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Goliath A Matrix like short story It's uite good short interesting but chilling It's free here worth reading Thank you Randy for turning me on to it in the Short Story topic in the Evolution of Science Fiction group Amazing very human story set in the Matrix universe It's amazing how Gaiman is able to write such page turners with actual depth Anyone that liked Matrix 1 will definitely love this one TL; DR Goliath was a treat If you're a fan of The Matrix or Neil Gaiman read this If you're a fan of both read this immediately In 1999 Warner Brothers got in touch with Neil Gaiman to write a short story to help explain and promote to audiences this movie they were making a movie destined to be the coolest and biggest hit of the year a movie called The MatrixWarner Bros gave him the script and some storyboards let Neil do his thing and posted the result Goliath online on whatisthematrixcom And twenty years later I came to the conclusion this Internets thing wasn't a fad logged online and I found Goliath Goliath though set in The Matrix is a standalone story None of the characters from the movie makes an appearance It explores some of the themes of the movie namely simulated realities and human beings being exploited by the machines for processing power as per the original script but ultimately it is Neil Gaiman's perception of what is the Matrix before the Wachowskis' vision was finalized onscreen with amazing editing special effects and everybody kung fu fighting I wish studios did this often having authors cover the movie before releasing it in theaters A short story based on the movie “Matrix” It was interesting “They may be heartless unfeeling computerized bastards leeching off the minds of what’s left of humanity But I can’t help feeling grateful to them “ Free online fiction short storyOriginally posted on Warner Brothers' The Matrix websiteI suppose that I could claim that I had always suspected that the world was a cheap and shoddy sham a bad cover for something deeper and weirder and infinitely strange and that in some way I already knew the truth When Mr Gaiman puts his mind to it he writes wonderful stories This short story brought so much realness to the Matrix worldSuch a sad and beautiful story Wish they'd put it as part of the Animatrix Interesting idea Had no clue Gaiman wrote a Matrix related story I always preferred Animatrix which this short story reminded me of over the seuels Goliath is a uick read Recommended for fans of Matrix and Gaiman A short story set in the Matrix universe Interesting and entertaining The matrix revisited mixed with a small dash of groundhog Day Its a very short short story that reminded me of many long films like INCEPTION INTERSTELLAR etc

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