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  1. Gokul Vg Gokul Vg says:

    It is a good read for when you want to fill your time with a light read the book is a collection of storiesinterviews so you can stop in between the chapters and come back to it later I liked the overall concept of the book to bring light to struggles of Dalit in India to achieve success But morally I didn't agree with glorification of Hospital and education as a business One of the major take away from the book is that almost all of the 15 Millionaires had an ally in one way or the other to help them to get started Basically in my opinion Allies are important in upbringing of suppressed people lives The writing style of the stories is very simple and easy to follow at the same time the interviews could have been better writtenMilind Khandekar

  2. Anup Das Anup Das says:

    A book to understand how dalit entrepreneurs succeed their dreamsIn book Dalit Millionaires 15 Inspiring Stories author Milind Khandekar narrates inspiring real life stories of dalit entrepreneurs across the breadth and length of India working 24X7 for the betterment of society and their own communities Many of them also have reached the pinnacles of success while running their businesses in strategically right directions However it is also observed that entrepreneurs from eastern and north east regions are not covered in this book Also we would like to know implications of reservations in top tier business and technology schools particularly IIMs and IITs Could they able to produce dalit millionaireswho availed reservations in these premier institutions or only career technocrats suited for working with MNCs? I saw another book on the similar topic Defying the Odds The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs by Devesh Kapur D Shyam Babu and Chandra Bhan Prasad

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Dalit Millionaires Dalit Millionaires is a collection of profiles of fifteen Dalit entrepreneurswho have braved both societal and business pressures to carve out highlyprofitable niches for themselves The book is a vivid chronicle of how thebattle has moved from the village well to the marketplaceThere are tales describing how the multimillionaire Ashok Khade at onetime did not have even four annas to replace the nib of a broken penhow Kalpana Saroj a child bride worked her way to becoming a propertymagnate and how Sanjay Kshirsagar moved on from a 120 foot tenementand now seems well on his way to become the emperor of a 500 crorerupeefirmThe only common thread through these stories is the spirit that if you canimagine it you can do it