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Wasnt Tomorrow Wonderful I want to preface this review by disclosing that I received a copy for free through the GoodReads First Reads giveaway YayTry as I might I could not get drawn into this book The premise was very interesting and so relatable who doesn’t wish they could warn their past selves about what the future would hold? I appreciated that there were 3 short stories that gave a glimpse into the multiple ways that time travel technology could be used It got me thinking about what I would use that technology for and how it could impact my life if I didI understand that as part of a First Reads program a certain level of unpolished material is to be expected and overlooked but I’m not sure even the best of editors could fix this story without rendering it unrecognizable A large majority of it doesn’t even make sense The writing was completely flat all the way through It seemed like a very preliminary draft where an author sketches out the general plotline of the book without adding any interesting details or characterization that will make it come alive for the readers The lack of complex sentences made it choppy and mechanical without the easy flow of a well crafted story There were innumerable spelling and grammar errors on every page which read like a half baked high school English paper hastily written and handed in late I really tried to find justification for a 2 star review To be fair I’m naturally a fairly harsh book reviewer I felt like this book had a 5 star premise with 1 star writing uality I received a free copy of this book from the Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for an honest reviewIt's a fun little time travel book It's well written decently thought out and has a reasonable theoretical basis I will be looking for books by Mr StillwellThe short stories are set in a nearish future where gene splicing is cheap enough that a middle class single man can have a vegetarian pygmy T rex as a pet and the first thought when one sees a girl with cat's eyes is genetic engineering not contact lenses Other than that technology seems to be at a reasonable 'day after tomorrow' level It's in this world that the email tofrom the future technology is injected Most of the book is vignette than story but it's a lovely window into an intriguing world I won a free copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway which by the way arrived very uickly so thanksI wanted to give this book at least two stars I really did The concept behind the book is absolutely fascinating and I thought that these three stories were a pretty novel exploration of what people would really do if we could communicate to ourselves in the past or future Some parts were even uite funny or excitingThe problem was that this book very badly needed an editor There were typos misspellings andor grammatical errors on virtually every one of the less than 70 pages in this collection of short stories Also I realized about halfway through that there appear to be two spaces between each sentence which bothered me uite a bit And lastly the writing style while it had occasional turns of phrase that were uite nice was generally uite flat with very short sentences I feel bad giving this only one star since I really did like the idea behind these stories and what the author was trying to do with it but the writing errors in particular were very distracting and made this book somewhat difficult to read I won this book from GoodreadsWasnt Tomorrow Wonderful is a really clever idea done pretty well In three short stories Stilwell tells the tale of a new internet service that lets you send an email one month into the future or past There are rules like you cant send back farther than the day the machine exists and the likeOver all the idea and execution is done well The only problems i found was with the editing and proofing there were a lot of typos including spelling errors using the wrong word or lack of punctuation I wont fault the author for some other persons mistake It didnt take much away from the story which is very easy to get into The writing style isnt the best very short and simple but still enjoyable Even though there is some technical talk the author dosnt go crazy and its easy to followA uick fun interesting read i definitely recommend this book What if suddenly everybody in the world had access to a limited form of time travel What if they could send an email to themselves exactly one month into the future or one month into the past How would it change society It would certainly cause trouble This is a collections of three short stories The first is about the average person's experience once handed the ability to talk across time If you've read the book The Puppy of Doom you'll recognize the character Albert The second story is about a petty crook While in the third the government has to come to grips with the unwelcome surprise I first have to say that I am so thankful and happy to have gotten this book free in a Goodreads GiveawayIt was really well written with a very awesome premise being able to email one month into the past or the future I just wish it was one story and not three really short stories This author is really talented and creative and I really loved the writing here I just wish it was longer and there was of it The idea was fresh the stories were short but a uick read Took me only 2 hours to read with interruptions Wanted of the first and third story Both could be expanded to a novelette or short novel Thumbs up to the author I won this in a first reads giveaway It deals with an interesting concept communication from the future from several different angles Fun stories but the last one got a little to technical for me

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