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Lowlife Bottom Feeder #2 Maddy and Jackson's lives continue in this story of trust betrayal love and loss Lowlife is not a love story MaddyIt’s been almost a year since I escaped Cordell’s attempt to end my life The past few months I’ve been sitting hidden and comfortable in my role as a medic in the 82nd Airborne Division Life is good For now anyway I know my days of comfort are numbered Because what Cordell Carrington doesn’t realize is I am no longer the sweet obedient little girl he raised This time I am ready for him I’m mad as hell and I want revenge JacksonI’m not broken True the doctors can’t fix me I can’t fix me Maybe I’m not trying hard enough Or maybe just maybe I can’t handle the guilt that comes with healing None of this means I am broken All I want out of life is a clear mind and the girl I love than my own existence to not hate me But now the army wants to send me back overseas and the girl Well she loves someone else Okay yeah so maybe I’m a little broken Author's Note Lowlife is not a stand alone novel; this book is a continuation of

10 thoughts on “Lowlife Bottom Feeder #2

  1. Katherine Katherine says:

    This series took a complete nose dive half way into the second book It felt rushed and over edited to the point where the story no longer made sense It was like the author just wanted it done threw up her hands and gave up on the really strong characters she painstakingly created in the beginning of the series I had high hopes for the second installment the first book was so very well done but sadly this finale fell flatShe did such a nice job depicting the horrors of PTSD and how it effects our military I kind of wish she used that as the foundation for the second book Navigating relationships while one character is under mental duress Jackson and the other plagued by a horrid her past MaddyI also think the way she handled Beraz in the second book was a complete 180 from the type of person I read him to be loyal to a fault and completely type A Meaning he would have never put himself in situation where he didn't have control It left me scratching my headbecause it sort of came out of left field Ack I am so disappointed

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I hope this comes out soon I need to know Is this the last book or will there be ???

  3. Cassie Caskey Cassie Caskey says:

    Incredible RideOhhhh THE FEELS What an incredible ride This is a continuation of Bottom Feeder and is an absolute must read Lowlife managed to touch on so many different emotions I am drained after reading this but it was completely worth it I was also impressed by the build up of suspense and the pieces of the puzzle coming together PLUS the author is also planning to release a spin off MC series

  4. Isadora Moraes Isadora Moraes says:


  5. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    45 STARSSo Maria G Cope just crushed my soul I have been waiting on this book for a really long time and I will say it was worth the wait I just wish she hadn't destroyed meMaddy couldn't catch a break and every time she lost I felt like I lost too I just really wanted her to have something She's such a good person Though she does let people walk all over her even when she thinks she's being strong I cried even when she didn't Why can't she catch a break??I can't say I'm 100% pleased with the results of the love triangle though I was completely expecting the outcome view spoiler I knew Jackson would win but I still held out hope for Dom because he was such a better man That whole deal with the cheating didn't at all seem like Dom and I suspect it was just a way for us to go to team Jackson I didn't fall for it though because I felt like Jackson was a massive a hole consistently and treated Maddy like crap consistently In the end it should have been Dom or nobody even though I kind of like Jackson I know I'm a mess and contradictory And don't even get me started on what happened to Dom tears Like I said I always knew the way this love triangle had to end I just wish we could have gotten there a different way deep sigh hide spoiler

  6. Anna Anna says:

    Two things 1 I'm now on a uest for the perfect fried okra 2 How in the H E Double L is this author not popular? The woman can tell a story and tell it in a way that feels like your heart is going to rip out of your chest if you don't finish in one sitting There were so many unanswered uestions in Bottom Feeder that when I heard Lowlife would be the last book in the series I wondered how in the world everything would be answeredMs Cope delivered and did it in a way it took me a while to recover THEN when I get to the end she says Jackson's and Maddy's ending is Just the beginning and is coming out with a new series? Stands and begins slow clap

  7. Barbara Hill Barbara Hill says:

    Lowlife A Bottom Feeder Novel ReviewOmg intriguing intense edge of your seat action and deep love and hate made this one Hell of a great read I couldn't put this book down it is just that engaging I have found my new favorite couple in Maddy and Jackson Strong and loyal characters that make you believe in love and good people in the world today I really hope that this is not the end of this series I will be adding this book and this author to my favorite list and sharing with my reading circle I'm a fan for life A really Damn well written book❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sandra Sandra says:

    WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG???I've just finished this novel and until I exhaled deeply I hadn't realized I'd been holding my breath I thoroughly enjoyed this book I still have tears in my eyes over what Maddie suffered through Thanks Ms Cope for an EXCELLENT read would rate it ten stars if I could

  9. Dany Dany says:

    Normally things like editing don't usually bother me But damn it man I was super confused at times Everything was all over the place And this sucks because I have been waiting for the seuel for a while I shall try again one day

  10. Teri Teri says:

    So goodI waited so long for part 2 of this story Totally worth the wait for this seuel Can't wait to read from this author

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