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The Caker Baking cakes is all about making people smile Birthday cakes chocolate cakes syrup cakes or sponges — they all bring happiness and comfort says Jordan Rondel also known as The CakerJordan has been a keen baker since she was a little girl and you certainly won’t find her uniue approach to baking in any ordinary cake shop From a scented lemony almond cake with lavender syrup to the rich darkness of a pinot noir chocolate cake her flavour packed recipes for cookies cakes and other treats will delight the senses The Caker by Jordan Rondell is a delicious 150 page bake book with over 50 weird cake and sweet nibbly recipes from potato chip cookies to peanut butter and jelly cake When I first moved house I pulled this from the pile of wtf is this and went straight to the kitchen for some Apple Sharlotka Let that speak for itselfnomAnyone who knows me knows that I a have a ridiculous sweet tooth and b am always in the kitchen please save me gender hierarchy jokes so when I came across this through my favourite food blogger Eleanor Ozich I decided that yes I needed it in my life The book is beautifully photographed by Babiche Martens I enjoy a well photographed cookbook as much as I enjoy eating cake batter and Jordan also includes tips on how to melt chocolate checking for doneness and icing the cake so basically it's an aspiring bakers biblePS The mantra It's important to eat something sweet every day is genius Was very curious to pick up Jordan Rondel's cookbook after learning about 'The Caker' She has had a successful cake making career and have enjoyed following her in the media to see her beautiful and delectable creations Love that readers have an opportunity to make her delicious and unusual sweet treats if they are unable to order her cakes or make it to her new space through this bookI think she holds a great philosophy about cakes that they need to taste good not only look good From this stems her use of organic uality ingredients with gluten free dairy free and vegan alternative methods Additionally she creates uniue and surprising combinations of flavours and uses interesting ingredients which make her cakes stand out for their different taste as well as aesthetic Liked to read about her story her tips and see other recipes beyond just cakes that she is named forA beautiful layout with beautiful photography highly recommend a flip through Amanda The recipes in The Caker are so wonderfully weird including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake and absolutely delicious This is the go to book when you're feeling like something a bit interesting than the standard cakes and biscuits nutella banana cake anyone? and the recipes are surprisingly easy to make I also love that the food in the book doesn't look perfect – it takes away any stress that what you've made doesn't look like the picture As Jordan says “cakes should taste incredible rather than look incredible Pretty but imperfect dainty but homely”

  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • The Caker
  • Jordan Rondel
  • English
  • 27 September 2014

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