LOVE OVER COFFEE Rajni blew her hair away from her faceMy heart skipped a beat‘I love you’ I blurted outHer cheeks turned a deep pinkI could sense that her anger had completely disappearedAnup; a happy go lucky boy next door; finds himself a misfit in an IT company On the bright side; he has great friends in office—Chetan; Subbu and Parag—to help him out of sticky situations Also; in the same office is the love of his life; Rajni But Rajni’s strict family and her paranoia of tongue wagging colleagues play villain in their love story forcing him to be satisfied with clandestine meetings; secret phone conversations and emails Just as Anup decides to turn over a new leaf; sinister happenings at work force him to take some life changing decisions—to uit his job and pursue his long cherished dream of becoming a writer; and also; to marry RajniFor info on new series Metro Reads; please visit wwwmetroreadsin

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  1. Rakib Kadiwala Rakib Kadiwala says:

    Loved the book Was glued to it right till the end Recommend this one to all those working in IT industry you could relate this book to yourselfIts the story of Anup working in an IT company falling in love with a girl with the same company The love story continues and so does the day to day professional life involving politics and friends For all those working in IT companies this book can be related to the various people working in your company from your best buddy to the mean managers supportive team

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