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Broken Souls When necromancer Eric Carter returned to Los Angeles after fifteen years on the run he knew things were bad but he never imagined how bad they could get Sister murdered best friend dead married to the patron saint of death Santa MuerteAnd things are just getting worseHis link to the Aztec death goddess is changing his powers changing him and he’s not sure how far it will go He’s starting to uestion his own sanity wonder if he’s losing his mind No mean feat for a guy who talks to the dead on a regular basisWhile searching for a way to break Santa Muerte’s hold over him Carter finds himself the target of a psychopath who can steal anyone’s form powers and memories Identity theft is one thing but the guy does it by killing his victims and wearing their skins like a suit He can be anyone He can be anywhereNow Carter has to change the game go from hunted to hunter All he has for help is a Skid Row Bruja and a ghost who’s either his dead friend Alex or Carter’s own guilt fueled psychotic breakIf things go right he just might survive a week where everything is trying to kill him and nothing is as it seems

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  1. ᴥ Irena ᴥ ᴥ Irena ᴥ says:

    I couldn't wait to finish this book It took its sweet time to grab my attention I loved the first book but Eric acted as if he lost his mind here To be fair I love the main premise for the series a necromancer dealing with Aztec gods ghosts serial killers and stuff In this book his antagonist can take other person's skin and wear it Disgusting and creepy Should have been awesome view spoilerAnd that brings me to my biggest nitpick and that's using the word Russian for than half of the book with expectations a reader will know it means something badWell for anyone with working brain cells that cheapens the plot I am sorry but the word itself encompasses so many things that I can't see why the Russian should be expected to be enough to show how evil everything is only after the halfway mark you get the name of the guy Now to be clear you won't find any of this written anywhere in the story but when you spend almost 55% of it calling a villain the Russian without giving the name it means it should be enough Well for me it's notHopefully the third book will lay off this kind of characterization For some of us using the nationality in such a way is not enough hide spoiler

  2. Anne Anne says:

    Also reviewed for Addicted2HeroinesThis is nowhere near what I would consider my normal genre but I really liked it anywayBroken Souls has that Pulp Fiction feel to it that made me think of hard boiled detectives and LA noir ish stuff Or at least this is what I assume those books are likecough coughI've uh never actually read a True Crime story But this was what I imagine they would be likeTake my ramblings with a grain of saltEric Carter isn't the kind of guy who has a girlfriend he's the kind of guy who sometimes spends time with some dame who works at the diner Again Not really But in my mind that's what he doesAlso in my head he has a gravelly voice What? That was an important part of my internal reading experienceOk I was a little nervous going into this because I hadn't read the first book But I gotta say Blackmoore did an excellent job weaving the backstory from the first book into this one There weren't great gobs of random info dumps either I was lost for a few pages but after that it was relatively smooth sailingSo an Aztec goddess of death killed his sister and fucked up his life on multiple levelsAnd one shotgun wedding laterthey're married Why? Read the first book and find outHis mission is to find another mage with enough mojo to help him serve her divorce papersAnd when the book starts he thinks he's found just the guy for the jobRight up till the dude tries to skin him alive all in the high hopes of wearing him as a meat coat Yeah Probably not the direction he was thinking their meeting would goEric's sort of an assy guy but you end up liking him anywayHe's not a do gooder per say but he's also not do badder either Do badder is a real word I looked it up And since I've already done the work for you there's no need for you to check and see if I'm lying ReallyEven though Eric isn't the classic Knight in Shining Armor he's still got enough of a good guy vibe to keep you rooting for himThe book's story centers on finding out who this skin wearing dude is and why he wants Eric so badly But it also weaves into what is going on with his wifeand her ex husbandThe plot is good the pacing is tight and the ending left me wanting Like I said it's not my normal cuppa but I wouldn't hesitate to read the next book

  3. Veronica Veronica says:

    This is what happens when you eat other people's souls I don't recommend itAnother crazy and dark adventure of the not so fun kind at least not for poor Eric This is no nonsense UF and I got uite a kick out of it I also liked the introduction of the Bruja Hopefully she'll stick around I'm moving straight into the third book

  4. Phillip III Phillip III says:

    In the Second Eric Carter novel BROKEN SOULS by Stephen Blackmoore six months have passed since the events that occurred in DEAD THINGS Things are twice as hectic and detrimental as last timeForced into a marriage with the ueen of the Dead Eric is desperate to find a way to annul the binding vows Aside from a wedding band he can't remove from his finger Eric's eyes have become like pitch black marbles No iris no whites He knows he'd made a rash decision in getting married but there has to be a way out of the messEric Carter's life is in shambles His sister was brutally murdered his best friend is dead and his ex girlfriend hates him He learns he is now King of the Dead thanks to his marriage Only adding to the shambles the ueen's ex might not be deadWith the death of mob boss Jean Boudreau there is a clawing match for power over the territory A front runner is Russian Sergei Gusarov and his demented sister Katya Eric find himself hunting down the two wannabes They have a obsidian dagger and skin people in order to wear the pelts Magic is afoot The dangers are close to home And Eric is the center of the mobster's attention In short Eric is being hunted by the psychopathsEric teams up with Gabriela Cortez a Bruja witch who is a do gooder giving shelter to vampires in a self run hotel She knows all about the dagger It was hers She wants it back And like minded has no love for the ueen of the Dead The plan is simple just three steps 1 Get the dagger 2 Stop the Russians and 3 Kill the ueen of the DeadWarnings come from everywhere and soon Eric has no idea who he can trust making their simple plan becomes a whole lot complicated The Russians seem to know Eric and Gabriela's every move before the moves are made and for this they walk into trap after trapStephen Blackmoore has a gift His gritty noir writing style is smooth and easy to follow The storyline is complex and compelling The characters are amazingly well crafted and the world created is defined and imaginative BROKEN SOULS is as good as DEAD THINGS If you are a fan of Harry Dresden you are going to love Eric CarterPhillip TomassoAuthor of the Severed Empire Seriesand The Vaccination Trilogy

  5. Phil Hornshaw Phil Hornshaw says:

    Eric Carter is one of those protagonists who takes a serious beating basically constantly and it makes his urban fantasy world feel a lot real as he fires off spells and sics ghosts on people He's a bit of a magical John McClane and his emotional damage makes him as interesting as the physical scars he picks up Blackmoore does a great job of putting Carter into a mysterious world he only barely understands This story and the one before it function as action packed dives into the strange territory of a Los Angeles that feels simultaneously familiar thanks to Blackmoore's attention to detail with the town and great job of explaining in small bits a world he's clearly got well developed in his mind This book is a great time just like the last Eric Carter story

  6. Beth Cato Beth Cato says:

    Wow is this a fast read It zooms by Blackmoore has a twisted wicked mind I like it He's completely ruthless on his not so noble protagonist necromancer Eric Carter Eric wants to break his unholy matrimony with Santa Muerte and instead finds he's even deeper in her web than he realized There's backstabbing upon backstabbing upon backstabbing yet everything flows and makes sense Blackmoore's Los Angeles is beautiful and dingy and honest

  7. Patrick Patrick says:

    This book was alright I expected a lot from it after the first book I mostly felt like Dead Things was a pretty good book with some big and some small flaws that might improve as the series goes on and the writer gets comfortable with the characters and world I think some of the minor things are cleaned up to an extent but some of the major issues are still there and even some of the things I liked in the first book are lacking in this one Ultimately we're left with a book that is definitely an improvement in some ways but still ends up being a step back because of other issuesOn the minor end I think Eric and the minor characters are interesting than in Dead Things Eric is still mostly an asshole but he's a BIT likable in this book That said he does go on a GTA style temper tantrum and shoot a stranger's car because he didn't like them honking at him for standing in the middle of the road But at least he admitted that he probably shouldn't have done that Baby steps There's also a noticeable decrease in the overuse of the f bomb in this book which makes his voice a touch less eye rolly I enjoyed the minor characters in this book a lot than in the first book I think they could still use some work but Dead Things was severely lacking in this department in my opinion and this book has at least decent minor characters I also liked that we got an attractive female ally who wasn't just a love interest and had her own motives and alignments though I ultimately didn't like her as much as I thought I would The villains are better than in the first book They aren't great but I thought the villains in the first book were its biggest flaw as they were pretty lame and idiotic most of the time so I'm glad Broken Souls wasn't a repeat of that at least Unfortunately Eric's still not very likable I think that's okay to an extent as he fits the story as sort of an antihero that fits the darker setting and plot And despite being a dick he's not completely a raving sociopath other than stealing random people's cars repeatedly with no real moral ualm But without he's left not being as interesting as I would like I find myself mainly only rooting for him because I want to see things develop not because I particularly want to see him succeed Another major ualm for me is that I was hoping the magic would be explored in a bit depth with clarity than in the first book but it wasn't really I expected the Santa Muerte storyline to develop a lot following the last book I was a bit disappointed that Eric's first choice was to try and be rid of the bond before he really has much idea what all it entails I don't think it's an irrational decision as they didn't exactly get together on the best terms But still the book is clear that Eric's bond gives him significantly power Being the egotist he is I would've liked to see him indulge in and enjoy that power a bit instead of immediately trying to get out of the whole arrangement As I said the terms and conditions of the arrangement's coming to be were pretty shitty though so I can't say it was an unreasonable decisionI won't say too much on how the Santa Muerte storyline develops since that deals with some of the bigger spoilers of this book but I do think some of it's fairly interesting and alarming Plus it develops of the whole Aztec mythos that I think makes Eric Carter as a series stand out a little better instead of just dealing with cut and paste werewolves and vampiresThe main plot of this book felt a bit flimsy to me which was my biggest disappointment coming off the first book which I think despite its flaws had a strong and fast moving plot throughout Even now I'm having a hard time even remembering it since there wasn't much to it Eric's up against some kind of shapeshifter with a magic knife and he and his sidekick are bad He has to team up with some new allies who seemed to just pop up in the world since he's burned so many bridges in the last book to do this So they face off I feel like a lot of the plot was very reactionary on Eric's part That doesn't always bother me but it felt excessive enough to be annoying to me here I also just feel like the plot didn't really develop at a steady pace perhaps because there was much less of a mystery element to the plot than in the first bookOverall this isn't a bad book but I did feel that while there were some improvements it was a step back from the first book I'm still willing to read the next book and I wouldn't say I regretted reading this one but I do wish it had been better

  8. Billy Jepma Billy Jepma says:

    I’m really annoyed by how much I’m enjoying this series so far It’s not terribly well written but the plots are very compelling; the characters are far from likable but their unflinching commitment to chaos is a lot of fun; and despite all of the times I find myself rolling my eyes at what I’m reading some of the turns of phrase used arejust bad I keep reading because I’m having a lot of funThe world of Eric Carter is full of fucked up magic and mages and demons and a whole lotta death and for all the things about it that are objectively Not Great it gives me the mind of urban horror fantasy noir that I begrudgingly find myself craving from time to timeso I’m ordering a copy of book 3 right now

  9. Kev Kev says:

    35 stars

  10. Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews) Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews) says:

    man have I missed Eric Carter Shame on Stephen Blackmoore for not writing faster for my enjoyment Just kidding I’m willing to wait because I know it’ll be worth it and Broken Souls proves that To catch you up a bit Eric isn’t exactly the luckiest guy His sister was murdered not too long ago His best friend Alex is dead and his ex girlfriend Vivian who was hooked up with Alex blames him and won’t speak to him he doesn’t blame her and he’s married to Santa Muerte he made a deal long story whose grinning skull does nothing to put a man in the mood No seriously she’s claimed Eric as her own which comes with a few magical perks but Eric will gladly trade those perks for his freedom Anyway his priority at the beginning of Broken Souls is finding a way out of the deal he made with Santa Muerte and calls on a mage he knows to help him out Except someone his suatting in the mage’s skin and wielding an obsidian blade and he it? is out to skin Eric Nothing our hero can’t handle right?Luckily Eric does have a little help in the form of the Bruja who runs a half way house for vamps and other “others” and he’s getting advice from something that looks and sounds like Alex but he’s not sure it actually is Alex He does know it’s not a ghost but other than that he’s at a loss But Eric will take what he can get What exactly is driving this killer and why is he after Eric? The answer may be than Eric and his new friends bargain for but they have no choice but to try to stop it And what exactly does Santa Muerte want from Eric? She’s being coy but right now it’s really the least of his problemsThis is a fantastic series Eric talks tough and acts like he doesn’t need anyone but under all that bluster is a core of loneliness keep an eye out for a scene where the Bruja calls him out on exactly this Speaking of the Brujashe’s awesome and she’s my favorite new character She’s funny too so bonus points She and Eric play off each other perfectly So yeah there are some funny lines in this book but things get really dark as they usually do and gawdmy jaw dropped in a few places See I’m kind of a pain in the ass reader It’s hard to surprise me Blackmoore surprised me This isn’t a bad thing it’s a great thing but damnAnyway Broken Souls is chock full of great and gory fight scenes ghosts gods double crosses out the wazoo and like I said plenty of surprises I love Blackmoore’s noir tinged supernatural LA and the city is almost a character unto itself I love the little historical tidbits that Eric throws out it really adds some atmosphere to an already very atmospheric story I’ve become really really picky when it comes to urban fantasy lately and there’s a group of authors that are writing consistently excellent stuff Chuck Wendig Chris F Holm ML Brennan and a few and Stephen Blackmoore I can’t wait for the next book in this series This one will keep you up late Promise I would like one of those calaveras etched rings though

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