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Luck A hunt goes brutally wrong in the jungles of Karbi Anglong A young magistrate on a police raid is saved from inhumanity by the sight of a hen and her chicks A solitary bachelor brings home a pigeon and learns the pain of loving a wild thing An egret visits a man on a moonlit night Three schoolboys chance upon a leopard and her kill in the hills outside Guwahati In lean taut prose Dhruba Hazarika writes of moments when men encounter animals and the natural world—often also the moments when they encounter themselves These are poignant memorable stories from a literary imagination of uncommon honesty and sophistication

About the Author: Dhruba Hazarika

Dhruba Hazarika hails from Assam North Eastern State in India He writes in English He is the author of novels 'A Bowstring Winter' & 'Sons of Brahma' and 'Luck' a collection of short stories A founder member of the North East Writers’ Forum he is a recipient of the Katha Award for creative fiction

2 thoughts on “Luck

  1. Pramathesh Borkotoky Pramathesh Borkotoky says:

    Dhruba Hazarika's Luck is a collection of short stories that are remarkably simple yet it manages to make a deep impact Each of the stories reflect the sensibilities of the author to animals birds or any creature for that matter You might call me orthodox but I liked this book because it had the feel of the stories which were suitably modified for a young reader in our school textbooks

  2. Srikanth Srikanth says:

    The book is a collection of short stories encapsulating Human interactions with Animals Domesticated Wild I was particularly impressed by the arrangement of the stories Starting off with a sense of in completion making us wanting to know about the characters by the last storyonly story without animals though the ualities are surely carried here too answers all the yearnings The Hunt Ghost Gunrunner of Jorabat are my favourites Enjoy reading

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