What Is Cool? Understanding Black Manhood in America eBook

2 thoughts on “What Is Cool? Understanding Black Manhood in America

  1. Somarttam Somarttam says:

    I read this book in my late teens and it gave me a perspective that changed me and how I viewed the world It brought me out of chasing the newest Jordans and trying to look like I have the most expensive gear to understanding that I was only trying to impress people who I didn't care about with things that I couldn't afford I realized that chasing the constantly moving goal of being cool was not worth the effort and when you are able to transcend that chase you move from chasing cool to being cool you stop following trends and start setting them I have had my son's read this book as they are getting older some of the references are a little dated but the ideas still hold true I would recommend this book to any teenager especially in the climate of Instagram influencers and clout chasers we live in now

  2. Condi Condi says:

    Not that I need to read this but it's interesting anyway

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What Is Cool? Understanding Black Manhood in America A profound personally engaged anatomy of the codes that have shaped and continue to shape black manhood Marlene Kim Connor reveals cool as a vital code of behaviors and attitudes that plays an often disregarded role in shaping the conception of manhood among young black boys In this thoughtful impassioned and provocative book Connor uncovers cool’s history explores its essence and explains why even though it deserves praise cool often becomes an insidious force affective black American life today