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Misappropriate Death Dwellers' MC #15 This series has had me in knots I applaud the author for making gritty characters who aren't perfect They're flawed and some are downright unlikable She doesn't tie everything up in a bow But after the first book I was on pins and needles worrying about this couple like they're real people or something crazyChristopher and Megan are married now and raising their baby boy but there are still outside forces messing with their relationship and a new threat to Megan In addition their own demons come back to haunt them and stand between their love And these two love each other crazy There were some tstl moments with Megan putting herself in harms way but it wasn't excessive and she actually used intelligence to get herself out of a couple of jamsOverall I liked it but some things are bugging me Johnny's lust for Megan for one thing I wouldn't mind if she didn't respond to heat he projects near her She does her best not to be alone with him or encourage him but if there had been a scene like the one in the last book I think I would have cried I don't mind the angst and conflict but I really need the characters to remain faithful it's just that important to me So I need to take a break from this series I want to keep reading about Christopher and Megan but I'm worried future books my ruin it for me I know from reading reviews of subseuent books that Johnny's h is a royal bit#h and I don't know if I'll be able to stomach her being featured in 2 or 3 of the stories Also I cannot stand Zoann and I really don't want her with Val she has spewed too much venom for me to believe she deserves any happiness So stopping for now and maybe I'll re visit in the near future I received an arc of this book in lieu of an honest review and here is the truth about this bookThis book is about the wedding of our Christopher outlaw Caldwell to his one and only true love Meghan Caldwellyes they are already married but what his woman wants she gets and she wants a church union that has been blessed so he readily agreesWhat ensues is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read in my lifeAs you know Outlaw doesnt care what he says and he sure doesnt care who is around when he says itSo the church scene alone was worth reading this booklolThis book had me pulled in from beginning to end and although Christopher's alphaness may at times seem extreme it never overpowers the story His love for his family is sacred to him and because he is a biker not use to having good things he is always a little worried that his woman will finally have enough and walk away and the thought of losing her eats away at him and may at times find him being a little rough on Meggie than he shouldBut this all makes the story believable as it is after all a biker mc and not everything is suppose to be hearts and flowersbut he really does try to give that to herNow for our little heroine Meghan she may be young but this girl shows no fear to thingsShe is willing to do whatever she has to do to take care of her man and her new family of uber alpha malesShe takes no crap from her Christopher and she sure wont be taking it from OUTLAWThis girl has got such backbone I was jumping for joy when she took matters into her own handsNow with that being said as we all know from the first book she has a little problem and that problem shows up in this bookbut dont let her struggle with things and her old defense of using her problem to handle it make you feel she is a whiny weak womanfor trust me when I say she is far from weaka perfect old lady for our OutlawI think this book is better than first and we have introductions from new characters that are going to be in future booksI give this book a solid45 or higher read and would and will recommend it to anyoneThank you Ms Kelly for allowing me to read this book and cant wait for Megan 'Meggie' Foy Caldwell is finally getting everything she’s dreamed of a child a husband and family of bikers that would truly do anything for her Her life is finally on the right track When Meggie asks her husband Christopher 'Outlaw' Caldwell MC President of the Death Dwellers’ for a church wedding he agrees because keeping his new found love happy is everything to him But when a ghost from the past rolls into town and targets Outlaw Caldwell and his family it forces him to make decisions that could cost them their happily ever after Threatening their newfound peace will Meggie and Outlaw’s love conuer all or will they both fall back into their destructive patterns that could tear their lives a part Warning For mature audiences only Contains sex drugs violence and excessive profanity 5 Could Not Get Enough StarsMegan is finally getting her dream wedding with Outlaw Moving forward from the first book Megan is now peacefully settling down with her baby building her dream house and having the love of the brothers of the Death Dwellers' MC But a new threat comes on their now peaceful life haunting Outlaw and endangering Megan's life once I think I'm in love with Ms Kathryn Kelly because I LOVED IT Megan is now settling down happily with the club life with her baby and her super hot and sexy husband Outlaw She only proves herself on how much she embraced the club's lifestyle and how much she loves Outlaw Outlaw could not get any hotter and again vulgar but it only makes him endearing He completely got Megan's back Together they balance each other they're perfectIt is hot Intense Could not put it down once I startedBut there's to this than just romance just the way I want my biker romance book should be There is suspense and action as again someone threatens Megan's life and Outlaw is being tortured by his demons causing friction in their relationship Their wedding was just hilarious I love love love it I love the humour placed into itWarning there is a lot of cursing if you can't handle that then this book is not for you But if you're not that sensitive I highly recommend And it's written in multi POVReview also posted here Kathryn Kelly did it again She makes you fall in love with not one anti hero but a whole club’s worth If you are looking for a bad boy biker book then look no further because this is one of the best With every page you get pulled further and further into their crazy world It pulls you in and doesn’t let you go It is a must read for anyone who likes bad boys Warning May contain triggers There is both talk of sexual and physical abuse Megan is sweet and innocent which is everything Outlaw isn’t By no way is she weak because she can shed that sweetness in a heartbeat if needed She is a wonderful mother and goes out of her way to be the best old lady she can Though I did think she pushed him towards certain things for her own selfish reasons Strong doesn’t even begin to describe her mentality No matter what happens she trudges on but her coping mechanism isn’t good for her Outlaw is one bad ass biker He has his demons and is by no means a good guy but somehow he always redeems himself He can also be the world’s biggest dick For some reason when things don’t go his way he tends to take it out on Megan It is like he has no control over because he knows he is being a douche but he can’t stopThe plot is amazing and it full of twists and turn that as a reader you won’t see coming Every character has great depth and I can’t wait to see whose story we get to read next Crossing my fingers for Val and Zoann even if I kinda hate her right nowSpecial thank you to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review 5 Outlaw is addicting starsMisled was one of my surprise read last year It was raw gritty dark but oh so much fun This series is seriously addicting Misappropriate is a continuation of Outlaw and Meggie's story Life is going good for them They have a wonderful son and the club felt like family again with the Death Dwellers solidly behind Outlaw and his Old Lady Aside from that Meggie has finally convinced Outlaw to marry her in a Catholic ceremony in all its fine wedded trappings Outlaw and the rest of the club was horrified at the prospectof wearing tuxedos or monkey suits as they called itBut Outlaw loves Meggie and if Meggie wants a grand church wedding a grand church wedding is what she's going to get Outlaw is going to give it to her even if it involves threatening everyone of his club brothers to wear a suit or a the priest for that matter It was funny to watch the whole club bending over backwards just to give Meggie what she wants And after all the stuff that she went through she really does deserve it But on the flipside of that trouble is brewing This time on Outlaw's side of the family His sisters hated his guts and blamed him for their mother's death and people from Outlaw past is threatening to derail his future with Meggie This book also gives us a glimpse of Johnnie Val Mortician and Dinah's story Don't get confuse with the names; it's definitely easy to follow the cast and characters as the story goes along That said I am definitely looking forward to Johnnie's story the most ARC provided by Kathryn Kelly in exchange for an honest review This book is freaking awesome I was lucky enough to win an arc of this book this morning off facebook from the author If I could rate this book higher than 5 stars I would I can honestly say this is the best darn book I have read yet this year It is as good or better than misled and thats saying alot because it was a dang good book Wow u just need to get it when it comes out u will not be disappointed u will just want and and One of the best MC books out there I got a few good laughs out of this book lol my kids were looking at me like I was coocoo Kathryn Kelly did an outstanding job and well worth your time and money U just gotta give it a go and not miss out on lol DiDi's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI am totally addicted to Kathryn Kelly’s Death Dwellers series It’s emotional funny hot raw gritty gruesomepretty much totally badassWe first meet Megan and Outlaw in MISLED where we witnessed the turbulent emotional road to their HEA In MISAPPROPRIATE we flash forward about seven months Megan Outlaw and their son CJ have been living at the MC while their house is being built and Megan is planning a big church wedding While everything seems to be going well with their relationship Outlaw yes Outlaw starts to feel insecure in his relationship with Megan he is worried she is going to wake up and realize the life he lives as the president of a MC is not the life she wants for her and the baby These insecurities make him act in his old jerkish ways driving distance between them and confusing Megan Then a ghost from Outlaw's past comes back and threatens everything he lovesI absolutely enjoyed MISAPPROPRIATE I laughed cried and got angry then happy Not only is the relationship between Meg and Outlaw tested Meg's mom Dinah is back and the resentment Meg has over the way Dinah treated her growing up has to be dealt with And there are definitely some HOT smexin' scenes with Meg and OutlawMISAPPROPRIATE was not only about Meg and Outlaw's bumpy road to the little white chapel There are several sub plots that I cannot wait til they end up being hopefully their own bookslikethe mysterious girl Johnnie hooks up with Zoann Val KP's daughter Mortician's declaration that he will never get with young sweet puy because they puiefy a man and the subseuent 5k bet among all of the brothers that Mortician will succumb to young pusyOne thing I noticed about MISLED and MISAPPROPRIATE while they were about Meg and Outlaw's journey both books encompassed it's like a saga where the main characters and secondary characters are woven into each book I like that a lotYou definitely need to read MISLED before you read MISAPPROPRIATENowI'm impatiently waiting for the next bookA little warningthis series is not for the faint of heart It is a love story with humor and hot smexin' but it is also gritty raw and at times gruesome This book may be #15 but happily it is a book not a novellaReview copy provided for an honest review An ARC was provided to me by the author for an honest review Thank youWOW JUST WOW Misappropriate seuel to Misled was SUPER chaotic and intense With the “church” wedding of Outlaw and Megan in the midst new enemies and betrayals arise loyalties are sealed and now our favorite couple's hopes for a happily ever after is put to the testBut with an overprotective headstrong and ruthless when have to be leader and his feisty strong willed old lady with a lot of sass heart and backbone it’s going to be a hell of a ride So my thoughts Misappropriate just surprised and surprised me There was A LOT going on with new revelations lots of action and violence and just trying to stay alive Outlaw proved to be a definite family man from his new one with Megan along with his MC family as well as with his sisters I may have not always agreed with his words and actions at times but I got his connection with his MC brothers as well as with Megan They are his heart and soul and are always there with him supporting him through thick and thinWith his sisters HOWEVER it was a DIFFERENT STORY as their relationship has strained after the death of their mother but you can see that they are trying to get past thatAs for Megan I just LOVED her She’s not a pest or a nuisance and is rather sweet and mature and balances Outlaw out very well It’s hard not to admire a character like her as she is not a damsel in distress and can hold her own and fight back if needed I really loved the sweet gestures she does for Outlaw by fiercely sticking up for him and even trying to help Val and the rest of the brothers from time to time with his baby mama situation I ALSO commend Megan for always keeping her head on right and always seeing the bigger picture A truly one in a million type of girlAnyways a DEFINITE MUST READ from Kathryn Kelly if you’re a fan of MC reads It did not disappoint me at all Lots of excitement and suspense with a sprinkle of heavy sensuality Don’t miss out Now on to Johnnie's story called Misunderstood which releases on April 5th Gah I can't wait I want to know what's going on in that mind of his He seems to have a major thing for Megan that's why ; Love this freaking series Yes this is only #15 but it rocks I can not get enough of Megan and Christopher Outlaw Their relationship is not conventional but they truly love each other Christopher is Raw and naughty by the way he acts and talks but I loved those special moments when he tries to be romantic for Megan What will happen to these two when a new danger shows his face? Will Outlaw be able to keep his family safe? Will the past destroy their future? Megan is young but so strong and feisty and keeps Outlaw on his toes I love that even though he is the leader of the MC and some of his group are not loyal he doesn't disrespect his wife in that way I loved how he defended her in that aspect and declared that he only wants his wife I loved this rocky and emotional road these two have been on and I can't wait for I am excited to see what happens with others in the club Bring on the dirty sexy bad boys