City Improbable An Anthology of Writings on Delhi Epub

City Improbable An Anthology of Writings on Delhi The most colorful anthology of a city I have ever read perhaps it is possible only in case of Delhi Contents of this book ranges from Historical accounts like description of Delhi by Ibn Batuta during Tughla era Timburlane's note on his conuest of delhi A British Soldier's account on attack on Shahjahanabad during 1857 uprising to various other facets of Modern Delhi culture like street foods markets businesses etc Even the change of culture with the change of area is also sketchedThe book is a fascinating read Started this some time backit is always fun to know read about my City and when Khushwant Singh's name comes up on any book then it makes it all the special Every writing better than the previous onea fine collection that you cannot stop reading Left out a couple of the pieces especially towards the end Vijay Nambisan and Ruskin Bond's pieces stood out for me Overall a helpful exploration of a city where I had spent 14 years of my life An anthology of above average selectionsRecommended read specially for someone who is visiting or has visited the city an excellent read City Improbable is an anthology that brings together writings on Delhi by residents refugeestravellers and invaders who have engaged with the city at various moments in itslong history Amir Khusrau Ibn Battura Samsam ud Daula and Niccolao Manuccirecord the glories and follies of prominent kings and emperors from AnangpalTomar to Shah Jahan Timur Lane tells the story of his own bloody invasion ofthe city Khushwant Singh of an untouchable in the time of Aurangzeb WilliamDalrymple of the first intrepid Englishmen in Delhi and Ghalib and Hodson ofthe war of 1857 There are also vignettes of everyday life a Jat household inthe nineteenth century; vendors and housewives in Ballimaran during the SecondWorld War; lovers and joggers in Lodi Garden; happy parties at the discos Thecontemporary pieces most of them specially commissioned for the collectionconstitute a bitter sweet ode to modern Delhi The book is acollection as varied and lively sometimes serious sometimes richly humorous as Delhi itself

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