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  1. Cathy Cathy says:

    This romance was given to me in a box of romances from a friend earmarked as one of the better ones in the bunchThis has so many similar elements to another book I've read recently Lissa Manly's Her Small Town Sheriff about a Christian girl who falls in love with a small town sheriff and SPOILER leads him to faith It makes me wonder if there's a sort of subgenre of romance that involves small town sheriffsI want to speak up for small town sheriffs for a moment having known one some I wasn't his confidant or anything but I saw how busy he was and heard the stories both news stories and the funny ones he told at home Small town sheriffs are way busier than portrayed in these books And it's not a lesser form of policing It's a career all its own There is crime and drug crime even in small towns Part of what they do is very similar to social services in that they try to encourage people to make positive life choices There are also horrific traffic accidents that they help with The small town sheriff that I knew had saved some lives People loved him and they lined up to pay their last respects in a high school gymnasium because none of the churches were big enough And yes the small town sheriff that I knew was a ChristianBrody would never have had as much time to do the things he did in this bookAs far as feeling attracted to a sheriff nope not really He was my friendly cousin Highly respected Entertaining Trustworthy with his badge and gunThis book is interesting than most romances to me because it also includes a mysteryBoth Brody and Kate made some bad decisions in this book And bad decisions Terrible legal advice I knew whodunit

  2. Julie Akeman Julie Akeman says:

    Intense and exciting with a great love story and a lesson on God's love and grace

  3. Kim Kim says:

    I like this book

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    The McCainsBook 1There are four McCain siblings Each sibling has a book This one is about the second oldest Brody who is now Sheriff in a small town trying to forget about all the pain of his past But when he arrests a woman for breaking and entering he learns that he cannot run from his past and welcomes in the same emotions to take him over againKate has her own problems She's trying to figure out who the man she married was The harder she looks the she realizes she didn't know her husband at allThe two partner together to solve a perplexing mystery It takes them running to New York City and Boston to find the answers and Brody's family is right there to support themThe suspense in this book was really good I really didn't know how this was going to turn out I like the real emotions in this book the doubts and betrayal Brody felt But in the end truth rang out loud and clear The romance was sweet Lots of tension

  5. IrenesBookReviews IrenesBookReviews says:

    This is about a death of a husband and a secret life Not that believable but it is written well

  6. Sara Sara says:

    great suspense

  7. Stephanie - Books Less Travelled Stephanie - Books Less Travelled says:

    A great Inspirational Suspense short story

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Double Deception Her faith had always been strong enough to see herthrough tragedy—until Kate Wheeler's world turneddeadly Her husband had been murdered and thediscovery of his double life sent her on the runinto the protective custody of Sheriff Brody McClainBrody vowed to help Kate uncover the truth about herhusband's death As Kate and Brody tried to outwit herenemies on a cross country chase the couple foundthemselves drawn to each other by than merecircumstance But the unmasking of thecriminal mastermind might just be the thingthat destroys Kate's trust—and faith—forever

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Double Deception
  • Terri Reed
  • 03 January 2015
  • 9780373442317

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