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Overwhelmed Blurred Lines #1 It was a chance meetingThat changed everythingBefore only one man loved meNow two doOne is my husbandThe other a loverI didn’t cheatWe had a threesomeBut the problem was what followedMy lover wanted than one nightMy husband got angryMy lover got dirtyAnd I got overwhelmed ARC received from author for honest reviewI became a fan of Marita Hansen after reading My Masters Nightmare and fell in love with that series shortly after I think I started cyber stalking her and getting any information I could on what she was working on When I found out she was working on Overwhelmed excited doesn't even begin to describe what I was feeling First of all she said the magic words Threesome and David Gandy look alike so of course I was going to read this bookAnd what an amazing read it was Marita is an amazing author Her writing is just so clean and smooth does that even make sense it flows effortlessly Overwhelmed just pulls you in and takes hold of youYou have Tom and Kelly who have been married for 20 years I absolutely love these two together I fell for Tom immediately How can you not He's a good guy works hard for his family and adores his wifeand he's HOTKelly is trying to make a go of it as a full time writer while taking care of her family Writing has been her dream but Tom feels like writing has become Kelly's top priority and hasn't been getting enough of her attention To try and spice things up Tom suggests they got to a sex club A hesitant Kelly decides to do this for Tom While there they meet Eric a rich good looking older man Did I mention he's the David Gandy look alike Well he is and that would have been all it took for meBut I'll admit DaviderI mean Eric had to work for my affections Tom had already won me over from the beginning We got parts of the past in this book We learn how Tom and Kelly met we get pieces of their time dating and getting that history just made me fall in love with Tom even And even though Eric looks like my David yes I said MY David Tom stole my heartand then towards the end Eric stole a piece too Yep he worked for my affectionAs I mentioned you'll get parts of the past and present as well as POVs from the 3 main charactersFor me this book made me reflect on things in my life and I love when a book can do thatI think you are going to love these characters they are wonderfully flawed and so close to real I can't even pick just one to be my favorite and that is saying something because HELLOEric is a look alike of my David I'm not gonna lie I went in thinking he was definitely gonna be my favorite but as soon as I got to know Tom I thought 'Oh hell how did Marita make me fall for someone other than the David look alike'I'm so torn between the two I may just need a threesome with them to decide Oh'wait that's how Kelly's problems startedYou ask what problems What happenedWell you are just going to have to read this book to find out side note If the real David Gandy sees this there would be no competition You would win Please note OVERWHELMED's price will be changing back later today Where to begin Once upon a time a boy asked a girl out and they fell in love and got married and lived happily ever afterueue the scratching sound because twenty years later they are living not so happily ever after Kelly is unhappy She still loves Tom and who wouldn't he's fucking great but with their differences in opinion on her work and the trouble they are having with their daughter it all starts wearing down on their marriage taking that shine off and leaving it dented and in need of repair So Tom suggests going to a sex club to spice up things Well Tommy boy you asked for it and that is where Eric walks in and makes their marriage problems so much worse Kelly and Tom end up having a threesome with Eric both men only concentrating on Kelly both men only wanting Kelly Eric becomes infatuated with Kelly and doesn't intend on leaving it a one night only thing Throw in a sex mad crazy Nympho Russian bombshell and you have uite a ride hereCharactersTOM Tom is my favourite character by far He is loyal sexy as hell hard working and Kelly shouldn't even look at anyone else with him in the roomKELLY Kelly is a small time writer who can't voice her opinions aloud because she's too scared it will cause even trouble She wants to write for a living but her husband doesn't like all the time she spends on writing because it's affecting their marriage but in turn it is affecting their marriage because she doesn't feel like he supports her in her dreamsERIC In walks the big publisher Eric Firth the second man in the threesome He waves a magic million dollar contract in front of her face but is it for her books or to buy her stealing her away from TomNatalija The Nymphomaniac Russian bombshell is Eric's live in f buddy but she wants from Eric than he is willing to give Eric only wants Kelly so Natalija sets her sights on Tom She is crazy and gave me uite a few laughs She's greatI'd recommend this to people who likes Romance and also two hot guys fighting over one female Though it does have depth than these usual stories have with a different twist with the swinging club Threesomes foursomes How can anyone be the same after experiencing that D Things will never be the same again It's now live Threesomes are by far the most common sexual fantasy Kelly and Tom have known each other for 20 years They met at school and even though Tom has had brief previous experiences before meeting Kelly for her its only ever been Tom With the everyday pressures of raising teenage children and with Kelly's obsession with writing and desperate to get publishedThe couple find themselves drifting into a stale relationshipTom makes a suggestion to Kellyto spice up their sex life A threesome they have tried it before but only observed from a distance now they want to see if they can take it to the next stepAt first she is unsure with his suggestion but Tom reassures her that they don't have to do anything she feels uncomfortable about Eric is rich older successful and good looking when he enters the Sex Club and notices Kelly she is someone he wants If they agree for Eric to join them how will it effect their relationship afterAre they prepared for the aftermath You see Eric wants than one nightSo when he offers her a chance to make a million dollars from her books will she accept and what will Tom sayWhatever happens I'm not sure if life will ever be uite the same for Tom and Kelly My thoughts I'm a huge fan of Marita A Hansen's Behind theseries and My Masters Nightmare so I was very interested to read a contemporary novel from her A story of a normal married couple who just want to experiment have some fun Tom wants Kelly to have the chance to experience another manKelly just wants to please TomWith their lack of communication I wonder if they really thought their decisions throughYou feel Kelly's awkwardness and Toms painIts about feelings and the conseuences their decisionsI loved Tom He works hard for the family He loves his wife and Kelly really loves him But her experience with Eric awakens something inside her that she finds hard to ignore I think there is still to this story and hopefully their journey will continueHEA view spoiler Yesfor now hide spoiler

  • Kindle Edition
  • Overwhelmed Blurred Lines #1
  • Marita A. Hansen
  • English
  • 21 June 2016

About the Author: Marita A. Hansen

SOME FACTS ABOUT MENATIONALITY I am a New Zealander with Croatian heritageSPORTS As a teenager my favourite sports were karate badmington and running I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team my gym teacher made me do the last one As an adult I've couched soccer and have completed two marathons numerous half marathons and one 30K run Though I have been slack of late

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