to connect much with them and that's what did it for me I was in love with the book The action scenes were amazing I could just picture everything playing out in my mind The sex scenes were out of this world because come on Jay is so fucking muscular and hot He had me like I'm going to kiss you now and then I'm going to fuck you because that's all I'm cable of right nowA lot of the book had my heart racing and maybe stopping at some point Especially at the last 14 of the book It had me crying and I was literally having my fingers crossed for Jay I really recommend the 'Marked' series to readers who enjoy thrill and suspense I'm sure it won't disappoint Part two of a two part series Jay and Lily complete each other in ways no one else ever could teaching one another things about themselves they wouldn't have known otherwise but is it enough Can two people from entirely different worlds find a way to make it last Even if their love is strong enough they still have an obstacle standing in their way Will they survive the “game” or will The Marker destroy everything they had hoped to createNew Adult RomanceThis book contains violence excessive language and strong sexual content It's intended to be read by mature audiences

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