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Blackened White Brian W Foster makes his entrance into the literary world with Blackened White a first person account of life love faith and pain In this collection of poems essays and short stories Foster offers a series of brutally honest often humorous and profoundly ironic writings chronicling a journey into his own human condition Using his uniue style of prose and storytelling we observe a young man wrestling with his faith in the midst of relationships addictions sexuality and the unending relentless desire to be whole Author and Grammy award winning singer Kevin Max says Blackened White Prods the flesh with electrodes of hyper emotion dangerous subtlety and purposefully mannered archaism Likening it to an Open House flier Foster invites the reader along the journey with him through this thought provoking collection which is sure to leave an indelible mark on the soul

10 thoughts on “Blackened White

  1. Sarah Spence Sarah Spence says:

    Are we on the internet?Bought the paperback after discovering that our very own Brian W Foster lovely host of Talks Machina wrote a book Why hadn't I heard of this before? And come to find that this is one of the honest books I've ever read Goodness gracious it's hard to come by an author who is willing to be blunt with their audience It's nice to have a reminder that everyone is facing their own demons at any given time; I forget that too often I don't look at the iceberg beneath the surface Wonderful book Nightstand Blink and Vitamins were my personal favoritesAlthough Rascists was one of the best things I've ever read Lovely job Mr Foster and I would love to see

  2. Sam Sam says:

    I didn't realize how short this book was until it arrived in the mail Oh well I forgive you Brian I had been wanting to read this ever since I met Brian W Foster at Gen Con in 2017 and so I picked it up so I could read it before Gen Con 2018 just in case I ran into him so I could maybe get him to sign it and be able to talk to him about it The book contains poetryproseessays and they were really interesting Now I will say that at the very beginning of the book Foster does apologize for any spelling andor grammar mistakes because he self published this and did not hire an editor The first third of the book has some pretty bad punctuation grammar fails but the content of these entries had a way of drawing you in and then occasionally hitting you with a pretty deep couple of lines I read this uickly and now I wonder why Foster has not released any other books It would be interesting to see how his style and content has changed in the past almost decade

  3. Lara Frazier Lara Frazier says:

    I was a fan of Brian and his wit and snarky attitude from Talks Machina but even so now for his sincerity and vulnerability in this book And he's publishing another one pretty soon which I'm really excited about The very first poem in the book Night Stand is probably my favorite followed very closely by Spring and the last poem If The Medicine FailsBrian really knows how to lay that last linePS There's another Brian W Foster that's written some fantasy books and a Brian Foster that's written books on spirituality Neither of these Brians are the real Are We On The Internet famous Brians ;

  4. Gigi Gigi says:

    Long time fan of BWF through Critical Role first time reader of his writing His stuff is nothing profound or thought provoking but his experiences and thoughts are laid out bare for all to interpret He clearly states in his introduction as such A few pieces stood out to me but ultimately this book makes me look forward to what his writing is like now how much he’s learned or changed in the past six years

  5. Esther Esther says:

    Thought this was a very good collection of writings I appreciate authors who take the no bullshit approach to poetry So much of art these days feels pretentious forced or obvious that is made for money All of these writings felt pretty raw and raw isn't always pretty but at least its the truth

  6. Victoria Victoria says:

    Are we on the internet? Brian W Foster has written a touching painful brutally honest book of poetry and short prose I finished it yesterday afternoon and it’s still with me 24 hours later I’m only sorry I hadn’t read it sooner and I hope to read in the future

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    Well damnit Cabbage this was beautiful These poems are intimate honest painful and beautiful and I don’t just know Brian better I have a new inkling of myself

  8. Patti Patti says:

    I knew Brian W Foster only from the Critical Role show but was eager to read his book after watching his interviewsI was not entirely sure what to expect from this book but I was certainly impressed I do not pretend to understand every poem in its entirety all of them however carry a beauty and sadness with them that I have not encountered so far in any other book His sometimes brutal honesty with himself is enlightening and he expresses one idea very clearly that even things we love do not mean they are inherently the best for usMy favorite part is probably Spring this part alone almost made the book for me The tree analogy was exuisite; very simple yet eye opening I lack the creativity to put it into words but I enjoyed reading it from someone who clearly has it This collection is definitely worth the read and I probably reread it several times but I'll probably never notice every little detail and intricacy

  9. Malin Hellström Malin Hellström says:

    Exhausting In a good way

  10. Bryce Frye Bryce Frye says:

    Brian W Foster is one of my favorite people in this world His genuine nature truly shines here as he is self evaluating constructive and hurt He documents struggles with addiction battles with faith and rocky relationships with women and people Foster expresses his interest in people’s secrets early on and continues to provide images of nakedness and vulnerability which is often shown in an appreciative light He does this while expressing his own caginess even to people closest to him On first read I didn’t pick up or begin to theorize why this is and yet I think his trust in faith and Christianity had wounded him so badly that his struggle to open up to anybody again is stagnated and halted The book is raw honest and does not hold back Foster does not try to put a bow on his sins and expresses things in a matter of fact way that make every piece in here feel very real Blackened White may lack the flowery language of other poetry collections but it works here You can tell that Foster took Bukowski’s “Don’t Try” to heart and he lays out snippets of his life for us to relate to and I think for him to relate to us

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