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Too Consumed Consumed #2 Mature Content Warning Recommended for ages 17 due to language and sexual content Olivia did the impossible She tamed the over confident Casanova Seth Marc turning him into a one woman Romeo With Seth's first professional fight coming up she does her best to keep him focused and driveneven if that means withholding sex from him As sexual tensions rise so do past discrepancies the couple thought buried putting extra stress on both their romantic and professional lives Stuck in the center of the action Olivia and Seth fight for air as they collide face first with the tough world of professional MMA 4 stars Seth and Olivia fell in love in book 1 this seuel we read how their relationship progresses What makes this couple work is how they talk and communicate with each other Cant fault the storyline No over the top drama No silly misunderstandings This was a really good seuel compared to many others I've read Personally I found it a bit draggy And I wanted the story to move along uicker Im not sure whether 3 books on the same couple might be too much But if you are looking for a steamy mma fighter with great characters a good book to pick up X 4 Sexy Stars In this second book previous womanizer Seth is now in love and trying to make his relationship with Olivia work Both seeking happiness with the other they are settled on making it work but things aren’t always as we want them to be Fights ex lovers their own past and a previous enemy established on ruining Seth will all of them get in the way of their love and they have to find out if they love each other enough to fight against all of that This book was better than the first one and I felt connected with the characters Their relationship felt real and although there was some little annoyances I still liked itIf you’re into MMA fighters and I know you are wink you have to give these books a try Rating 4 Stars Storyline Predictable at a lot of moments but sweet and entertaining Writing Style First person dual POV Appealing Character Development Seth was a pretty loveable alpha male even that sometimes some of his attitudes pissed me off Olivia is “meh” Her lack of professionalism that annoyed me in the first book is still there and I really can’t get over it I don’t like unprofessional people at all And Selena is a bitch and probably the worst friend ever Yeah that’s all Steam Hot HEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler Dear Skyla Madifora Writing a seuel that wasn't filled with unnecessary dramaThe drama that was there wasn't juvenile it wasn't dragged out for half of the book There weren't a bunch of break ups and fights b Not having the heroine have a personality transplant from book 1 to book 2Olivia was still funny feisty strong willed and independent c Seth I loved all of Seth's caveman ways How willing he was to admit his love for Olivia without shame Seth and Olivia together were fun they were HOT they were And most importantlyd No pregnanciesNowjust a word about SerenaBased on her personality in Consumed and Too Consumednot a fan I hope she's just been mis represented and we see a new improved likable Serena in Relinuishing ControlSincerelyJ I did it all for the nookie The book nookie I couldn't wait to write my review because I knew how nervous Skyla was about this book She had zero reason to be Authors take note THIS is how you write a second book There was no needless drama No stupid actions Just 2 people in a relationship making it work It was also HOT as HELL I loved every minute I know some people love Remy From this moment forward my #1 MMA guy will always be Seth I'm looking forward to the next book

  • Kindle Edition
  • 435 pages
  • Too Consumed Consumed #2
  • Skyla Madi
  • English
  • 01 June 2015

About the Author: Skyla Madi

Skyla Madi is a twenty something international bestselling author of a mixed bag of hot romance Though signed with Hawaiian based publishing companies Limitless Publishing & Crave publishing Skyla lives in sunny ueensland Australia where she spends most her time indoors writing with one hand and raising her three children with the other Other hobbies and passions include Drinking coffee

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