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Mate Me If You May The Millennium Wolves #05 During the Mating Season every werewolf must find a partner to help relieving the sex craze aka the Haze Since all werewolves who're sixteen and onward have sex during the Season it is widely regarded as a social code Not Sienna Mercer Nineteen and very much a werewolf Sienna prefers the human way of waiting for the right guy or in her case her future mate even if it means suffering a great deal of sexual torture during the Mating Season But the Season isn't called 'Mating' for nothing for the stakes of meeting your mate throughout the Season are much higher than usual and with the Season in full swing and a certain alpha's contemplative interest Sienna finds that most likely this Season she'll be virgin no I LOVE IT I love the strong female lead and how dominant she is plus the whole romance story great story but I need to end it for now and wait until it is traditionally published this Galatea app isn't working for me it ruins the whole experience I would invest money but the money I would have to spend to read the whole book euals easily 4 6 ebooks I could buy instead so sadly I must shelf it as dnf due to this ridiculous app Well I try to read this story to be honest I like it so I upload the Galatea app But I hate it to have to wait every time before you can read a new episode And to buy the point and read with them is for my opinion very very expensive I prefer to read a story all at once and just buy a book or a epub book so I can read it when I want not very very small parts every day Sorry not for me this expensive Galetea app I feel sad that this writer had it done this way and not by a normal publisher God himself could not do enough to get me to read the rest of this series or the rest of this author’s work The spelling and grammar were terrible I have to assume this was written with her eyes closed and spell check off there is no feasible way auto correct even on an iPhone wouldn’t catch at least some of these errors The plot can be summed up in one word rushed They meet almost immediately he bites her then they’re dry humping and she hates him but then she loves him then bam they’re “mated” story over all other subplots are forgotten Her constant angst about having sex with him? One session of dry humping and it doesn’t matter Her worry over her dead friend Emily? One trip on a Ferris wheel and one “panty dropping look” and it doesn’t matter The whole big to do about the millennium wolves showing up? She runs off and has a cry about her relationship it doesn’t matter There are not enough words to describe exactly how bad the sex scenes are The words used to describe the characters anatomy constantly change from dick to cock and pussy to cunt making each sex scene jarring Not to mention the moment where the word boob is actually used in the middle of a sex scene in a book for adults Yeah When the two lovers finally do have sex we get treated to him just ramming it right in there and in the heat of the moment she describes him as ‘going so deep she can feel him touching her womb’ But to top it all off almost every sex scene reads a bit like sexual assault as she always tells him to stop and get off her her and some even have her cryingBut wait there’s The book doesn’t just stop at hints of sexual assault it actually gives us an attempted rape scene which serves no actual purpose other than to push forward the romance It happens she’s saved half way through she has a cry about it and then the next day is fine it’s never brought up or discussed again except for her to think how great of a guy her lover is because he saved her from it But wait there’s Get ready for some casual racism as the main character describes any POC she comes across Like someone’s girlfriend she describes as being “black short and round with wild dark locks and big dark eyes She was the ultimate African American mama bear” Not to mention to moments of casual ableism and slut shaming Overall this book is a garbage fire and there is no amount of post release editing in the world that could save it

  • ebook
  • Mate Me If You May The Millennium Wolves #05
  • Sapir Englard
  • English
  • 02 June 2014

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