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Kanshiram Venerated as a dalit icon Kanshiram 1934 2006 is regarded as being next only to Ambedkar today This book illuminates his journey from the early years in rural Punjab and with Ambedkarites in Pune to his launching BAMCEF an umbrella organization uniting backward castes scheduled tribes dalits and minorities and eventually the Bahujan Samaj Party in 1984 Drawing on myriad oral and written sources Badri Narayan shows how Kanshiram mobilized dalits with his homespun idiom cycle rallies and uniuely the use of local folk heroes and myths rousing their self respect and how he struck opportunistic alliances with higher caste parties to seize power for dalits Evocatively described is his extraordinary relationship with Mayawati right until his death and the role she has played in fulfilling his vision during and after his lifetime Contrasting the approach of the two men Narayan highlights the turn Kanshiram gave to Ambedkar s ideas Unlike Ambedkar who sought its annihilation he saw caste as a basis for forging a dalit identity and a source of political empowerment Authoritative and insightful this is a rare portrait of the man who changed the face of dalit society and indeed of Indian politics A hagiographic account of Kanshi Ram that does provide some insights into the thinking behind the creation of the BSP A critical examination of Kanshi Ram's thought and political philosophy would have been good but this is one of the rare English sources on the topic A uote from the bookIn 1962–63 when I Kanshiram got the opportunity to read Ambedkar’s book Annihilation of Caste I also felt that it was perhaps possible to eradicate casteism from society But later when I studied the caste system and its behaviour in depth there was a gradual modification in my thoughts I have not only gained knowledge about caste from the books but from my personal life as well Those people who migrate in large numbers from their villages to big cities like Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata take no possessions with them but their caste They leave behind their small huts land and cattle etc in the village and settle in slums near sewers and railway tracks with nothing else but their one and only possession—their caste If people have so much affection for their caste then how can we think of annihilating it? That is why I have stopped thinking about the annihilation of casteRead the full review at Manyavar Kanshiram The Founder of the Bahujan samaj party BSP That the caste system must be abolished if the Hindu society is to be reconstructed on the basis of euality goes without saying Untouchability has its roots in the caste system They cannot expect the Brahmins to rise in revolt against the caste system Also we cannot rely upon the non Brahmins and ask them to fight our battle B R AmbedkarKanshiram leader of the Dalits is a concise and a well written biography of Manyavar KanshiramFor the detailed review you can also visit A very good book in fact one of the a very few sources in English about the greatest leader Manya Sri Kanshiram jee If this book gets a good rating first and foremost is because of writing about a personality like Kanshi Ram who received very little attention from English speaking scholars So if the book is not rich with many details one can forgive the author for Kanshi Ram had little that had left for further research and exploration The Chapter on 'Early Years' is a touching tale One has to see it to believe it the kind of dedication Kanshi Ram had for his cause What i find problematic is the chapter with 'An agenda beyond Ambedkar ' to deal with such a subject is another book in itself It needs larger understanding of caste anti caste struggles before one can conclude that Kanshi Ram differs with Ambedkar on the subject of annihilation of caste Even if it so it needs a better argument In the end its entirely worth reading and remembering the life and times of arguably India's original politician of 21st century

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