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Magicnet Computers and magic combine in a dazzling and dangerous vision from the bestselling author of the Castle Perilous series De Chancie demonstrates the range of his skill and the mastery of his writing by creating a world entirely like our own yet transformed in a way that can be imagined only by a truly original mind

7 thoughts on “Magicnet

  1. Geoff Gerrietts Geoff Gerrietts says:

    When I was an undergrad at Southern Illinois University I tried on a few occasions to get involved in the slow motion version of Usenet called FidoNet It was like Usenet but hosted on dial up BBS systems that I would connect to with my 1200 baud modem and page through You couldn't fit very much text on a screen and conversations evolved slowly and with much complexity Eventually I gave up but not before I extracted two names from that primal sludge John de Chancie and Charles de Lint John was a star on the net; people loved his books and he was also an irregular contributor to the discussions I never saw a post from him but I was intriguedAbout a year ago I traded in like 10 boxes of books and went home with 15 books in trade It's the hilarity of the used book store I think Anyway one of the books I found there was MagicNet I was pretty excited to read itI think de Chancie is a capable writer and his characters were interesting I found the pacing to be off though and his central world notion or guiding metaphor or whatever incompletely realized I think that in the end I was a little disappointed but I'm not sure this book is the best by which to judge his entire corpus I would be inclined to try out Castle Perilous but I would not recommend this volume It wasn't bad just not great

  2. Karl Karl says:

    This is a well written book and despite having been written in the early 90s and based on computer technology of that era You run programs by typing their name in at the DOS prompt There is no mouse to be seen the story holds up very wellThe main idea in this story is that with the aid of computers to add precision to magic magicians have created a parallel magical universe Spells work and demons can be summoned and can kill people Skye King the viewpoint character learns this the hard way when a longstanding friend of his dies just that way But that's only the start of their interaction Grant the dead friend is now a ghost communicating with King through a computer program King's mission should he choose to accept it is to deal with Merlin Jones wizard sysop of Magicnet and occasional sender of demonsIt's a good romp through Los Angeles like you've never seen it before and my never see it again Unless you run the right software of course

  3. Charles E. Butler Jr Charles E. Butler Jr says:

    Not to bad worth the read So as you can surmise from the title this is a book about magic and the network This takes place pre the internet but it does use bbs concepts All in all it was OK there was some sex but not too in your face the main character was mostly along for the ride but that's OK sometimes This wouldn't be dechancie's best work but if you like his style you will like this at least as well as the newer castle books If you have read the castle books or the trucker books start there and then come back here I don't regret buying this a bit

  4. Vilmibm Vilmibm says:

    unrewarding garbage avoid at all costs

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    If I can remember a book ten or twenty years later that means it made an impact on me especially if I only got to read it once Though the real world is pretty average and realistic the Magicnet is just crazybut in a cool way I want to read this book again so that I can get a solid review down for it

  6. April April says:

    Lost interest near the end and have zero interest in going back The characters didn't wow me and the plot seemed too mutable

  7. Cindy Cindy says:

    Forgot that I had read this one before and not enjoyed it Good premise but it uickly dissolves into a hot mess

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