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Lucifers War Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong in Our WorldTwo thousand years after the cross evil continues to brutalize and pillage in every nation and no one appears able to do very much about it Why has the church made so little progress While Satan lost his authority to rule on the earth he did not lose his power Failure to recognize this crucial difference has caused us to miss the point as to what the war over the planet is about and therefore what we must do to win it Lucifer's War offers a detailed historical examination of Satan the demon gods who are aligned with him and their ancient struggle with God over humanity While the church is the only agency on earth authorized by Jesus to deal with evil at its root cause believers must acknowledge what has not worked and pursue a different strategy that will This book will change the way you pray euip you to understand the times we are living in and prepare you for what may happen next and what you can do about it

5 thoughts on “Lucifers War

  1. Tabatha Wilson Tabatha Wilson says:

    I found it extremely interesting I was a bit confused towards the end of the book

  2. Joanie McClelland Joanie McClelland says:

    Linda Brook Rios is an intelligent writer This book was very well written I gained new insights into scripture that didn't seem to make sense

  3. Kim Kim says:

    So much to think aboutagreed with most but some new thoughts Will read again and pray for wisdom

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    This was a very interesting book Didn't give you any answers but just made you think outside the box

  5. Luis Lacan Luis Lacan says:


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