Passion's Sweet Sacrifice MOBI ✓ Passion's Sweet

  • Paperback
  • 380 pages
  • Passion's Sweet Sacrifice
  • Melissa Hepburne
  • English
  • 28 June 2015
  • 9780523404714

3 thoughts on “Passion's Sweet Sacrifice

  1. Karla Karla says:

    I think Fern Michaels just got tossed off her OMFG this poorly written shit is crazy awesome pedestal Passion's Sweet Sacrifice looked at objectively is Utter Crap written by a guy with only a passing acuaintance with the genre based solely on cash principlesBut sometimes that can be an asset because rather than being one of many retreads of the same old stuff HepburneCraig Broude's ineptitude has a reckless and clueless fun about it that ends up making it stand out from the packOr maybe that's just me I know I won't be forgetting this one for a good long while Probably never No doubt I will still giggle about a crate of coconuts on my deathbedAnd then someone will decide it's time to smother me with a pillowThere are no words to describe this book Literally no words I'm finding it difficult to even begin this review Where do I even start?Well first off the cover That's Lord Larry of Olivier sportin' a Blue Max and canoodling with Marilyn Monroe Cover artist be using The Prince and the Showgirl as inspirationIs the cover even remotely related to the story itself? Well yes related as in being so very not like it The Germans in the story? Bad guys Very bad guys Kinky bad guys Which suits me fine but that's beside the point Where's the hero on this cover? This is a first for me a cover where the heroine is draped over the villainAnd the planes? Well yeah there are Sopwiths and a Fokker Dreidecker in it in a totally historically inaccurate wayAnd yes the heroine is indeed a scantily clad showgirl So 2 out of 3 ain't bad and I guess it is correct than not SortaBut it's not what's on the cover that rates it 4 solid stars It's the relentless crazyass WTFery inside that kept me glued and LOLing from nearly the first page to the very end Mr Broude doesn't pause for coherency or accuracy and gives solemnity a kick in the nuts at every opportunity This is vintage Fern Michaels crazy but tawdry and funIf I had to sum up this book in one paragraph it would beThe pink haired Sabrina St Claire gets pre war raped in a Washington DC meadow by a nasty German drugged and married off She then escapes from Tahiti in a crate of coconuts In Paris she becomes a spy and striptease dancer because the Heinies threaten to kill a British boyfriend Mike Meanwhile she bangs an American Han Solo called Dallas Hunter A mess hall of German officers do their kinky ebil thing to Sabrina and a tied down Mike The Red Baron shoots all three of them down over the North African jungle where they get all horny over each other Sabrina gets amnesia and becomes a native tribe's sun goddess who gets routinely aroused by the best warrior and almost gets burned on a pyre Dallas and Mike rescue her horny butt she gets her memory fucked back into her and they go back to France where the war is happening and stuff More spy stuff Devious French torture to our heroine's clitoris A trial and firing suad and last minute rescue Sabrina finally chooses which guy she wants to have impale her loins for all timeAnd then I could finally breathe again It's been a long time since I've laughed so hard and I enjoyed every minute of it Sabrina is almost charmingly naïve and her traitorous body keeps things humping along Dallas Hunter really was awesome and I'm psyched that he got his own book although the price tag on it in the used book market is outrageous Mike was so typical Tally Ho Brit defending virtue and honor that I looked forward to the next Eh what you blighter? thing he'd say nextEven though I uickly got the tone of the book the totally whack history kept throwing me for a loop I had no idea just when the story was taking place Historical events and real people mentioned simply didn't match up It didn't annoy me however; merely left me utterly baffledThe story itself doesn't pause to think or make sense It just does stuff and moves on As nutty as that pithy little summary sounds it doesn't do it justice This is something that has to be read to be believed Read it with your tongue in your cheek just like the author wrote itAfter reading The Second Sunrise a mere two months later I can honestly say that this book and TSS are among the best bad books I've ever ever read Adding to that list is one of my main goals in life

  2. Kurt Reichenbaugh Kurt Reichenbaugh says:

    The Red Baron Rasputin Lawrence of Arabia and Sabrina Take them all and throw them into a Spicy Adventure pulp wherein you have two stalwart heroes vying for the girl's love and you've got this crazy novel of spies sex and shenanigans in WWI era Europe I have to thank my Goodreads friend Karla and her terrific blog for cluing me in to this alternative masterpiece What is the secret to writing a book that is 350 pages and that you can read in a few days? Maybe it's the wacky plot that involves tons cads tearing Sabrina's clothes off she should stick to velcro stitching or the crazy SM scenes pursued in the name of spying for the Germans Now blast it pet Don't get mixed up in this spy business You're too lovely darling really And too sweet and innocent He says to the girl who just the night before was getting her rocks off with Rasputin in a mad display of whips and leatherA story that includes our heroine Sabrina and her two heroes Hunter and Michael getting shot down in a jungle and having her mistaken for the Sun Goddess by the local natives A chance again for her clothes this time a grass skirt to be ripped off her nubile body A ceremony that involves bringing Sabrina to the heights of ecstasy only to leave her panting in unreuited fulfillment Soon she was like a wildly impassioned jungle beast gyrating and shimmying as she danced about the bonfiregrass skirt swirled high around herexposing her long golden legsA plot wherein the French characters all speak like Inspector Clouseau Do you wheesh ze blindfold? You actually like this kind of trash? one might ask me Wellyeah call me guilty

  3. Merve Merve says:

    ay bu kitap ne manyaktı Zamanında okumuştum ve beni şok eden kitaplar arasında yerini aldı Yanlış hatırlamıyorsam bir sahaftan almıştım İşkence mi dersiniz tecavüz mü dersiniz ne ararsanız vardı Ben böyle kitaplara hiç gelemiyorum Size de önermem Allah bu tür kitabı bir daha bana göstermesin Bu kız hala bu kadar olaya nasıl bulaştı mantığıma oturmuş değil

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Passion's Sweet Sacrifice While the world teeters on the brink of World War I innocent Sabrina St Claire is brutally uprooted from her life as the golden girl of Washington society and thrust by fate into the midst of morally decadent FrancePerforming as an exotic cabaret dancer Sabrina rises from a sordid existence on the Marseilles waterfront to a celebrated position in Parisian high society Sought after by the most famous powerful people in all of Europe her exuisite beauty drives ruthless men to exploit herand she soon becomes enmeshed in a vicious web of intrigue and illicit passionAt the mercy of a cruel and arrogant German general Sabrina is forced into a life of depravitysubmitting to the unspeakable desires of high ranking officers to secure secret informationsacrificing her very soul to save the one and only man she will ever love

About the Author: Melissa Hepburne

Pseudonym of author Craig Broude and Lisa Lenore