Don't Send a Resume And Other Contrarian Rules to Help

  • Hardcover
  • 172 pages
  • Don't Send a Resume And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job
  • Jeffrey J. Fox
  • English
  • 15 December 2016
  • 9780786865963

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Don't Send a Resume And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great JobFox has many helpful tips in this small volume Some of them I had read in other books of this nature and others I had not There was enough original material here to make me glad that I was reading it Plus he offers examples of what he means by a resu letter boomerang letter and a pre call planner He coaches his readers on how to navigate trick uestions that interviewers design to test an interviewer in thinking on your feet or handling stress After he says these interviews are stupid he gives seven possible ways to answer these yo yos As someone who is going through the job searchinginterviewing process at the moment I found this book to have many helpful suggestions and tips Following the success of the national bestseller How To Become CEO Fox lays down the rules on landing a dream job Easy to read with inspiring advice this book claims success with rules such as looking like a player don't ask for directions make a big splash and keeping mum in most interviews I'm giving it 3 stars not because it's a bad book it's actually uite good for its purpose not all the ideas are new but the book is concise and to the point but because it's depressing as hell Between being compared to a cereal box all the time which is true companies see us as a product no news here and the amount of effort it goes to sell myself successfully to an employer and get an awesome job the amount of research he advises you to do prior to even sending a resume is insane but again if you are that prepared you'll get the job makes me think that a I should be focusing on the public sector NGO; b I should be fostering my entrepreneurial spirit and use all this energy to open my own company instead Has some good ideas and some bad ones This book was written in 2001 so I was surprised that it didn't include anything about online job searches or email The things I'd like to remember from this book are to point out what I can do for the company not what the company can do for me; to follow up a good interview with a card or thank you note; to not talk too much about myself; to ask uestions about the company and be an attentive listener Do some homework before the interview and show you know something about the company The job candidate needs to figure out what problem they are expected to solve for the company and to sell themself to the interviewerBad suggestions include sending a photo of yourself which is really frowned on in 2019 This a bit old book Many advises are well known to everyone If you have some experience I don't believe that you find something new However it's a not bad glossary for young employees and students Must have I think this book needs read everybody Helpful easy to read A clear sales methodology for lifetime employment One of the worst books I've ever read Straight forward Easy to read The author writes in a direct crisp and upbeat manner The gist of the book is that you are the product and you need to sell yourself to prospective employeesFox recommends avoiding sending resumes to everyone but rather doing lots of homework on the 5 or so companies where you think you would like to work When you've prepared go directly to the top to the decision makers Bypass human resource personnel You get invited to a meeting in response to a customized letter the author calls them impact letters you have sent that outlines and uantifies in 's how you will benefit the company ie what problems you will solve for them or what opportunities you will seize for them Excellent simple powerful example introductory impact letters are provided The author provides lots of ideas you've likely heard before but most are worth hearing again He also provides some specific new ideas He really puts job search into context it's not about the job seeker and what heshe wants but what the company wantsneeds The overall drift is prepare prepare prepare customize customize customize and sell sell sell yourself and do not ever send a resume before you've met someone Send a uniue customized letterresume after meeting with your potential boss again being specific about what you can do and referencing your specific discussions with them Always send a thank you note the next day He also suggests using a resu letter in response to a resume or background information reuest A resu letter is a narrative or story about yourself in sentences not in the traditional resume format Am not sure that I agree with this but the idea is uniue and it would definitely help you stand out from the other job seekers something else Fox considers essentialSet specific daily goals Spend enough time on company research internet publications and reports speaking with employees and customers checking out the competition etc so you can be specific and uantify or dollarize how you can help the company Most intriguing is asking for the sale in person ie asking to be hired when you are are face to face I have never been uite that daring fear of immediate rejection I think but it makes sense and am going to give it a try If you are job hunting spend a couple of hours and read this book It'e energizing and full of old and new ideas written in an easy to read engaging manner