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Der Bär der ein Bär bleiben wollte Highlighting issues of environmental protection human identity and the pursuit of self this remarkable modern fable brings philosophical subjects to the forefront through humor and imagination When a brown bear awakes from hibernation he is surprised to find that a modern factory has been built right over his den His bewilderment only grows when a factory guard mistakes him for an unshaven human and failing to prove his identity is forced to become a factory worker A thought provoking fiction I don't use the word odd lightly but I have to say this is an odd book It's sort of a Marxist parable well maybe not Marxist but some sort of political philosophy involving oppressed workers divorced from the products of their labor This bear falls asleep and when he wakes up a factory's been built over his cave and when he comes out everybody thinks he's a lazybones worker They make him wear a uniform and try out for different jobs bear skin rug circus bear etc but he's not interested in working cos he just wants to be a bear But he starts to forget that Finally in the end he escapes and remembers his essential bear nessThe art in this book is great It's all done in a Soviet era realism style Again I'm not entirely sure if that's a thing but I think it is The story however is a bit too on the nose it sounds odd to say but it lacks any sense of absurdity the story is played completely straight and the moral about getting caught up in the industrial system seems a little too obvious There's also a fair amount of text way too much for a 3 year old at least I don't think this book is a kid's book but I don't know what else I'd call itI guess this book is a good counterpoint to all the worker bee animals dressed in suits type books targeted at kids Seriously there really is a book Busy Bees at Work and Play where Mama Worker Bee goes to visit all these other bees working at their jobs Plumber Bee Accountant Bee etc and the point of there book is to teach your kid that everybody has to work I've read this book to Izzy a bunch of times and am only now realizing what a piece of wage slave capitalist propaganda it is So The Bear Who Wanted to Be a Bear serves as a fitting ripostePlus I love the title I am so so excited to see this book is still in print as my tattered childhood copy is currently held together with silver duct tapeThis is a children's book about a bear who emerges from hibernation to find that his beloved woods have been razed and a huge factory has been build right on top of his den Disoriented and probably scared shitless he wanders around until he is confronted by an evil looking factory manager who scolds him for being unshaven and out of uniform calls him a no good lazy bones and forces him to dress himself shave his face and punch in on the time clock When the bear finally realizes what is happening to him and tries to explain to his bosses that he is in fact a bear they tell him bears don't work in factories he works in a factory and therefore cannot be a bear When he is taken to discuss the issue with the company president a bear skin rug adorns the fancy office floor I won't ruin the rest of it for you I'll just say Reading Rainbow style if you want to know what happens next you'll have to read this book 2012 UpdateI ordered a copy from to give myself for Christmas and found the translation has been altered in two horrible ways First what was lazybones in my 1980s version is now the infinitely less pleasing slacker Also THE LAST SENTENCE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED The last page used to read And then he remembered But no longer Now the end feels so much disturbing and death like Not to mention confusing My mother used to shamelessly alter my children's books to be less sexist and I'd encourage all owners of this book to add in the last line by hand This one makes the top 5 list of Sarah's favorite children's books The illustrations are bold and totally 70s yet perfect and contemporary Conversations revolving around self identity and external expectations could evolve after reading

  • Hardcover
  • 44 pages
  • Der Bär der ein Bär bleiben wollte
  • Jörg Steiner
  • English
  • 11 December 2015
  • 9780976205609

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