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Return Of The Aryans A sweeping saga of ancient indiaReturn of the Aryans tells the epic story of the Aryans – a gripping tale of kings and poets seers and gods battles and romance and the rise and fall of civilizations In a remarkable feat of the imagination Bhagwan S Gidwani takes us back to the dawn of mankind 8000 BC to recreate the world of the Aryans He tells us why the Aryans left India their native land for foreign shores and shows us their triumphal return to their homelandVast and absorbing the novel tells the stories of characters like the gentle god Sindhu Putra spreading his message of love; the physician sage Dhanawantar and his wife Dhanawantari; peaceloving Kashi after whom the holy city of Varanasi is named; and Nila who gave her name to the river NileRichly textured and with a cast of thousands the epic adventure of the Aryans come gloriously alive in the hands of the bestselling author of The Sword of Tipu Sultan

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  1. Rao Kasibhotla Rao Kasibhotla says:

    Proof for the theory that Aryans have invaded India 5000 years ago has the same level of proof for this book's theory that they migrated away from India Exactly zero It is no extreme Hindu right fantasy book but an excellent 'alternate history' novel at the very least Highly recommend it

  2. Pawan Pawan says:

    “Return of the Aryans” is one of those books that you really want to believe in but do not know whether you can believe or not This is a book by Bhagwan S Gidwani who became famous after his previous book “The Sword of Tipu Sultan” became a much celebrated TV series In this book he has given his own point of view about the origin of Aryans and how they came to live in India According to various theories which came up in past few centuries Aryans originated somewhere in northern Europe 5000 10000 years ago and then they travelled to India and settled here and that resulted in very advanced civilization in India But in this book author has contested this theoryAccording to the author Aryans actually originated in India and due to some conflicts they had to leave the country and travel to various places They became powerful and then they returned back to India and these were the people who eventually created the same advanced civilization He has given lots of arguments to prove his theory The main argument being that all the places in Europe or far east that were considered as origin points of Aryans do not have any historical evidence of Aryan civilization It almost looks as if they suddenly came into being and then travelled to India He has also tried to convince readers by giving the origin of various names of mountains lakes found in Europe and have linked them to hindu namesAs I said in beginning being an Indian you want to believe this theory but probably the arguments are not sufficient At the same time it does not mean that we should completely discard this theory because the theory definitely has some merit I am also not a believer of all that fabricated history that was written many centuries ago to justify imperialism or supremacy of a particular religion But finding real truth about something that happened 10000 years ago is no easy task and maybe this will remain mystery forever

  3. Dharam som Dharam som says:

    Excellent it takes us to 5000 years BC

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