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Marvel Encyclopedia Not very complete compared to the DC encyclopedia I've been flipping through this monstrous tome for a month now and it must go back to the libraryIt's basically Marvel comics characters alphabetized I read some of the entries but not allGood book and informative Heavy though A bit exhausting to hold Nicely illustrated Timed perfectly with Marvel's 75th Anniversary DK's bestselling Marvel Encyclopedia is now fully revised extended and updatedBring the Marvel Universe home with this all inclusive encyclopedia detailing little known facts and information about the iconic Marvel characters This essential tome has been fully updated with 32 additional pagesCreated in full collaboration with Marvel Comics the revised pages of Marvel Encyclopedia now feature new entries on the latest characters and teams updated facts on existing ones including their latest looks and story lines and expanded entries on major superheroes such as Spider Man Thor and The Avengers Special double page features have also been added highlighting recent major crossover events in the Marvel Universe such as Fear Itself and the new Marvel Now seriesThis book wouldn't be complete without the newly commissioned cover art by well known Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr This book is so massive and full of useful information about pretty much every marvel comic character you can shake an adamantium laced stick at You want to know the difference between the Young X men and Young Avengers? Of course you do Don't be silly This is the book for you It's fun It is one of those books I would always pick up at the Barnes Noble and thumb through but put back because it was a bit too self indulgent But a friend bought it for me for Christmas so I happily dove in and found out I don't know half of the comic book characters in the ever expanding Marvel Universe There are some real doozies I might add including a character Ulysses Bloodstone who is a soldier of fortunate and looks like Fabio perfect for the Flooze Others include Master Order he must be anal retentive Lightmaster Lite Brite making things with light and Plantman you must return here with a shrubberyLove the expanded profiles included on some of the core characters such as The Hulk Captain America Iron Man etcI began reading and collecting comics when I was about eight They reinforced my love of reading and made great companions during my endless summers in the Poconos when I would read and reread them Needless to say which ironically is in itself needless to say I would recommend this book for anyone who loves comics It's fun The ultimate encyclopedic book for any fan of MarvelI must say I really enjoyed reading through this For many people it's simply not the type of book you read from start to finish Rather it's an especially great coffee table book to have sitting at home so that when friends come over and we get to talking about characters from the Marvel Universe or multiverse or omniverse or whatever it is these days then this is the perfect reference guideI on the other hand that will sit down and read this book from front to back And I did just that It did take me nearly three months to pore over every single entry examine the details of each individual character complete with their height weight home base and superpower and stare in awe at the beautiful artwork This book truly is an exceptional piece of work I will admit that there were a few minuscule errors here and there throughout the book text overlapping with images oddly arranged text and images but those in no way diminish the uality of the book I wouldn't even remember where they were now that I'm doneNot being a reader of the comics I feel like I learned so much about the Marvel universe Sure I could have just spent some time online reading fan theories wikipedia pages and blogs galore but nothing beats a physical book I'm sure that's why anyone would be reading this review on goodreads anyway amirite?A great book for any fan of everything Marvel I got this book for Christmas one year I was not into the brilliant universe of Marvel yet and I didn't know a lot of the characters I then read it front to back Then again And again And again I studied that book like my life depends on it in fact I still do I basically have the thing memorized now and my family picks on me for that They also ask me uestions too that I am now able to answer thanks to what I have dubbed The Book of All Knowledge Now I am forever grateful to this one ingenious thick book for kick starting my lifelong geekiness on anything and everything Marvel I rarely write reviews and in fact this is my first But this book is so good I have to spill my guts about it The artwork is fantastic for it is plucked out of the best comicbooks they can supply The storylines are incredible and the characters are flawless with entries ranging from eighth to six pages All in all I recommend this book highly to everyone Except those who either hate Marvel for some reason that is beyond my comprehension and those who loath everything and anything The Marvel Encyclopedia is basically a book explaining the marvel universe Characters stories and other stuff The book goes into detail about important areas in the marvel universe also in detail of the characters and there powers and a brief backstory I like how the book got in depth with the story and hero's Also the drawing and pictures were very detailed and stuff like that I can tell a lot of effort was put int into the pictures i can tell because they were bright and colorfulI recommend this book for fro comic book geeks and people who want to get 3 books assignment over with fast because its a easy read This massive hardcover is great on so many levels big colourful exhaustive and for now at least up to date Published in March 2014 this fanboy's reference book lists even the latest Marvel events Age of Ultron Avengers vs X Men Infinity Just leafing through it I saw some lame 80's villains weren't there so many in those days characters I haven't seen since I was in middle school so that brought back some 'Hey I remember this guy' kind of exclamations Of course the character bios are somewhat streamlined in the interest of clarity and of keeping this book's page count reasonableWe got our son this book as a present for his ninth birthday and he absolutely loves it There's just so much information about so many characters I think it's wonderful for him to have this book to learn about the Marvel Universe We'd gotten him DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide for Christmas and he loved that one too but there's just no comparing these two books Marvel's book has so much is so much bigger Definitely recommended for comic book fans young or oldExcelsior I am a huge fan of Marvel I love this book wholeheartedly This book allows the readers to get know each character in Marvel If you are a fan of Marvel then I would massively recommended you to read this book