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A Taste of Life UG Krishnamurti famously described enlightenment as a neurobiological state of being with no religious psychological or mystical implications He did not lecture did not set up organizations held no gatherings and professed to have no message for mankind Known as the ‘anti guru’ the ‘raging sage’ and the ‘thinker who shuns thought’ UG spent his life destroying accepted beliefs in science god mind soul religion love and relationships—all the props man uses to live life Having taken away all support systems from those who came to him he refused to replace them with those of his own; always insisting that each must find his own truth And when UG knew that it was time for him go he refused all attempts to prolong life with medical help He let nature and his body take their course On the afternoon of 22 March 2007 UG Krishnamurti passed away in Vallecrosia Italy

5 thoughts on “A Taste of Life

  1. Priya Priya says:

    It is paradoxical that that book titled A taste of Life is actually about death This book is a feeling and to be receptive to the feeling there are three prereuisites 1 You need to be fan of UG 2 You need to be fan of Mahesh Bhatt 3 You need to be atheist Now if you do not have these three please do not pick up this book I love it because I fit in all the three categories Every page of this book is intense the whole 161 pages talking about death refreshes one's perspective on death and loss The scene where UG's almost dying body is covered with black ant is so beautifully described It gave me goosebumps Death is not macabre but a constant companion of life If not positive it is something very neutral There were moments when I felt a strong lump in the throat and my mind taking me twelve years back to last days of UG Finishing this book has probably left me with similar emptiness as friends of UG would have faced I am wondering if I am a fan of UG's ideology or Mahesh Bhatt's writing My third read in past one month to explore on 'so called' negative emotions like fear and death This one stands out to be the best

  2. Kantesh Kantesh says:

    I think it gives only a glimpse into the passing away of UG Krishnamurti the great philosopher and guide to Mahesh Bhatt And perhaps into the mind of Mahesh Bhatt who excels at autobiography But this book tells us little if at all about the person himself or his life story or his philosophy or his rivalry with another contemporary J Krishnamurti In that sense it leaves one wanting

  3. Clay Clay says:

    I really enjoyed it A uick light read centered on the last weeks of UGK's life written mostly in a sort of journal day to day style which I liked An interesting uniue and intense human being Highly recommended to anyone into U G Krishnamurti or biographies on radical people

  4. Pallavi Singh Pallavi Singh says:

    Interesting Not sure if I understood it Not yet evolved

  5. Amit Bolakani Amit Bolakani says:

    It's a dissapointing book for me Better to read other books on UG or see his youtube videos

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