Devons Curse PDF ✓ Kindle Edition

Devons Curse It was an ok read I am simply blown away with Amy's attention to detail and her way of weaving a story like a fine work of artDevon's Curse is just another great addition to Amy's collection of fine paranormal romance novels I enjoyed the journey of Devon in her self discovery along with the experiences she has with the ghosts she sees It's truly fascinating to get an idea of what life is like from the view of a psychicmedium I really thought the twists in this book were great and it really left you satisfied at the end I even had a few tears of joy You won't go wrong with buying this book whether on Kindle or in paperback Absolutely FANTASTIC EnjoyedTruly great paranormal read mystery romance and not too unrealistic I found a new author and hope Devon's story continues I am a big fan of novels that include the paranormal but not when the author bases paranormal depictions on his or her imagination Fortunately Amy Armbruster has had first hand experiences with the paranormal through her investigative work and her knowledge in these matters comes across loud and clear in her novelsDevon's Curse is an intricately woven story of mystery romance and the kind of eerie suspense that only ghosts can bring to the narrative Armbruster's characters are human and frail fallible and believable The author clearly understands that relationships are messy and imperfect but true love transcends all the complexities of lifeMore than anything I appreciate Armbruster's portrayal of the ghosts in this novel Reading their stories is euivalent to gaining an education in paranormal activity I love the authenticity of that aspect of Armbruster's books Also recommended Whispering Coves Armbruster's first paranormal novel After a very troubled childhood Devon McKinley has finally learned how to live with her curse A best selling author she takes the stories of the ghosts that come to her for help and turns them into award winning novels Life settles into a routine a routine that is only interrupted by the death of her one time doctor friendand lover When she returns to her hometown she has to confront new ghosts as well as her own very haunted past

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