America's Dumbest Criminals Wild and Weird Stories of

America's Dumbest Criminals Wild and Weird Stories of Fumbling Felons Clumsy Crooks and Ridiculous Robbers 100 crazy stories of America's dumbest criminalsWARNING The crimes you are about to read are true The names have been changed to protect the ignorantHere is the ultimate collection of the most incredibly stupid and painfully dumb attempts at crime ever brought togetherThe woman who invalidated her winning 5000 lottery ticket by altering it to match the 20 prize numberThe accused vending machine thief who paid his 400 bail entirely in uartersThe streaking robber who thought clothes would make him identifiableThe convenience store thief who got away with just a hotdog only to end up in the parking lot choking on the wiener

10 thoughts on “America's Dumbest Criminals Wild and Weird Stories of Fumbling Felons Clumsy Crooks and Ridiculous Robbers

  1. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    A collection of true incidents that show how absolutely dumb some people can be While I didn't actually laugh out loud at some of the stories I did smile and shake my head often And yes I did laugh at a bunch of the stories while wondering about the fate of mankind

  2. Diana Diana says:

    Review to come

  3. Vicki Cline Vicki Cline says:

    This is a collection of very short stories 100 of them about dumb things criminals have done It was pretty interesting a good book for the bathroom

  4. Steve Scott Steve Scott says:

    Great fun Along the lines of “The Darwin Awards” but nobody gets killed

  5. Henri Moreaux Henri Moreaux says:

    This is a very light non fiction read perfect for reading a couple of pages at a time in the bathroom as you drop the kids off at the pool or as something light before bed when you're too tired for reading something in depth but not tired enough to sleepOverall there's some funny stories some stupid stories and some mediocre stories all in all it's an easy read about the stupidity of some criminals and their ill conceived plans which predictably end in arrest So whether your looking to fill in some time whilst you're slaying brown dragons or just looking for a light read this one's a pretty good choice

  6. Sheila Myers Sheila Myers says:

    If you want or need a short read and a good laugh this is a book for you I thoroughly enjoyed it

  7. Omar Aden Omar Aden says:

    If you are my type of reader this book is the book you missing fo a long timeAmerica's Dumpest Criminals is the funneist non fiction book that i ever read this book is so halarious that i finished it in four days and i couldn't stop reading this book each daythis crazy book is about how the police deal with dumpest criminals a life on daily bases police face with some thing they want every one to know so this book to written to honor them one story that i really liked in this book is about this man who comes home drunk and notices that his house is ropped he calls the cops and two police men show up at his big house and he invites them in the cops notice that this place don't look like it was ropped so they start asking him what he is missing and the answer was shocking the man said some one stole his big bag of crack coine which was behind his TV

  8. Cassie Destremau Cassie Destremau says:

    This book is separated into many stories that describe the events police officers experience with some very dumb criminals From digging underneath a bank and geting busted to stealing something and end up confessing to it by accident there is no doubt that this book does describe some of the weirdest stories to ever happen to police officers However I did not find the book funny Certain stories were well written and I chuckled at the criminal but most of the time the stories weren't very well told resulting in a clueless reader The book is full of stories that simply lack humour The writing style didn't match the style of book and was too complicated and went on and on The stories could have been told much better if the writing style was different

  9. Carsen Carsen says:

    The premise of America's Dumbest Criminals by Daniel Butler Alan Ray and Leland Gregory is to expose just how many dumb criminals there are in the crime world Being a nonfiction book the book is not as action packed or plot filled as any fiction counterpart but it has its own uirks to it The book is separated into many different stories of dumb criminals but that format sometimes makes the book seem a bit tedious to read The better parts of the book would be when they recount the many misfortunes of a single person I like these sections because you can stay with a single character and read about their failed crime attempts Overall I think the book is still fairly amusing just reading how dumb these people can be

  10. Bailey Garland Bailey Garland says:

    This is a cool book Its really funny and stupid If you hate reading like me this is a must read In this book you hear about stupid criminals who really have no idea that there plans are majorly stupid In one story there is a criminal who went to the trouble of gettting a mask but then went in and robbed the store in his work uniform that said his name and the place he worked he was tracked down VERY easily

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